# Quote Editor Edited
1 "Speaking about werewolves, I need to pee" - Nekko firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
2 "I'll stick my fatty finger up your *mumbles*" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
3 "It's like someone chomped off a bite out of this wanker" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
4 "Bananas aren't a good substitute" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
5 "I'm inside of you... That won't fit very well" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
6 "That last one was chunky!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
7 "I want a teeny weeny one" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
8 "I am going to release the flow" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
9 "Did you go down my hole? I don't think you went down my hole" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
10 "Why can't he get it up?" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
11 "Honney Poo is on fire! I like watching Honney Poo burn" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
12 "I wanna beat one of you with my hunk of meat. " - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
13 "I'm like mesmerized by this throbbing meat." - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
14 "I'll show you my mods while I play with myself" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
15 "I totally want to be yumped by a train" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
16 "Ok, we gotta deal with the rafters, and grandma with the baby buggy bumpers" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
17 "Bajibejibe yourself, big boy!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
18 "A screaming throat needs lubrication" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
19 "It's coming from... omg it's wiggling" - Nekko firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
20 "I rubbed myself all over the wall 'til I found the light" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
21 "I'm not touching that slimy flesh" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
22 "I was totally fingering the triggery spot!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
23 "There's gonna be 2 coming up our 6!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
24 "He just sucked my head off" ~HonneyPlay firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
25 "My thing exists! :D" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
26 "When in doubt, freaking rub everything" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
27 "I can't suck that heart to me" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
28 "The testicle fly" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
29 "Do not put your spurty self on me" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
30 "I love a good bang!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
31 "There it goes.. There it goes.. the sucky sucky.." - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
32 "It's too big for the hole man!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
33 "I'll just follow you around and hold your cans wherever you go!" ~Oddmast firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
34 "You have to be delicate with my ass" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
35 "Pizza slicer! Let's go cut some legs!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
36 "Am I drilling into your thingy?" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
37 "I smacked you AND your ball at once" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
38 "There's way too much *** in this chat" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
39 "... that hot, sweaty night" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
40 "I like the mouth-feel of balls" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
41 "Show me your delicate bits" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
42 "Do I feel like punching babies? YES! ... I will kick them in the teeth!" - Honneyplays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
43 "Now they are pulling out their swords.. I can tell you right now Pak's is bigger" - Honneyplays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
44 "I only said I'd be gentle because she was sniffling..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
45 "So close to getting fingered, man..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:56Z
46 "His little worm is right in my face!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
47 "I got the horny head!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
48 "HOLY CRAP I have boobs!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
49 "This looks like a pecker..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
50 "Pop the poo because sometimes you get good crap!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
51 "There's a hair in my banana!!! Probably mine..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
52 "Oh those are the eyes... THESE are the balls..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
53 "Thaaaats a lot of tentacles..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
54 "Get off my bush, man!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
55 "I'm not talking anymore.... no... *sputters*" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
56 "Didn't have to blow rope...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
57 "I'm sure he'll be fine *Throws Bruce on spikes*" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
58 "You just had your way with me and I didn't even notice...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
59 "She lived, she *BOOMBOOM* ... To be fair, she walked into that..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
60 "The horny little man with a wedgie...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
61 "Does he wear a thong...? Imma have to peek now...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
62 "I knew he was gonna touch me...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
63 "I need stickies all over...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
64 "I just stood there and let him jump my face...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
65 "You wanna give me stickies...? He totally did..!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
66 "I killed Reggie... AND I LIKED IT!!!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
67 "I do wanna rock!!! \m/" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
68 "No way am I going to risk the fingering..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
69 "Ooh I whipped him...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
70 "I haven't been hit yet...? *gets hit*" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
71 "I'm on 2-2 and I have 3 lives left... *gasp* 2 lives left..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
72 "I'm not dead yet... Nope, not dead yet..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
73 "I don't have any pants on..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
74 "I took it twice..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
75 "Don't want your skanky kiss anyway" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
76 "Oh yeah darlin' I've been doing it for over 3 years!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
77 "I just figured out something, If I don't think about doing something, I do it better!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
78 "You can flash and then bang peoples eyes out" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
79 "Oh Baby! That's where we wanna go, right there...!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
80 "Did I just pick up part of him!?! EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
81 "He nails me right, left, and center" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
82 "Pour some sugar on me" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
83 "I give you permission to play with you" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
84 "Stop squirting your bloody poo at me!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
85 "I can see your underwear from down here" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
86 "The things you say in this game, man!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
87 "I will pop all the poo I can get my hands on" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
88 "*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*giggle*" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
89 "I so wanna hmmm mmm mmm" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
90 "'Splode all over each other" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
91 "Hello BALLS OF STEEL!! I take you now" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
92 "You look delicious" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
93 "Today I learned that two peckers beat one tentacle" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
94 "I can't get it up" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
95 "I can't whack this wood." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
96 "Okay, so I'm nakey!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
97 "I'm still nakey!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
98 "Blu...! Blu!!! I'm nakey!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
99 "IT'S A TAAAAAAAWWW DAMMIT IT'S A TRAP!!! :(" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
100 "Gimme all the balls" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
101 "You wanna put the thingy in the thingy" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
102 "Dude, you were supposed to eat *my* rocket" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
103 "I am still alive! *gets smacked* No!! No No NO No!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
104 "Please would you just expose yourself to me" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
105 "I smacked myself in the face for nothing!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
106 "I just blew myself........ that was one hell of a bang" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
107 "Oh *BABY* That was fantastic!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
108 "Did you see him pin me against the wall and have his way" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
109 "Just a little organ rubbing tonight" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
110 "Hold still and let me whack you in the face with a tentacle" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
111 "He killed me with his splattage!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
112 "When in doubt, randomly touch everything" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
113 "I'm coming, if he stops splatting crap in my face!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
114 "I'm not letting you touch my pole again!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
115 "... the remains of the pole. I wanted to ride it..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
116 "You can't see it unless I take it off..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
117 "A quick roll in the hay... I *LOVE* that!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
118 "Get your hand off my balls" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
119 "Oddmast was playing with my pole, he didn't even ask" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
120 "His donger poisons right, left and center!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
121 "He (Oddmast) owes me a roll in the hay!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
122 "Are you going to harass me about having a pole in my house?" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
123 "Time to straddle another naked body..!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
124 "And I SHOVED it in the right spot annnd *angel noises*" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
125 "Two quickies with a bodily condiment!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
126 "White gunk, like right in the crease" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
127 "My body is ready, I'm gonna hop in bed..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
128 "I can make babies with you later" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
129 "You will bed me and that will be amazing" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
130 "You will give me bed, and bed will be amazing" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
131 "Gabriel De Gado, what have you been doing with your tool?" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
132 "I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive *dead*" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
133 "It can never be too big..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
134 "Hold still while the three of us GANG BANG YOU!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
135 "Strip for her!" - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
136 "Oh you're not a chika... Oops..." - HonneyPlays firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
137 "There was no trimming of the *** and balls, not on Batman!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
138 "The chat has been having fun with my daughter" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
139 "Holy Crap! Batman has a rack! And its totes a solid C!" ~HonneyPlay firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
140 "My face is calm, my tits is what's upset" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
141 "Stop tossing your meat" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
142 "I didn't get the wood out first!" ~HonneyPlay firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
143 "I suddenly have man parts and I am not prepared!" - Honney firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
144 " It's not safe with his balls flopping around" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
145 "It takes a lot of lubrication to do what I do" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
146 "You've gotta lubricate, it's important, okay? It's important!" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
147 "I have tongue problems!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
148 "I wanna do the horny quest!" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
149 "I wanna mount the bunny!" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
150 "I play with balls! I just keep working them around!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
151 "It's weird to see a big trail of wet across my bed with a big splat on my pillow!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
152 "My bed gets more action from you bouncing around in it!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
153 "You just whipped that sucker out and are flailing it around!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
154 "Blow that way! Can we just aim the blow?" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
155 "Yo Yo ho I hear splody on mah butt... and a bottle of rum." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
156 "It's sensitive up there!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
157 "And I don't even have to flash nobody to get it to pop out! :D" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
158 "Maybe we can get something nummy nummy. Like more balls!!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
159 "He's comin' on me! He's comin' on me!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
160 "Where I unzip is my own business. ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
161 "That's not right! He popped in the hole just like I had!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
162 "Do not come in my face! Do not come in my face!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
163 "Hi Creeper! NO! No overstimulation!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
164 "I'm givin it right back just as good" ~MeteorSama 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:57Z
165 "*slurping sounds* Suck em up baby! Before we get smacked in the face!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
166 "I am totes a lady, and I gotta piss!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
167 "That means... sucking face with a bat!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
168 "OOOO! They nipped my butt! We did not seal the deal! That was not satisfactory!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
169 "You suck chocolate salty balls, sir!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
170 "I'm a sucky ducker!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
171 "I'm just gonna ride his face!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
172 "If I recall we can jump on their thingies!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
173 "I had to take a second and play with the Ratt. Cuz why not?" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
174 "You are such a yackass man! I love you! :D" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
175 "Y-y-y-y-you don't want my pyramid..." ~Adkit 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
176 "We are just gonna come peek in your hole!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
177 "You are supposed to turn ON your wife!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
178 "I didn't wanna get back on my knees" - Honneyplay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
179 "Why am I carrying the mattress? Well, she needed some padding!" - Honneyplay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
180 "Push it out! Shove it out! Wayyyyy out!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
181 "Every time I go over this I am ready for the pipe to face smackage!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
182 "I was just gonna flash ya!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
183 "He touched you! I must kill him! I'm the only one who can touch you!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
184 "We're blowin' em all! All of em!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
185 "My middle finger is getting a workout!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
186 "God knows I need some action!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
187 "He didn't have his way with me! He just got handsy!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
188 "I don't always perform well, but I'm comfortable with it!" ~Cthulhutoo 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
189 "Aww it didn't show that you killed me! Well that was one way to get me out of your hole!" ~HonneyPlay (TFC S3) 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
190 "I'll run around topless, like usual" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
191 "When you both have your clothes on, I have trouble telling you apart" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
192 "I was getting a finger-full of... of... of..." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
193 "But I like looking at you in a tutu Mister Man!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
194 "Let's take a look at your drawers and see if they are juicy yet!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
195 "These things are really really firm, and really really sweet, and they go *POP* when you bite em!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2017-04-18T23:35:44Z
196 "Sure! Wait till I get nakey, then slap me around!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
197 "Some people have french ticklers. I have a diamond one." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
198 "He's tasted his own butt." - HonneyPlay (about MeteorFreak) 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
199 "I totally rode in on Amber!" - Honneyplay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
200 "I got your crotch. I looked up and your thing was gone." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
201 "So, Meteor, you started out soft?" "Yes, I did, and it was all uphill from there!" - Toof and Meteor 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
202 "So, Meteor, if you want to get it up!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
203 "I'm mid-suckage!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
204 "If you stand in front of my whacker, there'll be collateral damage!" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
205 "Be very very quiet! I'm hunting Meteor-Sama's!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
206 "Blow him and I'll machete him!" "I'm blowing him, I'm blowing him!" - HonneyPlay AND Cthulhutoo 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
207 "You're gonna take the finger." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
208 "You shoulda let me whip ya, it would've gone better" - Cthulhu 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
209 "Hon, if you keep singing that I'm gonna tinkle on you!" ~Tooforgetful 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
210 "I got off earlier than usual" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
211 "I forgot that I was horny!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
212 "Jump in bed with me, Honney!" - Meteorfreak 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
213 "I thought it said sex." "What." - Honney and Tooforgetful 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
214 "I whacked Honney's melons right out from under her." - Meteorfreak 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
215 "Ooh the big wood, I wanna see it!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
216 "Oh, you can stick it anywhere." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
217 "I'll just have to nibble on it in private..." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
218 "I'll strip! For Science!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
219 "Drop drop drop dropdropdropdropdrop... No, put your pants back on!" - Honney ... "You said drop!" - Meteor 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
220 "You will pay for the wetness of that willy!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
221 "Did it 'splode or did I grab it?" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
222 "I've been fingered in my own chat" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
223 "Do you wanna give me a hug, slimy tentacle dude?" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
224 "I'm stuck in his crotch!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
225 "I knew it! There is always a place for us to stick it!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
226 "I can stick you in the hole! I knew it!" - Honney 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
227 "I don't think anyone has the parts to tinkle behind them" - TooForgetful 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
228 "Honn, take my porkchop!" - MeteorFreak 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
229 "Oh crap, I'm gonna choke on my own banana!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
230 "Did you just stick it in me?" - HonneyPlay at Tooforgetful 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
231 "It's more fun to rub it against you, I'm telling you!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
232 "So, Pak's not allowed to touch a hoe." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
233 "You've gotta cup it and suck it!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
234 "Manscaping is a problem" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
235 "Stroke! Stroke! Faster! Faster!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
236 "You went to church in thongs" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
237 "You can keep your butt candy to yourself, mister" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
238 "Eww eww eww... she just stuck his finger in the hole..." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
239 "I need to make my chest bigger." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
240 "I am not impressed with your tiny little stick." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
241 "People are like, pissing from above! I keep finding random crap on me." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
242 "Stop shoving your random bits of wood on my person! ~ HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
