Name Value
age What do you get when you're more awesome than the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything? You get Honney even better than before at the age of 44!
anyway 86
ark Finish upgrading walls to stone. Future Engrams: Ballista? Continuous resource gathering!
battleship it's Pak's turn, said the sleepy Honney
DST It's mid winter. Deerclops may or may not be there. Food is low.
forscience 49
gigglesnort 461
hiccups 7731
honneybehave 56
Ib Purple 4, Red 9
kq7 Rosella and King Otar are fighting the impostor in the volcano control room! Queen Valanice must seek help from the kingdom of Etheria to break the enchantment. Saved headless Count. Saved Lady Ceres with ambrosia. Lord Attis returned to Etheria.
objection This is a note
octopath Bottom of the board is physical damage, top is magical. REMEMBER Sealticge + Reflective Veil/Rehabilitate and Transfer Rune + Sidestep/Rest
octopathweakness Octopath Traveler shows the weaknesses in this order, every time: Sword > Spear > Dagger > Axe > Bow > Staff > Fire > Ice > Lightning > Wind > Holy > Dark.
odyssey Welcome to the Wooded Kingdom! Make sure you read your travel guide and peek at the map. <3
phoenixwright De Killer got away with Maya AGAIN, and we are attempting to pin the crime on Adrian to buy time. Gumshoe found some hastily left behind objects! Franziska will find Gumshoe and the evidence, maybe? CAN THIS BE THE END AT LAST?
polterpup-save 11
prey hold Y for weapon selection, do side quests to avoid getting too far ahead, how do you get into the neuromod division?
RE0deaths 0
re2 Got the detonator and battery, but there's still stuff left in the STARS office. The safe code is (L9, R15. L7).
recording Is Honney recording? Have a mod type "!schedule on recording" (without the quote marks) in chat to trigger the repeating message! Use "schedule off recording" to turn it off when Honney is finished recording.
rip-DST-rec Arkas: 13 Pak: 9 Guude: 0
rip-Ib 32
rip-KQ7deaths 83
rip-KQD 93
rip-luigi 31
rip-SQ1deaths 43
rip-SQ2deaths 87
rip-SQ3deaths 86
rip-SQ4deaths 114
rip-SQ6deaths 20
scannerdeaths 90
shipwrecked Crockpot time!
spacequest5 KU 211
SQ5deaths 62
stardew Statue Goal, Mindless Movies, Get Ink, Sea Cucumber Pond, Drink Water, Eat Food, Praise yamina, Feed Kinka, Don't Let WolfFan Sell ANYTHING
stardewvalley Red - Fruit, Green - Veggies, Orange - Forage, Yellow - Flowers, Blue - Fish. Collect pickaxes.
subcount 72
SWdays 23
testing this is a test of the notes system.
vinegar 10 ounces of fruit per 1,000 mB of alcohol
xcom2 MammaRatt, MomaV, and Lumila have points to work with... Check bonds... tend to mental fatigues... Improve Shadow Chamber.
zeldadeath 178