243 "You said you don't trust me, so I might as well poke you in the butt here and there." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
244 "Are you about to invade me?" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
245 "Could you please like pop that and stick it up there?" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
246 "That's a fancy-pants way of saying suck it" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
247 "I expected to whack him in the leg but it didn't work" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
248 "It seems to not be staying up right now" - PakRatt 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
249 "Let's see if it can stay up this time" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
250 "I like my Honney's like I like my wine, not in my mouth" - EA 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
251 "Stop dancing on the dang pole and break that sucker!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
252 "Pak, call EA off! He's sticking his thingy in my face!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
253 "S for sucking together!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
254 "Don't be so insensitive to Pak not wanting to get nakey, some people have a block and some people have a half slab. We shouldn't judge" ~ MattsterT 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
255 "I can get it up, but he (Meteor) is having problems" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
256 "Oh crap he rubbed up against me! This is bad!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
257 "Dude, I said suck it, not to yump my face! So kindly go down there, and... suck it quietly, or something." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
258 "Oh man I thought that said penises!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
259 "Sorry, I get excited over my balls." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
260 "My kingdom for a delicate bit" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
261 "Eat my big balls, sucker!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
262 "Don't look at me, I'm half nakey!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
263 "Can't we just make it short and stubby, instead? Meteor, I'm going to help you trim that sucker." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
264 "I did not know his head was in the... position of my chest" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
265 "It's got all sorts of sausages and nommy nommy stuffs..." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
266 "Cup and suck, man, it's not that hard!" - Honneyplay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
267 "If you're going to slap each other, get nakey and do it right!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
268 "Get nakey, get wet, get dead. Is that better?!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
269 "So nobody will see your crotch in my face after all" - Meteorfreak to HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
270 "Oh I wanna touch you so bad! But I will restrain myself!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
271 "One heart away from Honn's crotch... Wait, what?!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
272 "I'm confused by your baggle" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
273 "I pulled the woman out" - Meteorfreak 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
274 "My bed gets more action than the couch" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
275 "I keep thinking someone's gonna pee on me" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
276 "It's not a stripping pond!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
277 "DON'T YOU OVEN! You will eat those sandwiches and you will like them!" - Hon ... "Don't you oven?" - Pak 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
278 "It also sounds like he has what-the-whats all up in his throat." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
279 "Oh we got big giganticus pointy ones now! :D" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
280 "Why do you keep touching angels in bad places?" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
281 "Meteor, I always have trouble finding your special spot!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
282 "I'm gonna leave you two to get it up yourselves" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
283 "But you smacked me like twenty times! My butt is going to bruise!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
284 "Could you just give me a pair of balls? That's all I'm lookin' for" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
285 "I enjoy doing my therapist" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
286 "You are currently shoving pretzels into your... I don't judge!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:58Z
287 "Your arse was an integral part of my team, and I'd have you any day" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
288 "I'm a good girl, so SUCK IT!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
289 "You hit me where the sun don't shine! RUDE!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
290 "I almost said 'orgasm' OOPS!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
291 "I slapped your butt and now you're naked!" - Meteor-sama 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
292 "She has already had her way with us three times! Three times!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
293 "Moth balls? Why would I want to get moth balls? Balls of moth. But isn't that contradictory, because moths would have much smaller balls?" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
294 "Gimme a pair of black balls, sucker!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
295 "They're singing 'Do you want to build a snowpenis?'!" - HonneyPlay about her daughters 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
296 "He's a super freak! Super freak! He's super meaty!" - Honneyplay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
297 "Put your fingers away! You're supposed to use them for good, not evil!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
298 "I think he's going to peck off something important." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
299 "Your balls are icy." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
300 "As soon as he gets his butt out of it, I'm gonna stick my butt in it." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
301 "The shenanigans are growing." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
302 "For a second I thought you said my sperm button." ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
303 "You just put that back in your pants, Mr. man!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
304 "YOU HAVE A MEAT-SALTING SONG? Jibby-jub-jibby-jub?!" - Pakratt0013 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
305 "Your weapon was a pecker." - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
306 "QUOTE THAT!" - Varios and Often firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
307 "Why the hell? Basic fluids to a corner and cries-" - Ponderyier pondering 'Hon' 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
308 "Do you really want a wild Honney randomly poking up in your spots?" - HonneyPlay, to PakRatt after being buried 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
309 "Stuff splatted all over my room and my walls" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
310 "Stuff splatted all over everything and I LOVE it!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
311 "I thought you said rock salt, and I was about to flip a tit." ~HonneyPlay to Ant (about bringing raw basalt home) 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
312 "This golem just suicided in the water! His balls are right there!" - HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
313 "AAHHHH!!!! PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
314 "I just gave her permission to light things on fire. I don't know if this was a good idea." - rayman86 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
315 "Well at least it wasn't me who put it in." ~SirBartonsLady 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
316 "Why does my thingy grow?!? Why does my thingy get bigger?!?" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
317 "Why do I have bones on me?" ~Meteor-Sama "Because you're a boy!" ~HonneyPlay 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
318 "Things are falling all around. Pak is screaming, here the sound. 'Follow me!', AltBlu said. And that's how they all ended up dead." - TheLilocean_B (summing up TFC derpage) 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
319 "My pace is as fale as my hair" - A Sleepy Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
320 "I approve of the sucking of the it" - Sleepy Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
321 "I need men who will swear their allegiance to me." ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
322 "Wait while I dance on your grave!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
323 "Yes yes yes! Kick him in the face! Totes kicked him in the face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
324 "They waited until the end of the game to give me the epicness of 'YES!'... YES!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
325 "Oh Lord, where the HELL do I put it?!?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
326 "I was just nudging it and letting it go; nudging it and letting it go." - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
327 "Life is short, make it saucy!" - Taco Bell Sauce Packet ... "I so like that!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
328 "Rose, you are delicious, darlin'" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
329 "Don't drink my liquids !" - Rosewood (in response to Honney drinking rosewater) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
330 "Swallowed it! Swallowed it! Swallowed it! SUCK IT!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
331 "My underwear is so far up my butt I can taste it." ~Rosewood 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
332 "The second coming of The Cricketing killed my computer" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
333 "I trust Pak as long as there are no shenanigans possible, and currently there are no shenanigans possible" - Honney 2015 ... "There's always shenanigans possible." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
334 "Paaaaaaaaaak... stop sticking the things in my things" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
335 "I didn't see the whack! It's not satisfying if I don't see it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
336 "Honney is the muscle" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
337 "I say enough bad things I don't mean to!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
338 "Well I got it up, baby" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
339 "Are you ready to stop dying and losing all our crap?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
340 "Calm your tits, calm your tits!" - Honney ... "My tits are calm, my tits are calm!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
341 "Look! Look! OH, oh, oh, oh. It vibrates when he's there. Oh, dude! Ohhhhhh, dude. He's so close!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
342 "Dude, it vibrated! Last time I used it, it didn't vibrate or nothin'!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
343 "I don't think the aliens can follow us in here, I think this is a safe spot" - Honney (as she's crawling into a vent in Alien: Isolation) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
344 "You just decapitated your little dude" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
345 "Revel in my amazingness!" - Skylit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
346 "This is the worst mom I've ever done!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
347 "Sirbartonslady gives me finger all the time" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
348 "Sounds like a bad porno line" - SBL 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
349 "We gotta stop killing ourselves cuz we're kinda only hurting outselves" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
350 *sings* "My bits, my bits, they're on the spider spawner" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
351 "If I had a chance to play with her, I'd play with her. But I'd want her with all of her toys!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
352 "That was beautiful and unexpected. This thing is dangerous." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
353 "You got me all excited man, it was just like a hollowed out tree I could get close to. Hey, it was a big open spot and I just rubbed against it." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
354 "Alt's been slipping in his pickle here and there." ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
355 "Your pickle was so ugly I was blinded temporarily." ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
356 "I would not wanna put my mouth on a red banana." ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
357 "I didn't do nothin'! OH CRAP he heard!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
358 "If the knife needs blood, the knife needs blood" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
359 "You can touch it but it's mine" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
360 "Apparently, it tickles when Honney pees." - shawntc (after Honney took a break and was heard laughing in the background) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
361 "I stick by licking it off" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
362 "I'm getting lots of wood" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
363 "I'd go down, because there's food down there." - Tooforgetful 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
364 "I got hit by a falling meteor!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
365 "You enjoy your poo" - Honney ... "It's squishy!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
366 "I'm not bad, I'm just voiced that way" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
367 "I'd like to keep it clean and Honney quote are NOT clean!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
368 "Nonononono, I'm being tongued! I'm being tongued!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
369 "Molotov ****tease! Erm, I mean Molotov cocktail!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
370 "Oh, we're surrounded by peckers!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
371 "OH NOOoooo! You added that quote?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
372 "Putting a blade to Pak's handle. That's not a good idea." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
373 "I'm watching you spaz out on top of me" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
374 "Once again, I do not have wood, and cannot get wood until she comes back." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
375 "I'm setting a bad example..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
376 "I am not a dump chest, Ratt!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
377 "I'm a lady, dontcha know? *gigglegigglegiggle*" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
378 "I just realized I've been running around topless." - Honney ... "I assume you mean in-game?" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
379 "I can eat his head!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
380 "I DID eat his head and it was delicious!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
381 "The fact that he killed me isn't what's killing me." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
382 "He's in the vent... I'm pretty sure he can see the light..." - a whimpering Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
383 "I didn't mean to bash her in the face! To be fair, I was trying to use the flame thing to check it out and that would have burned her in the face, but not bashed her in the face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
384 "Man, the vibration! I was not prepared!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
385 "Lions, and tigers, and peckers, oh my" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
386 "I want to follow you to the hole" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
387 "Wb rose... you missed the Pak crotch..." - p3rson27 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
388 "But... but... but... I don't care about points, I just wanna kill Pak Daddy!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
389 "Was it called a juicy sac? EWWWWW" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
390 "Death done died" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
391 "I can't believe I died first! I'm pissy I died first!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
392 "Did you do the thing with the hole back there?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
393 "D: DO NOT EAT ME PLS" - Bananapopsikul 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
394 "Banayay, I will eat all of yous! All of yous!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
395 "Hon has progressed from telling me to strip for her.... to eating me... Dis is naughty! D:" Bananapopsikul 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
396 "I did not say the thing she said I said the thing of." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
397 "I did a thing and I got a Ratt" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
398 "We did a thing, we did a thing, we did a thing, and it was good!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
399 "I was not expecting my face to get attacked with lightning!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
400 "This just seems wrong, that I'm strapping on wood." Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
401 "I see a flaw in your plan. ... The flaw in your plan is I am the one who's trapped!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
402 "I do not remember from whence I came" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
403 "That's a dinner bell to the alien!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
404 "Thank you for not squatting" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
405 "Look at the pretty planets all spinny spinny!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
406 "Can I survive long enough to do, the thing that I gots to do?" - Honney (seconds before dying to an alien) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
407 "I got caught with my pants down, I wasn't really paying attention" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
408 "Once again; once again; the man is watching me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:55:59Z
409 "I'm known for my smooth, collective ways." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
410 "I wanna touch it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
411 "There's the big, yellow, glowy ball of awesome! What is that?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
412 "Lyeoj, permission to enter your bedroom, baby! *grunt sounds* *grunt sounds* *grunt sounds* Fine, I'm going in anyway!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
413 "I'm good if you wanna do everybody" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
414 "I want a quote about Honney's tunnel as much as everyone else, but... I just think that's going to tempt me too much" - Firedale 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
415 "By default, he's delicious!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
416 "You look like a villager! ... I wanna honk your nose." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
417 "You could say that so much more deliciously" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
418 "Make it big and large and awesome!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
419 "It's not letting me do the things. It's being naughty, Hon" - Pakratt ... "It wasn't me... it wasn't me" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
420 "I'm a girl and I wanted to have my camera over there!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
421 "He does that cool clicky clicky with his tongue thing." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
422 "Do you guys just add everything I say?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
423 "I had too many toys, I couldn't play with them all! *gruntychuckle*" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
424 "Oh, the trees actually grew to be the same size!" - Pakratt ... "That's what she said." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
425 "I learned to fricker-fracker with the best of 'em!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
426 "It's raining rocksalts on me. I'd rather it rain men if I had a choice." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
427 "He was hiding behind a pot and then he ran up to me and squeezed me and tickled me and I couldn't stop giggling" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
428 "I'm looking at your tuchus and I'm betting your tuchus isn't here anymore." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
429 "Wait wait wait wait, you're my tuchus follow." - Honney ... "You can follow any tuchus, Hon" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
430 "All the poo." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
431 "Don't touch me with your bone, sucker!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
432 "Come on, open up and give me your tender bits!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
433 "Double tap the meat! Double tap the meat!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
434 "I don't need two Chubbies" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
435 "It feels longer than that!" - Oddmast 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
436 "I'm not very good when there's too many toys!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
437 "If the person dies, you can't get the kiss from them, can you?" - Oddmast 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
438 "If you can beat the chest, I'll wear a tutu" - Oddmast (for the record!) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
439 "Why did you revive Hon?!" - Meteor asking Pak in Magicite 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
440 "These monsters are having a party with my carcass" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
441 "On the clock! On the clock! On the clock! BRAAAAWK" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
442 "Keep your boner off my face! Erm, bone!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
443 "'Bite me!' is a perfectly legit response, I declare!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
444 "dpttu got yhr ytouplnrd noy" ... "holy hanna wrong fingering on the keyboard!!" ... "sorry for the trouble not is what that was supposed to say" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
445 "Blowing on stuff makes everything right, right?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
446 "Rub all the things and it's all good" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
447 "Guess what! I'm an idjit! Well, you knew that." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
448 "I did it in the conservatory with the wrench" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
449 "Psst. The button." - Locoman101 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
450 "I'm watering your face" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
451 "That was a decent bang. It was okay. Would do again." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
452 "I'm all for the pimpslap!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
453 "You didn't prick the pricky thing" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
454 "Is it canibalism if Honney eats honey?" - TheLilOcean_B ... "No, IT'S DELICIOUS!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
455 "I designed most of this place when I was high on pain medicine from getting my wisdom teeth out." - Lyeoj ... "So this is a wisdom tooth induced build" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
456 "Why are you pooing on stream?" - Oddmast ... "Ewwww! I'm playing with poo!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
457 "You make me burn my pork, I'm gonna be pissed at you." - Honn 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
458 "Let's see if we can get this to happen without killing us!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
459 "I have such a hard time going down the d*** hole!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
460 "pond has interesting ways to seduce you with he mouth. wow Pond" - Ponderyier 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
461 "He can't get enough of your nuts!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
462 "What does the Paaak say? Fricker fricker fricker fricker fricker fricker FRAK!" - Honney singing 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
463 "Leave my nuts alone!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
464 "I did nothing! I did nothing! And suddenly it's about my sq... I don't have a squirrel!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
465 "She's going to have a heart attack and die happy. Very very very happy!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
466 "Squirrel, giggle giggle giggle, squirrel, giggle giggle giggle, nuts!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
467 "I am now completely and totally lost and I am HAPPY because that is my stream! That is my stream in a nutshell!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
468 "The circle of squirreling is complete" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
469 "I just tried to stop the server and I spelled it stahp!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
470 "I'm gonna have to remove your bush" - Pakratt ... "Ok. Hon's probably going to be more upset about that than me." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
471 "I can tinkle tinkleeeee. Fabulous! I can pee now, I'm a big girl!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
472 "I was being productive!" - Honney ... "So I buried her in a hole." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
473 "Son of a batch of biscuits!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
474 "Now THAT'S a BanHammer!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
475 "Derpiliciously Enjoyable" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
476 *booming* "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE HONNEY!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
477 "I was gentle. It wasn't like I was maulin' it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
478 "Whack and dodge! Whack and dodge! Whack and dodge!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
479 "Would you please die in a watery grave?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
480 "You could die once and it wouldn't hurt a dang thing!" - Honney (during Crash Landing to Meteor after 7 resets) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
481 "I can't breath, dang it. Where's the rest of my *pop sound*" - Honney (and chicken laying an egg at the end) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
482 "I touched my thingy; did you touch your thingy?" - Honney ... "Well, I touched my thingy!" - Pakratt ... "Well, I didn't have a thingy to touch!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
483 "Now, Meteor forever has no thingy to touch!" - Honney ... "Thank you." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
484 "Let a girl touch her thingies. That's how you get secrets!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
485 "I'm gonna be sitting over here in the corner getting more wood." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
486 "How come you got wood and mine didn't spring up, man?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
487 "I don't wanna go sleepy I wanna watch Hon playing with Meteor's thingy." - Cardiff_3 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
488 "On tonight's after 9 showing: Honn plays with Meteor's thingy." - Tooforgetful 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
489 "Being girled is worse than being womaned" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
490 "Looks like piss water... Cider!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
491 "I'm super Honnnnnnn" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
492 "First impressions... wh.wh.wh..wh.what?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
493 "But, yeah no, man, yeah no" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
494 "I mean you no harm. I come in peace! Come just a lil bit closer so I can shoot your FACE OFF!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
495 "The rubber suits do.. do... do do doodoo... a lot" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
496 "I have faith in you game! Not much! Not much! Lil bit!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
497 "I feel like I just started channeling my inner squirrel right there." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
498 "I'm going with... There are NO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES YOU FREAKIN' GAME!" - Fussyfaced Honney at Alien: Isolation 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
499 "Oh, oh, oh! He's a flamer!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
500 "We're gonna stay in an upright, manly-man position, until such time that it looks scary, and then I'm gonna pop a squat." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
501 "That song is an ode to freakin' strippers" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
502 "Drop and give me stickies, and don't blow in my face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
503 "As long as we don't touch his box, we're good!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
504 "She just put her royal jelly upon my person! Did you just see that?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
505 "We are HonneyFreak" - Honney ... "Fear us!" - Meteorfreak 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
506 "Do you know how many times you die when we're done?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
507 "You all are naughty!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
508 "Come over here and I'm going to bring you into my bedroom... where I'm working... and show you my camera." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
509 "Could you repeat that? I wasn't paying attention." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
510 "I don't know how but I was suddenly topless... my shirt just flew off!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
511 "The Honioning must not happen." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
512 "You got a daughter, a proud yackass daughter" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
513 "Somebody go get busy with them there things." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
514 "Once again he's peeing on stream, man! You're supposed to mute yourself before you use your raid cup!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
515 "It'd only be mean if I meant it. I don't mean it so it can't be mean, right?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
516 "Don't interrupt their sexy tuba time!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
517 "YOU MADE CARDIFF BETRAY ME!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
518 "He's always in a state of fricker-fracker, especially when I'm around" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
519 "Honney is a quote, unquote 'Good Girl'" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
520 "I'm a perfectly sweet, innocent flower. I'm DELICATE and all that crap" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
521 "OH oh oh oh... you said grill!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
522 "Sorry about that whipping" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
523 "Flame on my ***!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
524 "I'm sure there was probably a GORGEOUS view of her demise" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
525 "People make fabulous throw things." - Hon 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
526 "Can you aim that sucker a little bit higher?" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
527 "YES Yace I have done it on stream" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
528 "Eat your fiber kids. You don't want your potty breaks to sound like Hon's" - Mattstert 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
529 "That footlong is so nice... That footlong is our best meat right now" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:00Z
530 "Chika, man up! ... Seriously, man up, woman!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
531 "Hi, I'm Hon, and I'm directionally challenged. Shut it!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
532 "Oh lord, if you fixed it, you probably made it worse" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
533 "You stuck your head in my knife!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
534 "You know what really kills me about that knife?" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
535 "EEP EEP EEP EEP EEP!!!!!!!!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
536 "I WAS very happy to get my hands on Anubis's staff!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
537 "Not until my body is ready! ... Oh my GOODNESS, my body is ready!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
538 "THAT's what I'm talkin' about! No, not that, that was dumb." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
539 "We discussed this! No whipping on top!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
540 "You're gonna die by a thousand pricks from my little sisters!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
541 "Dude, I just flamed your crotch! You should be like, balled up and crying!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
542 "I am not above using luck!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
543 "Dodge the balls, and flame the birds." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
544 "Sky will be home soon" - Honney ... "Problem is, we'll all be gone." - Stranger 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
545 "Hoppy scotchy! Not fally downy! WOMAN!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
546 "Is that a ram in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me, baby?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
547 "I can whack with my ram! I can ram with my ram! I can... LOOK AT THAT!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
548 *sings* "Heyyy baby, I'll show you a good time... WITH MY RAM!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
549 "Eat RAM!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
550 "You almost kissed a dang snake" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
551 "I would like to, um, be sure that we get some murder" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
552 "SBL seems to be being a good girl... but..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
553 "I swear, I just heard a zipper! That was uncomfortable!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
554 "Put your fingers away, they can be used for better things." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
555 "When in doubt, combine all the things, rub all the things, show all the things!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
556 "Watch your sensitive bits, that could be painful." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
557 "Too bad! I'm too smart." - Meteorfreak 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
558 "If you want to die that badly, I can help you out!" - Meteor ... "NO! NO! NOnononononono!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
559 "Suddenly wood... not quite as bad as suddenly tongue!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
560 "Okay, Meteor wants me to get nakey, so hang on just a second" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
561 "It's not my fault I had to hit you, it's YOUR fault!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
562 "Violence is never the answer and all that yaz... we're gonna die doing this!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
563 "Game! Game! I'm impatient! I want to get on with the stuff!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
564 "I'm about to step on your face; I'm sorry." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
565 "He did, he touched my butt! Kiss my aHAHAHAHA" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
566 "That locker smells delicious... it smells like your PISS AND FEAR!" - Honney (paraphrasing an Alien's thought process) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
567 "I give you CPR, game!" ... "I am preemptively ending the pain" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
568 "I turned around and shook my tuchus and it was right in my face." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
569 "The suffering is fun!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
570 "Unlike the Ratt, I will take the diaper, because DIAPERS SAVES BUTTS" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
571 "I am now the Zach Poo!" - Dacoolbros 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
572 "Things you never wanna hear from your child: 'You know... I could just totally kick you in the head right now'" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
573 "That's me! I'm a chica!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
574 "It's trippy. I love it." - Honney (First time playing Portal) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
575 "Thank you, and come again!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
576 "All the sudden, I'm picturing 'Lil B in a bar fight." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
577 "There was a cutscene, I GOT DISTRACTED! Are you, at all, surprised?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
578 "Big Daddies are not meant to bounce around and have a good time." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
579 "I can live without her kind of love!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
580 "Two derps make a right!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
581 "I have a really strong urge to fall down from above cuz I can" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
582 "That was not me owning your face, that was you getting in a lucky shot" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
583 "The chickens are hoarding our bed!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
584 "What is with you and animal cruelty?!" - Honney to Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
585 "Come to bed, Honney! Jump into bed with me!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
586 "Can't we just leave the Pak in a Box upstairs as eye candy?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
587 "Did you see her? She just bent over and stuck her tuchus out at us! Cute tuchus, I might add." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
588 "Well what kinda elf are you, man?" - Honney (about an elf that can't start a fire) ... "Obviously, not a fire elf!" - Sirbartonslady 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
589 "Would I shift on you, baby?" - Honney ... "Yes!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
590 "Squeeze really really hard on your ball" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
591 "Flex while you squeeze your ball" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
592 "Nobody could keep their hands on their balls" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
593 "I haven't squeezed balls this hard since the war" - Pakratt (speaking as an old lady) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
594 "YES! YES! Three ballin'!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
595 "Don't look now, but you've lost your balls, dude" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
596 "The kid strikes fear into my heart!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
597 "The stub lust has been satiated" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
598 "Balls to the walls! We're doing it!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
599 "Okay, I'm in love with the bunny. They got me at bunny" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
600 "My bunny is broken." - Eneija 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
601 "And you're sitting there, whacking some RANDOM stranger." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
602 "Do you use the [dragon] egg to get the Wither?" - Eneija 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
603 "Turn around so I can spank you!" - Honney ... "Okay, I'll turn around..." - Eneija 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
604 "You can always count on them to quote our finest moments." - Eneija 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
605 "I got a precious booty" - Eneija 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
606 "Okay, we can live without oxygen for a second!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
607 "Game is being a butt. Not the cute Direbutt; the real wanna kick it in the butt butt." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
608 "Oh, this game's gonna kill me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
609 "Not pop my face... NOT pop my face! Heigh-ho, the derry-o... not pop my face!" - Honney singing 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
610 "Betty touched me... and it was not good!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
611 "This is dangerous, but we got this!" - Honney (immediately before falling onto spikes) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
612 "The cake is not a lie, it is delicious and moist!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
613 "I did say 'I got the biggest balls of them all!' cuz did you see them? They were HUGE!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
614 "It's Meteor's crap! My crap is totes good!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
615 "The temptation to shoot you in the butt is SO STRONG" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
616 "We are anti-lever poofage and anti-stream shrinkage around these parts. Don't judge the connectile dysfunction!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
617 "Hopefully the nether bits aren't nearly as numerous as the things you can get" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
618 "Oh, darlin', Twitch keeps flashing me and I'm all excited, then nothing!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
619 "I want the worms to come out where I can slap 'em" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
620 "Butt-boy, what are you doing?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
621 "You cannot satisfy me! You must work to satisfy me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
622 "Bad game, stop with horror sounds!" - Honney (talking to a horror game) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
623 "I'm sorry companion cube, as beautiful as you are, you don't have the right parts for me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
624 "The game was all 'Aw baby, naw baby, you got me all wrong baby. I'M GONNA KICK YOU IN THE TEETH!' :D" - Honney (talking about Spelunky) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
625 "It was a blush burn; my face hurt!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
626 "I was leaving him to live and breath, then suddenly he was a tombstone!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
627 "Dude, you need to behave yourself! Hitting is baaaaad" - Honney (shortly after murdering Meteor in Minecraft) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
628 "Dude, I can see your fantasically freaky fingers wiggling at me in an accusing fashion!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
629 "It's difficult t' do many of those things while holding a camera..." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
630 "I've always been ready to kill everyone, to be fair" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
631 "You cannot hold me responsible for everything I do" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
632 "Chicka chicka chicka chicka, doink" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
633 "Someone didn't know where to stick it" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
634 "I'm not saying you're hot, baby, but you just lost your pants!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
635 "Stop growing, I'm trying to finish!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
636 "Remind me to accidentally poke you with this tool tomorrow" - Honney (misquoting a message from Pak) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
637 "Did you get nakey?" - Honney ... "I put the thought in your head, so you had to do it?" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
638 "Hi, I'm Honney, and I have a problem. I accept the intervention. I have a problem of high stubbiness." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
639 "Don't even look over there at my hole; that's my hole!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
640 "Bloody lust has appeared in my basement! ... I resemble that remark" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
641 "Screw your locks. I got a portal gun!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
642 "To be fair, girls have perfected the flat look." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
643 "I'm probably going to regret this... ... ... I REGRET THIS! I REGRET THIS! I REGRET THIS DECISION!!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
644 "Big balls, big balls, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
645 "That sounds terrible! But it's not what you think; it's not what you think!" - Honney (referring to a Honney Quote) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
646 "I shoot you in the what-the-whats, good sir!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
647 "And then it manned up on my face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
648 "We don't want any mods peeing on the streamians." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
649 "Yeah, I just stuck it right there, sucker!" - Honney ... "I stuck it there." - Meteor ... "Well, I was sticking it there, too, so." - Honney ... "Well, one of us stuck it there." - Meteor ... "Mutual stickage, okay! Mutual stickage!" - Honney ... "Mutual stickage, got it." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
650 "Mutual stickage: To stick at the same time... see, it's definable! *giggle*" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
651 "Oh, gosh... crap crap crap crap crap crap crap" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:01Z
652 "I don't need RINDy Hon to be the lusty Argonian maid Hon!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
653 "I'm convincing myself that there are better things to do in life than smack yourself" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
654 "I say the stupidest damn things!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
655 "Did you take language in high school?" - Honney ... "English... still working on it" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
656 "I smell good, I don't know what you're talking about! I stink pretty!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
657 "I was wearing pants until she came home" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
658 "Welcome home Sky! Let me take my pants off for you!" - Pakratt (dramatic Honney quote reenactment) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
659 "Pakini confirmed!" - Pakratt (reading chat) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
660 "You're supposed to say 'Hon, you're not a lazy bum!'" - Honney ... "I'm not gonna lie!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
661 "That's what made me chuckle, it had nothing to do with your undies!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
662 "He gives no clucks" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
663 "There's wet on my desk! There's wet on my desk! I don't know what it was but there's very wet on my desk!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
664 "Gratson peating bortal :)" - Honneyplay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
665 "He does still have a body. We could kill him. And we could do it slowly and with our bare hands." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
666 "It DID wiggle; I am cursed!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
667 "Suck me dry, baby!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
668 "My situational awareness is down the crapper!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
669 "You can lay your slimy lil paws all over my ... person!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
670 "Ohhhh baby! I love me an old man kiss!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
671 "How would you like to take it?" - Honney ... "I would not like to take it at all." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
672 "I will kill you dead for the chickens!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
673 "You were supposed to get it! Hi, I'm Honney, and even I got it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
674 "There's joking, and then there's Hon joking" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
675 "EXPLAIN THAT QUOTE!" - everyone in this chat ever firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
676 "Don't make fun of my things, my things are gorgeous!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
677 "He said picks and axes, and I heard tits and asses" - Honney (via Pakratt via Skype on stream) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
678 "I am the owner and operator of 'Blush Burn.'" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
679 "You can purr in my ear ANY dang day. OHh baby, I like that sound" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
680 "Her bits are repeatedly falling on my face" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
681 "First you get drunk, THEN you get married." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
682 "I would so love your chest, it sounds amazing!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
683 "I don't know what that was, but I LIKED IT!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
684 "Her mouth, 'ehhhhhh' and she just... 'ughhhhhh'" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
685 "Dude! I can skootch it! I can skootch the bootch!" - Honney (playing with IAmBread) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
686 "This is a fingering nightmare." - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
687 "It started wiggling in my hands! I was not prepared!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
688 "Okay drop! *clunk* My controller just dropped." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
689 "I helped you!" - Honney ... "Helped me what, find my combustion point?!" - Oddmast 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
690 "Dude, it just popped my cherry!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
691 "Push it! Push it, push it, push it, push it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
692 "Up and down and stuff and things." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
693 "So, can we go ahead and stick the thing in the thing? ... We need a new thing before we stick the thing in the thing!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
694 "Tongue, I know you're tired." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
695 "There's a hitch in my giddyup!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
696 "Do you hear that silence? That silence is gonna make me pay, later." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
697 "Yes, I touched the butt, and it was fabulous!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
698 "I didn't read the dang thing... CRAP!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
699 "Insane! Insane! I'm naming one for you... He gonna die!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
700 "There may or may not have been some pantless recording going on with some ladies I know." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
701 "We get to play with the dude!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
702 "He was zooming like the bestest pony ever....I wasn't going to let go for nothin'!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
703 "I couldn't hold on to my noodle; he was yanking it out of my hand!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
704 "Supercallawhatchathingy" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
705 "That was an I-less 'fricken' right there." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
706 "Fricker Fracker Lickin Stickin" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
707 "I think I have to draw the line at stripping in my kitchen." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
708 "And now I have no shirt" - Pakratt ... "I saw you; you got nakey... I was helping" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
709 "You know what I think I know I said?" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
710 "Take it like a man, hold still while I whack you with my cherries!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
711 "I like jugs as much as the next person but this is too much juggage!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
712 "See the squirrel... be the squirrel. This guy is probably getting annoyed at me." - Dacoolbros 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
713 "Screw 'fair and square' ... hold still and let me kick your a**!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
714 "Mess with the squirrel, and you get the nut!" - Dacoolbros 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
715 "I got your thingy! I got your thingy! I got your thingy!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
716 "I gonna strip you of all your petals, sweetheart!" - Honney to Rose ... "Don't let Hon strip you!" - Dacoolbros ... "Hon make sure you give her a few dollars for it." - Cardiff 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
717 "Mental note... bad guy is a bad guy..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
718 "That is way too cute to scream at!" - Honney (after screaming at a cute thing jumping out at her) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
719 "I am not going to play with you. I have more bombs than sense right now." - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
720 "Can't we all have one big happy fun time? No we can't because y'all are naughty so we can't have one big happy fun time." ~HonneyPlay (to chat) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
721 "I'm not touching that line with a ten-foot pole" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
722 "My horns are fabulous!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
723 "No no no no, not like smexy-faced demonic evil" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
724 "Well, about them plums, and cherries, and balls... oh my!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
725 "I decided to do a thing and I did a thing wrong." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
726 "I got chased in the butt for nuttin'. I killed a squirrel; I didn't get any squirrel stew." - Dacoolbros 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
727 "Careful what door you open, the villagers are having a good time." - Honney ... "I'm still gonna peek" - Cardiff 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
728 "You are my slave now!" - Honney to Cardiff 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
729 "Don't butter any butts" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
730 "I got Manda's bits in my hand" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
731 "Just gonna take a moment and bask in the glory of Barry" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
732 "I led you into a bad place" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
733 "Um... I kinda got my bread bent" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
734 "That was like the Shaquille O'Neal of bats!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
735 "I'm not skurd of you; I'm not skurd of you! Oh crap!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
736 "I can walk on spikey thing! Doo-daa Doo-daa!" - Honney singing 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
737 "I wanna coochie coochie his lil face" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
738 "Unnecessary roughness on the Honneybutt" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
739 "I said stick it in the right hole; you didn't stick it in the hole! You stuck it upon me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
740 "Oh, there's a butt, gotta go hit it" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
741 "Well, there was this good-lookin' guy and he didn't wear nothin'" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
742 "It was awesome, it blew my shirt plum off" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
743 "Hold your 'splody pants!" - Honney ... "I can't, they blew up!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
744 "She unmuted to tell y'all about nipples!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
745 "I got ample chest, but you... I'm equal parts base and treble, that ain't no secret" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
746 "Oh, mah lord, you quoted that!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
747 "Meteor, I'm pretty sure this is multiple times that you've not been able to contain your own pressure..." - Honney ... "Only when you're here, Hon" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
748 "There were so many euphemisms going through my head, I was trying to keep it clean, then..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
749 "I would like to thank all the lil hiccups that helped me get there along the way." - Honney's acceptance speech for her 1000th recorded hiccup, achieved in 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
750 "I shouldn't have read it!" - Honney (referencing something in chat) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
751 "She wears the horns to hold up that halo, because she is a good girl." - Cardiff 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
752 "I require your tuchus for science!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:02Z
753 "Oh baby, I so want you in a kilt instead of a tutu !!" - Honney (to Pak) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
754 "We may have just wasted some time" - Honney (after standing unpaused to talk to chat during a time-limited game event) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
755 "Is that a melon on your tongue or are you just happy to see me? ... Yesh!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
756 "I should not be held responsible for any quotage while playing this game" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
757 "I wanna lick all the things!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
758 "I tried to lick it... *deep intake of breath*" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
759 "We're gonna do a light tap... and then I'm gonna slam it in hard" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
760 "Hon, why would you ram it home? You're a goat! Kappa " - TheLilOcean_B 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
761 "If Doctor Who can say 'Timey wimey' I can say 'Flippy Floppy Derpy Werpy goat' !" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
762 "I wanted to explore everything! I wanted to lick everything!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
763 "I think I look fabulous headless, to be fair" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
764 "Man, I'm afraid to drill 'er; I'm afraid to drill her!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
765 "I thought about drilling her but I was too afraid to get her close." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
766 "Why are you drumming? Do something with your hands!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
767 "That's the ONLY reason I let you out... is because of your crap!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
768 "When I get deep and contemplative... I go down deep and dark twisty paths" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
769 "I don't wanna hear how easy your package is!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
770 "We need to get nakey, man, we're at home!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
771 "It wasn't my doohickey at all" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
772 "Just give me your dang wood and stop fussing at me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
773 "Thank you for pointing out to me how much I have to pee by making me laugh" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
774 "If it sounds like math, and it looks like math, IT'S A DUCK!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
775 "I'm like... killing her with my thighs" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
776 "Who is it that has hiccups that's not me?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
777 "You're going to kill the horse" - Everyone ... "No, I'm not!" - Honney (moments before she rides the horse off a high fall and kills it) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
778 "Wood hard" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
779 "I've got a rope, we can tie her up!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
780 "What kinda sugar did you have and where can I get some?!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
781 "Baby, I'm in bed... I'm in bed... alright" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
782 *whispers* "Is your body ready?" - Meteor ... *sultry voice* "My body is ready, baby, let's do this" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
783 "Take the jugs, bring 'em home" - Meteor ... "Grab them jugs, big boy!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
784 "I saw what you said about dangly bits" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
785 "I just backed up into his bone!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
786 "I had way too much health to take the Whore!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
787 "I say, given the choice, go for the lil pecker every time... CHICKEN!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
788 "That didn't last very long :( That was a very disappointing ride!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
789 "Yes! Oddmast! Go with the tonguing! GO WITH THE TONGUING!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
790 "That was a good tonguing! I held on to you for dear life!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
791 "I'm getting tongued, I'm getting tongued! Get off me! Thank you! Oh oh, I'm getting pounded!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
792 "The goo, yeah, it's not my fault, not my fault!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
793 "No, no, you do NOT get to tongue my Oddmast! My Woody!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
794 "Oh, I'm being ridden! I can't even see; it's all gunky down here!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
795 "Zylera, you were tasty!" - Honney ... "I'm sure I was!" - Zylera 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
796 "I'm on the bottom. I'm the bottom" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
797 "Do you want me to take your thingy and ride you across" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
798 "Put your butt to it and ride it out" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
799 "I wanna wee" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
800 "I just wanted a set of blue doohickies to stick in the hole" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
801 "We are experiencing technical difficulties as Hon learns to play the game." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
802 "I need you in my brain!" - Pakratt ... "That does not sound pleasant" - Honney ... "You seem to enjoy it cuz you keep going there!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
803 "Do not put words in Hon's brain that she does not need to have there!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
804 "You put my thing in the hole!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
805 "They still got me up the butt, dang it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
806 "I like to flash. Flashing is fun." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
807 "Speaking of face nommage..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
808 "I thought it would be some weird stuffed beaver." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
809 "I missed your adorable face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
810 "Says the evil Honney temptress" - Honney (admitting to being an evil Honney temptress) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
811 "Move your face... and your butt... and everything else!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
812 "Ow. Ow. OW. Slimy freakin' blue balls, get outta my FACE!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
813 "Ohh, let there be pink!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
814 "Will you quit blowing bubbles up my butt, dude!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
815 "Come on, slap me big boy!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
816 "For the record, I screamed plenty the three weeks I was gone, it just wasn't at Fright Night!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
817 "Shame on you!" - Skylit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
818 "She was threatening me with the rope! That's why I said 'ohh baby!'" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
819 "I just gave it so much free lovin', man." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
820 "Hey baby, I think I can block off your 'pokey pokey'" - Honney (tentacle blocking!) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
821 "I'm lickin' yer pants, dude!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
822 "I decided to do a trick on it, cuz licking it wasn't sticking..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
823 "Get off my thingy, I wanna ride now." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
824 "I headbutt you all because you are my minions! TAKE IT!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
825 "I hit you in the what-the-whats, good sir!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
826 "Oh oh oh oh oh yeah, I can grab things with my tongue!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
827 "Hon, we won't judge you. you pay for as many kisses as you want. as long as Pak doesn't find out, everything's right" - p3rson27 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
828 "How to make Honney move her butt... spiders! Today I learned!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
829 "Having the compass would have been much more helpful to know the general direction of down." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
830 "I really wish I had... a clue!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
831 "I could have blown my way straight down the hole." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
832 "I have a strict 'No Gun Left Behind' policy." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
833 "Ehhhh... I want Reggie more than I want you." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
834 "I meant to pick you up and not slap you in the face... Totally didn't mean to whip you in the face." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
835 "Can't even rub it in the crack...!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
836 "I was trying to pick it up by proxy via the crack, okay?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
837 "Lust, it's not you; it's me. I am not ready to be in a relationship." - Amberwood 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
838 "Previously before I went on vacation, we were tied up here and held captive in bondage and stuff." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
839 "Apparently getting bigger is better than shrinking" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
840 "FIRE! STOP ADDING QUOTES!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
841 "I don't try to derp, it just comes so easily!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
842 "Welcome to the world of physics... erm um... the physical property of things!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
843 "It takes a lot of owws to get to the center of a Honney, okay?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
844 "Can we spank Honney somehow?" ~Crock ... "Ooh baby!" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
845 "You want ME to help you get to hell?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
846 "I am not blind, I just have a sight deficiency." - ExtremeAdobe 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
847 "I need to get bigger lips" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
848 "I can't believe I'm gonna say this... but Hell is really cool!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
849 "I am tired chica thing with boobs" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
850 "And besides, death by finger is NOT dignified." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
851 "He lived a good life of ass-rubbin', man" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
852 "You're supposed to use the bottle against the cats, not your mother!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
853 "We just done shtuff and things... and things and shtuff" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
854 "Can I be a female heavy weapons dude (explosive kind!) on your eventual XCOMs? My past experience says I'm damn good at that :3" ~Jace 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
855 "I am nowhere near Ratchet's butt." - Ashbless 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
856 "I'm rotating you! I'm rotating you naturally as I hurt you" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
857 "If I was Pinocchio right now, my nose would so be touching the monitor!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
858 "I haven't milked your faces since I made you happy!" - Honney ... "Oh its that kinda milk!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
859 "Meteor should we make them happy again cause they are all adults?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
860 "Pfft." - Zylera (to people being smartasses) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
861 "I am always a perfect angel that could never say anything filthy" - Kinkajou 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
862 "So I sorta messed up screwing around with my toy..." ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
863 "I asked you nicely to sit on it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
864 "I'm actually more excited about the box than the old man!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
865 "You just neutered me... YOU JUST NEUTERED ME!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
866 "I just noped out... I just so noped out!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
867 *whimpering* "Step into my parlor said the spider to the Honney" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
868 "MY BANana Hammer is all powerful ;)" - BananaPopsikul 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
869 "Okay, mental note... THAT is not Honney, that is lava!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
870 "Kinka... spank Firedale... take him to the naughty corner in the basement!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
871 "Use the attic if you want that kind of action-I mean, what?" - Zylera 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
872 "I'm trying to cheat, I'm just not good at it. I'm not a natural cheater!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
873 "You BIG tease, Xela! Today I learned, Xela is a tease!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:03Z
874 "If I'm gonna be the teaser of the basement, I'm gonna be the best teaser ever!" - Xelaorange 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
875 "I wanna do you with my bare hands!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
876 "I'm here to protect us! ... Don't you feel safe?" - Honney ... "Uh uh uh... yeah." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
877 "Yogi! Wiggling your tooshy at me is gonna get you smacked!" - Honney ... "In a fun way" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
878 "But, why don't you trust me?!" - Honney ... "Because you are Honney." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
879 "I guess we'll have to slow down by just violently rearending other motorists!" - Game ... "YES! They're gonna drive like me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
880 "Honney, I might make you happy, depending on how I feel." - DoneFear 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
881 "He broke the thingy I was thinging!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
882 "I fixed the broke. Don't break again!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
883 "SO many things are being used to harass the Honney... and it's not pleasant." - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
884 "Which bathroom to use.... That is the question." - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
885 "He's trying to move in on my bathroom! No! I'm sticking a girl in there, first!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
886 "Hehehehehehehehe... I'm terrible... hehehehehehe" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
887 "I was gonna say 'It's not that kinda wood, Hon!'!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
888 "You forced me into the tinkling! That was so wrong!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
889 "I would rather have it up and not go down, than have it down and not go up" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
890 "I'm sorry I said 'You're prickless'" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
891 "I just made a meteor goo, and he returned the favor" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
892 "How DARE they shoot at me! I want them to hold still and let me kill them deaded!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
893 "I sneezed and I think I lost some brains." - Honney 2105 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
894 "How you like that *** view?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
895 "Any protection is still protection, the sticky crap is a pain" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
896 "You gonna sit on my face again? I dont think so!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
897 "I don't trust you for nothin'. I don't care if you look cute." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
898 "I flashed him and he backed off!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
899 "Totally, totally not rocking back and forth in fear..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
900 "You know what? I kick you in the balls!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
901 "Well! I like puttin' my hands on ever-lovin' things!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
902 "Oh no we gotta go through the spiders again. Oh no. Noooo. Nuuuuuuuuuu. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. We gotta go through the spiders again. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
903 "Watch it burn" - Skylit ... "I don't want to watch it burn!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
904 "We just put a miner's hat on and became a man" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
905 "We're gonna rock those pink panties!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
906 "This run's kinda gone a long one.... Hopefully we'll go all the way and finish her off" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
907 "Will you stop makin' babies and die?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
908 "Seriously! Get them off your butt!" - HonneyPlay ... "I'm wiggin'!" - Skylit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
909 "No, I am not rescuing you! You have to man up, drop your dang set of balls, and behave with it! ... Man up with the cats! Figuratively!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
910 "You shouldn't have been soooo cute while being in pain! I wasn't relishing your pain, I was just taking full giggling advantage!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
911 "That would be undignified and unladylike and I'm TOTES a delicate flower!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
912 "Okay, you gonna be good to me?" - HonneyPlay ... "No." - Skylit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
913 "I probably shouldn't say any of the words that wanna come outta my mouth" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
914 "I should be muzzled" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
915 "I think the next best thing to muzzling is to just not use original words." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
916 "You wanna kiss? Me either, so BACK OFF!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
917 "Oww... stop rubbing meee!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
918 "Ow! you just touched his thingy!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
919 "Holy mama, I peed on him! I peed on him!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
920 "Yeah, I was trying to stick it in the right hole but it didn't quite fit, now" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
921 "GIGGLEMODE! The giggles have happened!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
922 "I deny your tomato!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
923 "Are you done with me harassing you now?" - Honney ... "Um, maybe..." - Meteor ... "It was kinda fun." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
924 "Your wood's broken again, baby" - Honney ... "My wood? What wood?" - Meteor ... "Look at your your your your your..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
925 "I totally need to get you nakey, buddy" - Honney ... "Baaaaa" - Sheep 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
926 "We can eat his... his children!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
927 "I'm like a princess. I need my unicorn!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
928 "Turn back around, I wanna see your butt up close!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
929 "Plat FatForm!" ~HonneyPlay 2105 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
930 "I don't want no burger with teeth like that!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
931 "I wanted to stick the shaft in the dang hole, and it wouldn't accept it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
932 "Bop 'em with the meat wad and let them touch our fly." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
933 "Meteor... I say this to you in all love... FETCH!" - Honney ... "Yes, Master." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
934 "It's a bad thing... but it's a bad thing FOR SCIENCE!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
935 "I'm going to do this a little more safely, so I can... *dies*" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
936 "Dude, you shoved your head up my backside and I couldn't go through cuz it made me tall!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
937 "Oh Lord, we're really screwed if you're confuzzled" - Honney to Meteor in Portal 2 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
938 "Yeah, I can't get on top of you if you're not crouched" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
939 "I totally need a thing, baby!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
940 "You're not sufficient enough" - Honney (to Meteor in Crash Landing) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
941 "No, I pointed a bow at your family jewels!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
942 "WHO stuck it on my bed?" - Honney ... "Me!" - Meteor ... "Hey, boys just wanna have fun!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
943 "I'm standing on my bed and I hear a very loud moan!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
944 "We're gonna breed these guys like there's no tomorrow!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
945 "We will have our golden shower for you" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
946 "Where my boobs?! I'm a girl!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
947 "Fire go up... fire go down... HONNEY GO OVER!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
948 "All around the dark-lit bedroom, the robots chase the Honney, she peeks out the hallway door, POP goes the Honney!" - Firedale2002 singing 2014 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
949 "It's a good thing my tonsils were removed when I was five 'cuz I think I'd have just choked on them" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
950 "I broke the magic, dude" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
951 "I wanna lay my ever-loving hands upon all the amazingness!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
952 "'I just want a hug!' Mhmm, I'll curb-stomp your face!" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
953 "I broke a lot of people... I just snapped them like a toothpick *maniacal laughter*" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
954 "So, where are we going to kill the Meteor?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
955 "You do realize we have more people to quote things..." - Meteor ... "Oh..." - Honney (the day she added some new mods) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
956 "The mods are packed in tight like sardines; I hope no one snores or farts in their sleep. Kappa" - Cardiff 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
957 "OH, If 'I' have full control, it's gonna be PINK and SPARKLY!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
958 "Pak will you PLEASE Stop being so amused at our future misery!?" - Hon ... "Nooo (laughing)" - Pak 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
959 "I'll eat my shorts if you beat the first section" ~ Pakratt about team HonneyFreak playing BNB 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
960 "Why live on the sunny side of life when you can live on the Honney side of life?" - TheLilOcean 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
961 "Where is he? I wanna pee on him... awwww he killed me while I was trying to aim!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
962 "For the record, my unicorn is not the only one that has to piss like a racehorse!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
963 "Get outta my hole!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
964 "You're bad at keeping secrets" - Meteor to Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
965 "I don't think you're doing it right if it's fuzzy!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
966 "Romance is thick and chunky" ~ firedale 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
967 "I don't understand why nobody wanted to pound the meat!" - Locoman 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
968 "You keep your hands off my lil secret spot, buddy!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
969 "All hail the zombie king! RARRrrarrararrrara" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
970 "Today I learned... Loco is a masochist." - Honney ... "OH YEAH!" - Locoman 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
971 "Wham, bam; you're dead, ma'am!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
972 "We just worked a quickie in with the bed. Just a lil peek at my six, okay?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
973 "It usually starts on the first or second HUWEHHHH" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
974 "I think Reggie luv is sticky, just a theory, a game theory" - setmonje 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
975 "Die in a fiery grave that does not include me in it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
976 "I got ya boobs and I got ya Canadian!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
977 "You think we're gonna progress?" - Honney ... "Not at this rate!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
978 "Don't bother listening to the guy!" - Meteor ... "I shushed him... it hurt" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
979 "EWWWWWWWWWWWW! EWWWWWWWWWWWW! ... Now I wanna eat one!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
980 "Those aren't gummy bears, those are gummy VITAMINS!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
981 "Well balls are fun. They're bouncy. Some even come chocolate coated!" - AmberWood 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
982 "Do it again... do it agian... Do It Again! DO IT AGAIN!!!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
983 "PENGUINS!" - Skylit (when bored) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
984 "Hey, adult stuff can be very exhausting!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
985 "I stand behind that quote, but I'm not reading it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
986 "I like touched down and it was like Oooh I like sucked it up *Slurping sounds* then I got smacked in the face, and it was not good" Honney - 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
987 "I think we should stop the quoting of the Honneys... We should stop this... I don't think they're going to, but we should stop this." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
988 "We can ravage the bits!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
989 "I read that as creamy love!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
990 "YES! yamina has brought it back from the brink of awesome!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
991 "All that work for no boobies!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
992 "We got all excited about the rubbers!" ~HonneyPlay (while playing Blood N Bones) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
993 "There's another candle incident! Stat!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
994 "That was a beautiful pimp slap" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
995 "Okay, this one can be Kinky... KINKA!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:04Z
996 "I know you want a thingy. I don't have your thingy. Seek your thingy elsewhere." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
997 "Kinky Kinka needs to get fixed" - Honney ... "I'm fine with getting fixed" - Kinkajou 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
998 "Don't be jelly of the man-voice of awesome!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
999 "We just got the walking closet of AMAZEBALLZ!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1000 "Yo, we want the 'D' or get the hell out!" - Honney (1000th quote at the time) 8/24/2015 firedale2002 2017-08-24T00:02:31Z
1001 "Pak, we have successfully retrieved our stuff from the void... PRAISE US!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1002 "Pak did it! ... I just once again want to reiterate that it wasn't me" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1003 "Reverse the polarity! I just spit on my computer..." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1004 "Apparently he's got feathers around where the important bits are" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1005 "Sorry for the slurpage! MmmmMmmm. That's tasty!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1006 "You gotta pop the pole to get the...." - Honney ... "The goods." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1007 "You almost shaved my face! You almost parted my hair!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1008 "Are you sucking on that dang thing, again?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1009 "I'm well versed in the art of peeking" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1010 "I know I got dat ass, but can you back away for just a few seconds?" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1011 "*indistinguishable squealing*" - Honney (quoted in 2015, but she does this often!) firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1012 "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1013 "Come on fox, come on fox, don't you fall into the water!" - Honney, moments before her character (and not the fox) fell into the water 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1014 "Outtada firiar pan n indata frier? haou does taht go?" - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1015 "I'm gonna purple nurple you until you're bruised!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1016 "Well, take off your dang boots! Start strippin' right now!" - Honney to Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1017 "Her tonsils are trippy." - Honney, 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1018 "Poppin' bathroom pills, oh baby! I am not above bathroom pills!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1019 "Spit Tank combo, that was not pretty!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1020 "Confirmed, Hon likes to ride me!" - Zerokyuuni 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1021 "You guys should just hold still and let LilB and I have our fun!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1022 "I'm mourning the loss of my candle" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1023 "Beef came out of my mouth" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1024 "Suddenly, finger! It scared me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1025 "Will you two stop comparing butt sizes!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1026 "You are both beautiful flowers, stop looking at your butts!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1027 "If you're gonna have a Lil_B, you might as well use a Lil_B effectively" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1028 "Shush your bush" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1029 "Bees wax your face." - HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1030 "I put the Summoner Emblem where my thingy was... and you want me to do what to it?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1031 "There's something in the lava!" - Honney ... "What lava?" - Meteor ... "In our... inourinourinourinourinourinour...our thingy!" - Honney ... "THAT doesn't tell me ANYTHING, woman!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1032 "I am the mother of five, I understand the makin' of the babies... MOVING ON!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1033 "Wood is so hard!" - Meteorfreak, 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1034 "I am the whoop master" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1035 "I don't like it when you are right." - Oddmast to Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1036 "A huge thanks to Pak and Firedale for riding my ass" Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1037 "There is no full body flip flop." - HeatherRachelle 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1038 "You whipped your thingy out, it makes me nervous!" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1039 "Let the old man have fun with his turtle" - Crock 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1040 "Ya know what? Other people don't point out when you toot. Let the martians have their time." - Honney to Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1041 "Honney made a mess with honey" - Crock ... "Yesh... I'm sticky and delicious!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1042 "I made sure they popped out their baby before I let you kill them." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1043 "There was no way for me to help" - Honney ... "Exactly!" - Meteor after a Wither fight 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1044 "You are a size 8 cow in a size 4 hole, stop it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1045 "My buttwings suck!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1046 "My anti-stab filter is a little on the fritz" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1047 "Meteor needs to get below me Kappa " - TheLilOcean_B 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1048 "Did he mention them tag-teaming my ticklage?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1049 "Pay no attention to the tied up man in the closet" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1050 "Be nice to the poor thing; let it touch you once in a while" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1051 "Burgle furgle!" - Meteorfreak 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1052 "Don't panic, we have man voice." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1053 "Coo Coo Ka Kinkajou!" - RINDy Sky 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1054 "You just skinned another pizza!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1055 "It's not pleasant for the buggies, but screw them." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1056 "I sprayeth your face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1057 "And all the sudden, thing in my face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1058 "Stop scaring me!" - Honney (on Fright Night) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1059 "Child, I will hurt you!" - Honney (as Sky hovers over New Game in Five Nights at Freddy's 4) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1060 "It's all fun and games when you're just scaring mom!" - Honney ... "I have new respect for you... I'm just joking, I don't respect you, mom." - Skylit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1061 "Do not rush a girl! I'm shopping, okay?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1062 "Know this I am a Sir! I do not marry who I knock up I knock up who I marry :D" - Sir_Twighlit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1063 "Alive and wiggly, but I'll give you the best I can give you." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1064 "Hey, you look good! Please give me a kiss!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1065 "Hey! I'm gonna tongue you dude!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1066 "Why are you riding me? I did not give you permission, buddy!" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1067 "I have a dangly bit, too" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1068 "I'm the fastest diaper changer in the West... Mid-West." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1069 "There, now she's got no more money *giggle*" - Dawnlit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1070 "You were AMAZING last night!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1071 "Meteor, we can't keep her ... There's no room for your Fiance in Obscurity." - Honney (in reference to Melody_Pond being found in the Obscurity game) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1072 "OUCH OUCH OUCH I FORGOT ABOUT CAPTAIN YACK I FORGOT ABOUT CAPTAIN YACK!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1073 *singing* "This chest is on fiyah!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1074 "You're counting your reward before it hatches" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1075 "Hon is just laying on the burns; Pak needs a fire resist potion at this point" - ZeroKyuuni 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1076 "You guys, stop touching my ball, this is my ball" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1077 "I'm a delicate flower, my toots don't sound like that!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1078 "I take pride in my gas emissions! :)" - Amberwood 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1079 "Look behind you for your booty" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1080 "So you're an airhead, a beast, a human, and you're chaotic... yeah, that's pretty much true!" - Meteor (referring to scanning Honney in Obscurity) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1081 "AAAHH, I just whacked her to death with an umbrella." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1082 "Hold still so I can SCREW YOU IN THE FACE!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1083 "Step into my room so I can FORK YOU!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1084 "Mom, hakuna-yer-ta-tas" - Skylit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1085 "See, why can't you breathe like that everytime, Chika?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1086 "That's kind of a good spot, can I just like ride your face right there?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1087 "There's plenty of Honney for everyone to have a lil taste, just relax!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1088 "If it wasn't for GLORIOUS beard, I'd be ok having boobs." - Kinka 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1089 "If you see the fiance of mine, let me know so I can capture her" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1090 "Chicken pizza and chicken pooppers" - Honney, 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1091 "I ended up going over the naked lady like five times longer than I had to" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1092 "Can you guys control your boning for a second, I have a question!?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1093 "She makes a great trash container" - Skylit (Talking about Honney 'holding' items for other people) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1094 "Killing you is fun, Hon. I should know!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1095 "You're like an ostrich... Pakratt." - Honney, 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1096 "Ohhhhhhh, I get to Honney Shmash! I get to Honney Shmash!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1097 "Zombie yumped my butt, zombie yumped my butt!" - Honney singing 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1098 "Dude, that is a GINORMOUS tower of... no" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1099 "Look at you all fabulous and nipply with your crown!" - Honney, 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1100 "Are you offering me your tuchus? YOU WERE, YOU WERE OFFERING ME YOUR TUCHUS!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1101 "I do have a real strong desire to come drill you in the back!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1102 "If you build it, he will grind" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1103 "What sort of magic happens in this bedroom of yours, Mr. Man?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1104 "Be careful with my body, I haven't got to inspect it, yet!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1105 "I am the superior species. Boobs win, man." ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1106 "I want my tatas, I've had them my whole life!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1107 "Oww, oww! Get off of me you stupid little balls!" ~Meteorfreak 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1108 "HONNEY! GET OUT OF MY CROTCH!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1109 "I keep like...HABADABADABADABDABDA!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1110 "My chest popped out and scared the willies out of me!" ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1111 "I'm a good grinder" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1112 "One second, I want to admire my drilling!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1113 "Jeeerrrk... It's like being haunted by Pakratt" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1114 "Why would you think I don't like apple pie, bacon, and women in bikinis eating burgers? D: " - Zerokyuuni 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1115 "Look at that ass, look at that ass! Chase it! Suck it dude, you can't have it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1116 "Game, if you tell me to take what I need and disappear one more time, I'm going to pimp slap your face!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1117 "Can he be honorary team Boobs because of his eyebrows?" - Honney (asking in a pretty please voice about Oddmast) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:05Z
1118 "Your man is flashing me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1119 "You need to warn a girl before suddenly zapping, man" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1120 "So much banging and heavy breathing going on behind me!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1121 "Ya know what?! I'm gonna eat the carrot in privacy because you watching me eat the carrot is creepy! ... put your sword away! WOOOOOOOooohohohohohoho" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1122 "Put your sweaty boobs away! I can see that your sweaty boobs are there! ... NO! Stop attacking me with your sweaty titties!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1123 "That alarm can bite my lily white ass" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1124 "You can touch it, baby" - Honney (breathy voice) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1125 "If he was still breathing, they would be cute together" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1126 "There's nothing to grab up here" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1127 "I eat white knights for breakfast! I'm your dragon in shining scales! *cracks lightning across the sky and stands atop a mountain with one claw on the top in his most dramatic pose*" - Firedale 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1128 "I just see random Meteor *** flying around in the background... It's perfect!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1129 "Thank you so much, you don't have to donate for Meteor sac" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1130 "So we helped her... start a bird army?" Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1131 "Come on baby. Come back to me, come back to me, CALM YOUR TITS, BOX." ~HonneyPlay 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1132 "!ponder banaynay" - BananaPopsikul ... "nah banaynay is just jealous cuz Hon's chest" - Ponderyier 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1133 "Free boobing is best boobing" - heatherrachelle 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1134 "Where you can stick your finger in the alien bit" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1135 "Tastes like hard" - Pakratt (after eating scorpion) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1136 "My head is not nakey; I have horns, don't you see them?" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1137 "It's getting dark, tell me you got wood" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1138 "I am contagious and I am happy to be so." ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1139 "I was just in the middle of a CRAP" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1140 " I can stop afterbirth any time I want... " - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1141 "It started bleeding and it was even funnier!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1142 "The dangly was right there, and I couldn't put my hands upon it" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1143 "You need vegetables in your DAMNIT" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1144 "I'm invoking birthday rights, don't quote that, AHHHHHHH!!! *ear piercing scream*" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1145 "One moment. I need to stare in confusion for a moment." - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1146 "Owie the titty." - Nibblit 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1147 "Undyne, I don't want to fight you baby-UUUUHHHHHH!" - Honney (as a spear flies and lands at her feet) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1148 "Who loves ya baby. Kinkaaaaaa!!!" - Honney (as she receives DOUBLE TREATSTREAM) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1149 "You might have to reorganize it if you don't like where my stick it place is" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1150 "I know that I'm delicious, that does not mean that you need to slurp on me!" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1151 "I just lubed my lips, now I'm gonna lube my throat!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1152 "Well, hi, I'm Honney! I'm distractable!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1153 "Whoop! I flashed it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1154 "Oh, good, you lowered for us to grab your butt!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1155 "Make sure and grab your junk!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1156 "I'm gonna ram you in the butts ... not just one.. but multiple!" - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1157 "Why aren't I using my poop? I should be using my poop." - Meteor 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1158 "I was feeling the L" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1159 "Lets just go with mice and not rats, we don't want to think about what they've done with Pak's family" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1160 "Oh the panic whipping." ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1161 "I'm a freaking ninja. Come at me bro!" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1162 "On Fridays, Hon specializes in playing the pause screen ;P " - BananaPopsikul 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1163 "It says excellent; I still have it up" - BananaPopsikul ... "If it's like that for more than 3 hours, you need to see a doctor!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1164 "Meteor got snipped. Ohhh baby!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1165 "Banaynay, can I play you?" - TheLilOcean ... ";P as long as you do it in waves..." BananaPopsikul 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1166 "Now with 100% less Orange Juice!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1167 "I was here to see your doohickey" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1168 "It's Honneyese for 'not naughty so suck it!'" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1169 "That was a very violent mopping!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1170 "My ears are nakey, don't look!" - Honney (as she's showing off her naked ears for people to see) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1171 "He wants to come slap my face. I was going to say tap my ass, but..." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1172 "My, what a big hole you have!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1173 "I'm a nice mom and I'm bloodthirsty as all hail!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1174 "Teach me the ways, oh Fussy-Faced Master!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1175 "Oh, bite me!" - Honney ... "If you want me to, I'll be right there!" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1176 "So you can thank dat ass, man!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1177 "This particular footlong ain't no hotdog" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1178 "Ahhhhhhh, pluck it!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1179 "As RINDy as you are, I thought you were going to say 'I like big butts'" - Pakratt 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1180 "Yes, because every one of my daughters are twelve-year-old boys all the time!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1181 "I have my share of boings, too. That's why I know it was boing, boingy." - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1182 "You cannot hold the butt to butt position" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1183 "I'm on team YOLO" - Oddmast [before being disintegrated] 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1184 "You can't get it up that high" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1185 "Dude, we're sharing the panties in this relationship!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1186 "Apparently, Pak had the bigger pair" - Firedale 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1187 "Dude, do you have an electronic nipple?!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1188 "What the heck?! There's like pin-up girls in the bathroom!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1189 "Where's my thingy? It felt all funny back there!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1190 "There's nothing wrong with a grown man crawling into a little bitty hole!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1191 "I did not fighting him" ~Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1192 "Flank and shpank is a good play if you can pull it off!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1193 "You know what? The legumes can touch the nuts!!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1194 "Okay, I might have shot you in the back, but I DID save you!" - Honney (And the proceeds to shoot teamate again) 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1195 "I don't believe in luck. I believe in annoyance." Pak, 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1196 "Who let the clowns out?! Honk! Honk, honk! Honk!" - Firedale 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1197 "Meteor..." - Honney ... "Yes?" - Meteor ... "I might be a tiny bit excited!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1198 "He did like six! One, two three four!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1199 "I can feel the doingy!" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1200 "I gotta get the doins of the doins" - Honney 2015 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1201 "No! You put that back in your mouth, mister!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1202 "I was channeling my inner Catwoman, okay?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1203 "Hey, he's not here, I can blame the Ratt for anything I want!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1204 "Upon rare occasion, I lose my professional focush" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1205 "Imagine living with her." - Sky about Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1206 "You bit my cheek!" - Squealing Sky, "I kissed your cheek, aggressively." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1207 "What kind of mods are-a duck-potato?!" Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1208 "Firedale! I claimed you! You are now MY dragon." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1209 "I-I-I-I don't... I-I don't want your wood! I'm fine!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1210 "Don't confuzzelate the guy who's trying to stay awake, that's mean." Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1211 "Take it, or I stick your head in the freezer for 5 minutes" ~Honney to Sky 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1212 "Woah! Ball-in-face!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1213 "Half the things you say are not the things to say in retrospect" - Meteor (About the things Honney says) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1214 "Did I say something funny?" - Meteor ... "You ARE funny! YOUR FACE!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1215 "For your goal, I am willing to piss you off" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1216 "Hello. I am Pak. I can troll." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1217 "Pak, are you dying?" - "..." - "...Pak?" - - During Pak's 48 hour stream 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1218 "That's it! That's it. I'm opening Amazon right now. We're gonna do seven days to guy-Seven days to guys-Yeah. Seven days to guy in a minute." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1219 "I just.. want one that's like... auto... stretchy..." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1220 "Pak, it's a thing that has to do with color temperature." - EA ..."I... I'm not hot." - Pakratt (Talking about derpy greenscreen) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1221 "If derpage was like the force, then hon would = yoda right now. And sky = luke, the derpage be strong in these too." - Brainy8 ... "I want to be Qui-Gon Jinn." - Sky 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1222 "I didn't hit you, I high fived your face" Honneyplay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1223 "TimeWarner has a distinct lack of fairies." - Honney ... "...what?" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1224 "I chose to be a temptress and you were a good boy. I am proud of you." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1225 "One snormans poo is an other mans steak." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1226 "I got you, babe." - Honney ... "Eventually." - Pakratt ... "Fuss, fuss. Details." - Honney ... "That was a big detail!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1227 "Fight me, green screen!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1228 "And now, I don't have a shirt! Happy yet?!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1229 "Let's go over here and give him the bird!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1230 "You and Crock got really close and had a lovechild" ~Honney [refering to Firedale and Crock] 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1231 "Whad did you just say, Hon?" - Meteor ... "I said, I found a Wolly Gomphus." - Pakratt ... "Pak, since when are you Hon?" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1232 "I don't know why I went all deep throat there." ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1233 "We've seen you before, I recognize your nipples." ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1234 *giggle* "You picked up my spewage!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1235 "Considering you ain't got no pants on, smarty tuchus!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1236 "Well the good news is, I did not stain my shirt; the bad news is, I may have stained my boobs!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1237 "I'm going to sponk you again!" - Honney (not a typo) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1238 "Peep show?! I was about to detour and then I saw the name of that!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:06Z
1239 "Ubba abba abba oo" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1240 "I whipped when I shoulda gripped" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1241 "Confirmed: Crapping is the best way to start the daily Kappa " - TheLilOcean_B 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1242 "I want boobs, I wanna be a girl" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1243 "A bird dating game... I guess you could say Honney likes her pecker? o.o" - Banaynay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1244 "The beast queen shows her true colors! Pull out, pull out!" - Hatoful Boyfriend dialogue 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1245 "REAL MEN FIGHT IN THE NUDE!" - Hatoful Boyfriend dialogue 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1246 "I am watching a skeleton fight a cow... the cow won." - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1247 "I want all of your flesh" ~Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1248 "I can see my corpse trying to climb up again." - Meteorfreak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1249 "There is... backup crap. It's crappy backup crap." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1250 "The leg was very nicely proportioned" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1251 "Don't duck, I'm trying to hit you in the head! Ducking is cheating!" ~Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1252 "I'm sensing a lot of aggravated titties." ~Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1253 *explosion sound* ... "Nothing!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1254 "Let it be known that Pak's thingy is working!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1255 "I am discipline." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1256 "I've lost my squeaker!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1257 "Take it! Take it! Take it Hon! Take it! TAKE IT! Take it Hon! Take it!" ... "Did you take it, Hon?" - Pakratt ... "I should have taken it one at a time" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1258 "Why for this no go?" - Anesos 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1259 "I know I'm a smartass, Hon" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1260 "I totally threw a snotball at you the other day; you were annoying me!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1261 "Well, Bra-freaking-oh" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1262 "I'm sorry! You were cute, but you had to die!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1263 "Woah-way" - Anesos 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1264 "I have done the science. Do NOT step through the lag." - Honneyplay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1265 "Pak you're scaring him, he thinks you want to mate or something!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1266 "MoneyKidKing, can you please stop throwing your balls in my face?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1267 "OSHA can bite my lily white ass!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1268 "Did I just hear 'Pizza's here and I have no pants?'" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1269 "Do I have to make all of you guys hot?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1270 "If we're going to do it together, let's do it all fancy" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1271 "It wasn't the rock that you saw, it was the rock that you needed to see" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1272 "I must touch all the spots." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1273 "It's just reverse 'laser pointer, laser pointer, laser pointer'" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1274 "I wanna know the mystery of the meat of the weeny screeny" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1275 "I'm very curious about the weenie-screenie." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1276 "This one is special-spot free!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1277 "Anesos is a pretty cool dude, and the Ratt is a rat." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1278 "It looked like you were trying to grind with a banana lol" - AmberWood 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1279 "You know what? I was grinding your iron when I needed some sugar, too" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1280 "Note: If you put in a long thing, it will be very tiny for Ponderyier" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1281 "Do you want me to answer what's wrong with your brain? Cuz I have some theories!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1282 "Dang poison bread thing of scary!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1283 "I'm glad that's a book in your lap, because I got nervous for a second there." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1284 "Nibby's phone needs a pimp-slap, man!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1285 "You realize we're doing this without protection?!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1286 "So screw that! Just stick it in the hole! Just stick it in." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1287 "How did I get slimy balls?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1288 "Don't eat where the undead can get grab-ass-y" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1289 "That is the official sound of shift-space... 'Huppit!'" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1290 "Why does Dan not want to get in the hole?!?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1291 "What? I was just quietly spewing on your backside, it's fine" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1292 "My brain heard what my mouth said and it said 'Uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh'" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1293 "Hey, I'M a freak, thank you!" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1294 "Stop sniffing me! It tickles!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1295 "Did anything whack off?!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1296 "I am green Gold and I am not the murderer. You can trust me. Ting!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1297 "I got to stab a bunch of people that I love dearly. It was great!" ~Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1298 "The grunting guys make horrifying sounds!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1299 "I like them alive and wiggly, just not too wiggly" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1300 "I am a weiner, I am a weiner... SUCK IT!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1301 "I was not brute forcing it... I was just... just... Jumping up and down on things!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1302 "I went to click on the chest under the casting bacon" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1303 "Just Hakuna-yer-Mammaries!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1304 "Yes, that's me. Honney Partialtongue." - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1305 "Hun is Hun. Not Dear. That would be weird." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1306 "Oww! I was about to ask Firedale to take a picture of me in bed!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1307 "Hey, that is not enough purr to calm the Rock!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1308 "I want to flash you my bits." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1309 "Pigs just...! They have no senses of humor or justice! Or... manners. Just smack me in the butt and be over with it!" - Pakratt during the 'Amnesia: AMFP' RIND; 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1310 "Didn't your mama ever tell you not to run with chainsaws?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1311 "I will distract them with my body!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1312 "USE MY BODY! USE MY BODY" - Oddmast ... "I USED YOUR BODY! I USED YOUR BODY!" - Honney-Derp-A-Thon March, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1313 "Your body is a temple I'M READY TO STEP ON" ~Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1314 "You want some sustenance? Suck it!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1315 "What's the point of you dying if I'm not there to jump on you" - Oddmast 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1316 "Hold on, let me take off my shirt" - Nekko 2016-Derp-A-Thon March 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1317 "Ima go potty then gona eat a bit of that ..... " - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1318 "Sorry, I'm hungry now." - RINDy Honney Derp-a-Thon-March, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1319 "Never laugh without a grape in your mouth. Ever." - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1320 "I heard giggles and squeals and banging. A good time was had by all." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1321 "I'm just sayin'... Super Saiyan!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1322 "I can't believe you took advantage of a spider with asthma!" - firedale 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1323 "That's the sound of nobody having a clue, Hun." - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1324 "I slept in a proper bed and I respawned in the middle of Fricker-Fracker! Hello squirrel!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1325 "There is a way out: death and destruction." - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1326 "You're breaking my pants!" Pakratt, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1327 "Your face, my ball, buddy" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1328 "Ball stealer! Stealer of balls! Hands off!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1329 "Anesos, I need a paddling! What was I thinking?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1330 "We need more penush in our system" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1331 "He doesn't know the accidental Hon" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1332 "I applaud your efforts but I also mock them" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1333 "I shifted in my seat and my tuchus reminded me" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1334 "Potato, pobaggle" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1335 "Piggy in my face! Piggy in my face!" - Honney ... "Well, we didn't need to know that, Hon" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1336 "You like boingy bacon?" - Melody 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1337 "Shut it, you WEEHAA!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1338 "Don't worry Hon, breathe in, scream out, move on" - setmonje 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1339 "I found more wet stuff, I found more wet spots." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1340 "Your thingy's skinny, it needs to be a little bit wider" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1341 "Pak does have a kind heart underneath all that troll." - korona_korm 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1342 "I'm not after your little balls" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1343 "It's pumpin' in your face; that ain't right!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1344 "I didn't want you to throw me, I wanted to be sticky by myself 'cause I'm a big boy!" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1345 "I just wanted pants. I JUST WANTED PANTS!" - Pakratt, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1346 "I allready killed your brother. I'll kick YOUR butt too!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1347 "I mean, if you get paid in getting laid, you might be a bit of a lady of the night" ~Kinka 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1348 "Some people have talented tongues. I do not. I try so hard." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1349 "Screw you, screw you, I mean love you, love you!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1350 "Grind! Grind for my love!" - Nihontiger 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1351 "Did you just tell me where my own thing was?!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1352 "Honney, are you washing your hair right now, 'cause you've got some Vidal SASS-ON." - Nihontiger 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1353 "Will you stop flashin' your blunderbuss at me, Nihon?" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1354 "Hit me baby!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1355 "The flop started way more impressive than it ended." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1356 "I decided I didn't have man-pants, those are panties!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1357 "We like big DECKS and we cannot lie! *giggle*" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1358 "It's totally a living...breathing...alien...tomato..thing...!" - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1359 "Canapeans" - HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:07Z
1360 "I am an equal opportunity replier. Shuck it." - RINDy-ish Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1361 "He said he liked my horns; I almost said 'Hold on, I'll show you my real ones" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1362 "Let me accept the invite without flashing the world" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1363 "It's like... 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. It's like a polka, baby. A very sleepy polka." - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1364 "I got some air under my tuchus, man!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1365 "She rock-assaulted me!" Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1366 "Remote stubbing! ... It could happen... Somehow." - Anesos 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1367 "It's a high stub kiddy pool!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1368 "This is the best present ever, Anesos, I'm sorry your face scared me!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1369 "I am Honney, hear me derp!" - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1370 "She's just a smacker." - Pak ... "That's besides the point." - Hon ... "No, that IS the point!" - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1371 "And the more you know..." - Honney ... "...the more I fuss, yeah." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1372 "I flick people in the ear; she has discovered that it actually hurts... It's very effective!" - Skylit 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1373 "Suck on my turret, sucker!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1374 "Don't unzip me! Don't you know how long it takes to get into this thing?!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1375 "Oh you gotta be fricking kidding me, I did it africkingain!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1376 "And I'm going to have to change my sheets on a regular basis." - Honney ; "Uh, oh, haha, wuhhh" - Everyone ; "Did you make your sheets yellow again, Hun?" - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1377 "You know how to lumber, right?" - Anesos 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1378 "Dear Diary, Today I said something derpy and I got quoted in my own chat! Can you even believe it??" - Anesos (writing in Hon's diary) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1379 "The giggles are strong with this one." - Pakratt, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1380 "You are the least descriptive person I've ever met in my LIFE! In the naughtiest ways! Somehow!" - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1381 "That cat is a stud muffin, ask Snickers!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1382 "You had me at 'It kept me quiet'" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1383 "I don't need to know things." - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1384 "I will hi-stub you into next week." - Anesos, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1385 "The better to tron holl with!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1386 "Breast furnace?! OH BLAST FURNACE!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1387 "You have earned it. Suck it. You're done." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1388 "I'm going to be like... right there, ok? What do you think? We can-we can see all the things. Ok. I am your camgirl!" - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1389 "I dunno why I'm looking around for the hiccup fairy or something..." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1390 "I can just see the tip! It's weird!" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1391 "You can have him, Honney, I don't want him!" - NerdForJesus (concerning Meteorfreak) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1392 "Meteor and I have done a lot of things... We used to do it twice a week!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1393 "...When two palindromes love each other very much... you get a baby Wreck-it!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1394 "The streamians who missed the giggle-fits lost." - Zedarflight 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1395 "That's WRONG, Ian! ... Well done." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1396 "Luke... I am your mother." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1397 "I misspoke, I apologize." - Firedale ... "And I had fun with it. So don't." - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1398 "Never, EVER take your own life! Let a friend do it and film it if possible!" - Honneyplay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1399 "I rescued it from despawning. And then crushed it." - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1400 "Whew... OH... I just pulled out my..." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1401 "Hop on a banana" - Kinkajou 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1402 "I will eatith your sweet juices" ~Hon, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1403 "How do I make a friend? From your mama's bits?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1404 "Your bloody bottom was in the way!" - Oddmast, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1405 "No, duck! I don't wanna poo!" ~Oddmast 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1406 "You DO know what my thingy is, it's the thingy that I told you! Fricker Fracker, words!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1407 "Hold still and let me kill you, I like it better that way." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1408 "You may get nakey while I kill you" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1409 "I'm doing a 28-hour stream; don't judge me for my nightgown!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1410 "I'm hearing a lot of buts. I'm hearing a lot of buts to the point it's becoming vulgar!" - Pakratt, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1411 "My brain went giggity." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1412 "Sometimes you gotta break things to fix them. It's like a scrambled egg." - Hon, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1413 "I was trying to save his furry little a** !" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1414 "I'm being Honnished!!" - IvanaBCroftin 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1415 "Hey, you all know that eating and drinking is dangerous in this stream! You cannot hold that against me! There are clear warnings!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1416 "Yes there is! There is a tentacle faced freak that is invisible! There is something to be afraid of!!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1417 "You can expose yourself as long as it doesn't involve exposing me!" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1418 "But I'm not pay attention of my tongue!" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1419 "Bwah-ha-ha! I've kissed my wife!" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1420 "Rapier. Rapier rapier rapier rapier rapier rapier. I have a pokey sword. I have a pokey." ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1421 "I CAN NEVER STICK IT IN THE DANG HOLE!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1422 "Well now I can learn to suck in a whole new medium." ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1423 "Kinky kinky kinky kinky man!" - Honney ; "Huh? I heard my name." - Kinka 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1424 "As soon as we got back to the hotel, we were flinging poo at each other!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1425 "Not all lollipops are created equal." HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1426 "He knows how to cotton." - Anesos 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1427 "I will happily hug you and smack you in your face" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1428 "Pakrizzle fo shizzle. You just made me say that. What is wrong with you." - Pak, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1429 "Don't look now, but somebody has bled all over you... and I think it was you" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1430 "I'm zapping asses, it's okay." - HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1431 "THE LOG'S PUSHING ME! Let's run into it!...wait, THE LOG'S PUSHING ME! Let's run into it!...wait. The LOG'S PU..." - Pakratt (vocalizing Honney's train of thought) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1432 "I got excited about that hole but it wasn't THE hole" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1433 "Everytime I go all lusty and gusty, I go WAY too far" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1434 "I went over the wood to get here!" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1435 "I was there, I could see the hole, I was about to go in!" - Honney (vocalizing what she felt Kinka was thinking) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1436 "Glory to Arst-Glory to Arsto-PIZZA!" - Hon (Playing Papers Please) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1437 "I gotta stop and get tinkled on! It's amusing me!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1438 "First of all, his mama is hot!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1439 "Don't judge my strokes! It takes as many strokes as it takes to get the job done, okay people?!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1440 "Like, totally weird, oh my god." - Anesos, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1441 "Will you stop wiggling away from me?! I'm trying to grab your ass, dangit!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1442 "Doing it dolphin style, with Honney!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1443 "Oh, a spider just climbed up your thing!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1444 "I like to climb on top! Then you can ride 'em!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1445 "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, any loot?-ugh, you suck!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1446 "Where the heck is my hole now? Can't find it." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1447 "Baka, don't touch his ball!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1448 "Give me some chocolate and I'll eat your face!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1449 "Come on, Kinka! Embrace your inner ovaries!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1450 "Dude, all them F-words! All them F-words..." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1451 "Be gentle." - Sam; "No, I'm taking you buddy." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1452 "Pictures are good, words are bad." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1453 "Granted you can't see my thingy very well." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1454 "I'm an eager beaver, I'm an eager beaver. I admit this. I am really eager to pull it." - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1455 "The more people who suck, the better I look!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1456 "What the quack!? Seriously what the freaking cluck, man." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1457 "This is a huge, long one, Kinka" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1458 "I was all hot and bothered to get my hands on the stud thingy." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1459 "You have a hose in your pants, dude!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1460 "You sorry sack of mushroom planting!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1461 "I was just about to stick it there, and then you did it." Honney - 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1462 "I can see clearly, now; the hole is there!" - Honney singing 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1463 "I ain't got time to fiddle with sticks!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1464 "Kinka, you don't get a bed! There's only room for one freak!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1465 "You short and stuby thing... it's okay" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1466 "Yeahhhh, we could make it long and thin, but I'd rather have it..." - Honney ... "Girthy?" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1467 "I thought we could touch it more than one time" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1468 "You are entitled to your incorrect opinion." - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1469 "Cross your fingers, hope he dies!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1470 "Wow you're so well trained you fulfilled my desire before I ever said it. Heh." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1471 "Pak has rockrolled Hon" - Kinka 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1472 "Someone needs to wiggle their tuchus all cute like" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1473 "What is with her anti-yellow obsession? Were you peed on as a child?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1474 "I feel like I'm in the middle of a Pink Floyd disc." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1475 "Ya know what? A Sam without a Max is like a Pak without a Hon! That ain't right!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1476 "Oh baby, you just jealous you ain't my companion." - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1477 "Holy crap! It's like Alien all over again!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:08Z
1478 "Kinka, get your balls out of Zero's face! That's not playing fair!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1479 "Who's on top of Skubble?! Honney's on top of Skubble! Suck it!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1480 "We can take turns, but you're going to end up on the bottom! That's all that counts!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1481 "I don't know what's wrong with your bottom, but apparently Skubble's bottom is humid!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1482 "I have no wood and I must chest." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1483 "And all my crap will rain upon you!" ~Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1484 "We should get all greased up..." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1485 "Right in the throat, baby!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1486 "I haven't fallen astreep on sleem!" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1487 "Of course I'm delicious! I'm Honney!" - Hon, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1488 "Well, your doohickey might be messed up but MY doohickey is perfect!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1489 "I can't place a block because of his thingy!!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1490 "They kept putting their thingies in my face!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1491 "Pak got mad, and I'm not at fault! Pak got mad, and I'm not at fault!" - Honney, 2016 "It's startin' to become your fault!" - Pakratt, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1492 "FRICKER FRACKER! There is much frickering of frack going on here!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1493 "Don't stick me in the wrong spot, Meteor!!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1494 "I want to be on top Meteor. Put me on top. " ... "Put me back on top." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1495 "She cheats! She scores!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1496 "Could you SERIOUSLY stop with the 'psst'ing on me!?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1497 "Clearly you can't handle the Honney." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1498 "You get's it, but you did's it." - Pakratt0013 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1499 "I've never drank the dranky stuff" - Anesos 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1500 "I dunno, kiddo. We never recommend haunting as a death-style choice, you know? Too easy to go all black and bitter." Conductor (Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1501 "What doesn't make any sense is why you would buy a new dingy dongy" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1502 "Cat, your butt stinks so bad!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1503 "If poor Pak's panties get any more bunched, he's gonna need a crowbar to unwind them" - AetherWolf76 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1504 "Hold still, my pretties, let me see which one of you I can get nakey... the other one is dying" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1505 "And every one of you can be made naked! That's fabulous!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1506 "I MOCK BECAUSE I CAN!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1507 "Are you applauding for treat stream? That's my girl!" - Honney to Midlit; 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1508 "Somebody jacked my Minecraft tv... of fakeness!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1509 "I realized that I'm wearing pajama pants today!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1510 "I couldn't turn myself into not being on fire" - NihonTiger 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1511 "Honney's an innocent flower?! SINCE WHEN?!!?" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1512 "Mellllody! Meteor won't keep his hayands off my ayass!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1513 "What, you mean you DO want your nipples to stay attached to your chest?" - Honney ... "I never said that." - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1514 "I wanna snatch the mayor's undies, so bad." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1515 "Gideon is the butt-watching man!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1516 "I have scrolly-osis" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1517 "I'm sorry I'm so fussy, I'm just... used to a bigger pipe" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1518 "I have a story to tell you about crap baskets!" - Hon, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1519 "I'm trying so hard to be observant and still missing crap!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1520 "It's never enough with the tonguin'" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1521 "I'm standing up for your private tool!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1522 "This is not cheating! This is totally interactive streaming!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1523 "Grow, baby, grow! Oh yeah, now you are a good size!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1524 "Oh! I wasn't expecting it to be so big!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1525 "I was just happily weeing and you guys were talking" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1526 "I want controlled weeage! Controlled weeage!!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1527 "Wasn't me. No butt dial. No boob dial either." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1528 "You know what, I'm just having fun with the wrasslin', shut your face, don't yudge me." - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1529 "What thing are you referring to?" - Meteor ... "Your magic thingy. Your magic thing." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1530 "That's... hella simple." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1531 "I don't need it to be any bigger." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1532 "Man up! Man up woman! ... I CHANGE MY MIND! I CHANGED MY MIND! I CHANGED MY MIND! ... I don't wanna man up no more!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1533 "Watching your butt fly around out here is weird." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1534 "I'm not entirely satisfied" - Honney ... "Through the power of the auto-enchanter, we can add more" - Anesos 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1535 "We can now proceed! Now that I know we can save it" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1536 "The new me is a lot better! ... Surprisingly" - Ian 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1537 "Bates? Is your first name Norman? ... Just kidding." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1538 "It's old, but still operational" - Game ... "Kinda like me" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1539 "It looks like hot sauce... or hootch!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1540 "That was thicker than I expected." - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1541 "See, some people think I'm a good girl, Mr Ratt!" - Honney ... "They're wrong!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1542 "You're not the only Mr Man in my life!" - Honney to Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1543 "I think I am my own butt, that's the problem" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1544 "Fricker-de-la-fracker" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1545 "Before chat goes out of control on the quality of boobs. The dangers of boobs" - Honney #TeamBoobs 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1546 "We can all agree that boobs are great." - Honney #TeamBoobs 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1547 "Pak, you are no longer known as the booty-man." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1548 "Don't miss your yumps woman, don't miss your yumps" - Honney (two seconds before forgetting to jump) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1549 "I like it hard, it's perfect." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1550 "And you get a cupcake... and you get a cupcake... and you get a cupcake... What, you don't want a cupcake? EAT MY CUPCAKE!!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1551 "I don't know why I went all French-Pervert there, but Whu-huh!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1552 "Go in the hole up top... ain't my head" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1553 "I wiggled for you, Anesos!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1554 "Nutty pulp, Nutty Pulp, why are they sheeting you." Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1555 "You gotta give a girl time to recover for Pete's sake." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1556 "You rub off on me in a very bad way" Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1557 "I thought there was going to be more balls!" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1558 "But it swings both ways and looks really cool doing it!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1559 "Do you need help shoving it in?" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1560 "I just shot you in the crotch. Do dah. Do dah." - Honney (singing) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1561 "I hear you removing your shirt." - Firedale, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1562 "Liquid flame enema... which is the WORST possible enema that I can think of, cuz that ain't right!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1563 "We're not dead... to be fair we could be dead" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1564 "I'm tired in the butt? That doesn't make any sense!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1565 "I expect his butt to be filled!" - pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1566 "I'm hoping that we spiked ALL the beer!" ~HonneyPlay 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1567 "OH MY LORD?! Are you kidding me? How do you get in that position to begin with?" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1568 "You came over and you spanked me!" - Honney to Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1569 "I met you in front of your face!" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1570 "Suck it, suck it, suck it, HA HA HA HA!" - Hon (to a giant frog in Spelunky) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1571 "I gave it a one-finger squeeze" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1572 "There must be some decorum while devouring the chocolate brain" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1573 "Well that's definitely a girl butt in front of me! You're a chick! ... You're a well-muscled chick! Check out your boobs!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1574 *trashcan thump* "Ahh, that was hard." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1575 "Cheesecake... cheesecake... penis... boob... cheesecake" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1576 "You heard it, Pak likes it nasty." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1577 "They can't get in..." - Meteor, moments before getting punched by Honney... "OWW! But I can get out!" - Meteor 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1578 "Metal is a conductive metal." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1579 "Well, Hon, not all of us can have a Momma Duty Awakening Buff." - Kinka 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1580 "Did you just sing the visual glitch song?" - Pakratt ... "Yes." - Honney ... "And did you do it to Beethoven?" - Pakratt 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1581 "I suck for like 10 seconds and then it all about the teeth." - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1582 "It was a consensual bang!" - Ian, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1583 "Ew! I stepped in squishy." - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1584 "I kinda realized at that point that I go from puppy to junkyard dog in 30 seconds flat." - Honney (describing different aspects of her personality) 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1585 "Get your slimy balls off me!" - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1586 "Okay Pak! You are now officially the best-OH crappage!" - Hon 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1587 "I take out my knife and they get nakey for me! It's for the greater good!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1588 "Get nakey wit' it!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1589 "Don't make me think right now, I'm trying to work!" - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1590 "I will guard you with my life! And when I say 'guard you with my life!' I mean 'guard you until I am bored." *walks off* "Bored." - Pak 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1591 "Shut your face, Doctor Freud!" - Honney to Pak, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1592 "I don't care if there's blood, as long as it's on camera!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1593 "This is just a drive by panty raid!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1594 "I give you food! Dammit! Take this tater and shove it!" - Honney 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1595 "Ohhh, that's gonna shimmy shimmy cocoa pop!" - Honney, 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1596 "Can I poke his belly with a pencil and make him explode in a horrific shower of dough and anchovies?" - Max; "Maybe later." - Sam; "Yes..." - Hon 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1597 "So delicious, I've got sausage in my face!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1598 "Well, I almost killed myself dancing." - MeteorFreak 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:09Z
1599 "Honney just worked hard on Sinking Tongue and came out victorious!" - Firedale ... "Does that mean that Hon is a master tongue sinker, Fire?" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1600 "Because I needed target practice, and he was a good target." - Honney after shooting Anessos 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1601 "I'm not trying to kill you, I'm trying to make you go wee." - Meteor ... "I like wee!... not the British kind of wee!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1602 "You wanna get nakey and science together?!" - Honney ... "Yes!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1603 "You have chest in more places than just your house!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1604 "We need to do our synchronized nakey science during the light of day!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1605 "You want some horizontal nakey science going on?" - Melody 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1606 "I don't have to know how you did a thing to know you were up to no good" - Honney (to Meteor) 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1607 "You told me to take it off, you didn't say what!" - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1608 "Is my face broken?!" - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1609 "I was totally looking at your thingy when I was laughing like that" - Honney (to firedale) 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1610 "That's the official word 'Mondo-Extra-Mega Power' ... Yes." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1611 "We dance, and the wood goes *boing* (with a springy sound) !" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1612 "Yeah, Meteor, it is good to know that we don't have to sleep together. Melody would be happy with this." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1613 "You don't know what I can do with a hoe" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1614 "Okay, mental note: don't have icky candies sitting on your desk, cause you look at them an 'Ooo, candy!!!'" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1615 "I said 'OH CRAPPAGE!' and then I crapped!!! The irony is not lost" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1616 "Why can't I slap my own wife's ass?" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1617 "I don't know how to flirt!" - Honney ... "You might not know how but you're still a flirt!" - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1618 "I was not trying to use my wife as a pole to poledance! She just got in between my legs when I was trying to work them!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1619 "We derp so similarly." - Honney (about Meteor), 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1620 "I don't know what you're talking about, fans face, fans face!" - Honney (while fanning face), 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1621 "I kissed a Reg and I liked it!" - Honney singing 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1622 "We gotta go down... We gotta go down the hard way." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1623 "You will die for my pleasure! Mwahahaha!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1624 "It gave you bait in bed? Ewwwwww" - Pakratt, 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1625 "Stop sticking worms in my bed and get the hell to the bathroom so we can start playing!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1626 "I'm a professional giggler! I can do this all day!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1627 "It's not letting me horn it!" - Honney ... "Leaving that alone..." - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1628 "Mister preacher man, don't look, I may be robbing the coffers!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1629 "I see you there panty thief." - Honney "Context matters Hon." - Arkas 2016 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1630 "Pakratt is a dadjoke figure to me" - Arkas, 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1631 "But I LIKE that troll!" Pakratt (about Arkas) - 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1632 "Why would I want to walk around with a ball in my pocket?" - Honney ... "I walk around with two!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1633 "Dude! You snorted at me, and it was really threatening." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1634 "When we got back to the hotel room, we played like monkeys and threw our poo at each other!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1635 "I'm imitating you!" - Honney ... "I can't hear you." - Nebris ... "Well, then don't be so low and husky, Mr. Man!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1636 "You're the only anti-thingy thingy in these parts." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1637 "Never before have I wanted so badly to play TFC without a shirt." - DillonEA 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1638 "A second ago you were defending my honor, and now I'm a French pervert?!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1639 "I see your thing, and I am gonna snip your thing all delicate like!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1640 "We got all the smooth rods we need but that looks like a stone rod!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1641 "You DO have a gem in your butt! Um er your tail... bone area." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1642 "You gotta fold before you shove, it's important!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1643 "Can I get a crotch knife shot?" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1644 "I toothpick you in the name of Honney!" - Hon, 2017 yamina123 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1645 "Do you want to go... clubbing?" Honney (attacking an enemy with a club) 2017 yamina123 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1646 "'Scuse me, I got stuck on your butt." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1647 "Are you in the pissing gas?" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1648 "I think the dead are kinda coming back to life; the funeral parlor is kind of a hot spot right now" - Anesos 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1649 "Ve have vays to vind out vut you do." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1650 "I have a big head!" - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1651 "I'm just looking forward to getting into Arkas's bed!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1652 "*sarcastically* That poor unfortunate soul!" -Pakratt, 2017 "I have a soul?" -Nebris, 2017 fireredlily 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1653 "You put that face away!" ... moments later ... "Put your face away!" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1654 "I can't magically pop a Choogachooga out my butt because they don't exist!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1655 "I LOST MAH LEEEG!" - Sky 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1656 "OH OH OH OH .... I have a backscratcher!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1657 "Oh, I feel so bad for the next generation Firedale!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1658 "Your face is my face, missy! That's right, your mama's face is your face!" - Honney (to Sky) 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1659 "All my dresser drawers are firmly closed because of the last panty raid incident" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1660 "But it did not sound terrible when I said it! ... It only sounds terrible when you read it or say it in the context of 18+" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1661 "Dude, coordinating with this fish is a pain in the butt!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2020-02-29T21:56:10Z
1662 "I'm walking on sunshine!" -Honney, 2017 "There was no sunshine where you were walking!"-Pakratt, 2017 fireredlily 2017-03-13T02:19:16Z
1663 "Oh, this one isn't mine, There's nothing impractical in it." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-03-13T02:54:34Z
1664 "Oh! Oh! Did we just turn him into popcorn?!" - Honney 2017 fireredlily 2017-03-14T02:25:23Z
1665 "I like justice ... and pumpernickel." - Nebris 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-03-14T21:06:13Z
1666 "How much Oz do I need for a full wizard?" - Arkas 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-03-14T23:54:17Z
1667 "I was looking down and he had both doors open and jumping up and down like a bloody fool!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-03-14T23:55:39Z
1668 "Hon, how on earth could you dig the hole that deep and that quickly, and not know you were doing it?" - Pakratt 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-03-15T00:23:02Z
1669 "Lumberjacks are generally delicious!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-03-17T00:37:08Z
1670 "Sir! I am here to help you. Don't pay any attention to the gun in my hand." - Honney 2017 yamina123 2017-03-19T01:59:01Z
1671 *singing* "Always and for... CRAP!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-03-22T23:30:39Z
1672 "We need to do the naughty business elsewhere so our home stays nice and pretty" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-03-22T23:59:27Z
1673 "Tongues are fun. It's all okay." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-03-25T00:14:49Z
1674 "Delicious! ... actually... so not delicious!" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-03-25T00:23:04Z
1675 "That's the rage face. We want to save the rage face." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-03-25T00:26:42Z
1676 "You stick the thingy in the slot... and do it." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-03-28T19:53:48Z
1677 "When you got married, you're not allowed to sleep in my bed no more, we discussed this!" - Honney ... "We discussed this, but I never agreed!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2017-03-29T02:07:44Z
1678 "Yeah, get it up! I'm here!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-03-29T23:07:42Z
1679 "Ooo! I have virgin buttons!" ~HonneyPlay2017 meteorfreak 2017-03-31T23:13:26Z
1680 "She got tickled by her phone." - Pak; "Yep." - Honney 2017 kinkajou1015 2017-04-05T01:52:55Z
1681 "Exploded too early! Exploded too early, and I missed the big bang!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-08T22:07:09Z
1682 "What the hell is a porn pom? I was confused!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-08T22:10:31Z
1683 "Oh I know how that goes. I go 'wiggle wiggle wiggle', and they go 'Dat A$$, I want some of that'." -HonneyPlay 2017 celthana 2017-05-27T10:28:37Z
1684 "Aww, did you give me your heart? ... I can't eat it!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-12T23:55:07Z
1685 "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's derp-aline." - Honney, 2017 fireredlily 2017-04-16T02:13:16Z
1686 "There's actually 5 sticks of dynamite. Can I bring them a-a-a-a-aalll?!" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-04-17T04:12:05Z
1687 "What you do with your duck in your private time ain't none of my business!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-18T21:25:46Z
1688 "Riding the backside is painful. Riding the backside is very painful. It's definitely not as intended, that's for sure." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-19T02:08:19Z
1689 "I can't get any closer! I'm inside of you!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-20T00:48:35Z
1690 "I see your thingy now... Sorry, I had to squint a little bit." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-20T01:54:45Z
1691 "I.. I... I totally got balls" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-20T23:50:54Z
1692 "I'm probably just gonna make a cheap dang hoe" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-04-21T00:15:21Z
1693 "I don't got no Fiddle Faddle. I only got Fiddle." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-04-25T00:21:17Z
1694 "Hon is distracted by the promises of future shinies, so she is ignoring the present shinies." - fireredlily 2017 yamina123 2017-04-30T03:14:49Z
1695 "Science is bad! Science is bad!" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-05-07T02:04:20Z
1696 "No, I will not describe it, because then I'll be off on a 5 minute tangent of deliciousness!" - Honney 2017 yamina123 2017-05-07T02:34:04Z
1697 "Hey! Hey! Wanna see my dingo? ...She's not interested in my dingo." - Honney, 2017 fireredlily 2017-05-08T23:35:04Z
1698 "The twain shall not mix, and yet, I have merged them!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-09T02:52:21Z
1699 "Sorry, sorry... I didn't mean to call her... I was just thinking of her." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-09T02:58:30Z
1700 "Dude, I get offered money to do all sorts of things! That doesn't mean I will!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-09T22:26:02Z
1701 "HOLY MAMA! I just seen your dohicky!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-10T00:23:55Z
1702 "Unlike some people... I wanna enjoy the ride; I'm not gonna rush it!" - Honney ... "You'll keep going back... over and over and over!" - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-15T02:31:56Z
1703 "I don't wanna go downstairs! But then I gotta put my pants on again! I never stream pantless, but..." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-15T02:43:29Z
1704 "You know what, I'm just gonna put on my dayum robe, provided it's in my room" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-15T02:46:03Z
1705 "Oh my, that was just too much fun to push." - Pakratt 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-05-15T02:47:27Z
1706 "Anesos, we're gonna have to go and look at his tukus." - Honney (talking about Pak) 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-15T02:58:28Z
1707 "Well, this just took a turn for the, What the Frick!" HonneyPlay 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-05-16T01:01:19Z
1708 "Bug squiggle bird bird thing thing squiggle" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-16T03:33:48Z
1709 "It's okay. We were just talking about Pak's butt." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-05-17T00:09:23Z
1710 "I am sorry my banter made it all the way to your butt." - Arkas to Pak, 2017 yamina123 2017-05-17T00:21:18Z
1711 "Shave and a haircut, two bits. ... I haven't dinged my donger all the danged day!" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-05-17T02:07:40Z
1712 "I know, 'cause I'm just that special." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-05-21T02:26:27Z
1713 "I'm talking to my chocolate!" - Honney. "You need to specify if you're talking to your chocolate." - Pakratt (2017) yamina123 2017-05-22T01:48:18Z
1714 " Honn.... Chaos theory is logical, compared to you. Kappa " - 1wolffan 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-05-23T02:39:33Z
1715 "Don't slap me with a tuna!" -Pakratt, "I didn't! It was tilapia." -Honney, 2017 fireredlily 2017-05-23T20:27:39Z
1716 "Pak was trying to see his thing, but it wasn't moving; it's stuck down there!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-23T21:32:45Z
1717 "Physical banter is NOT murder!" - Arkas 2017 yamina123 2017-05-23T21:40:33Z
1718 "You gotta slow down, the jugs aren't that fast, Hon." - Anesos 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-23T22:14:37Z
1719 "I ain't got no talented tongue and I can't do it!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-23T23:00:07Z
1720 "Ka-chink. Ka-chink. Ka-chink. FULLY-COCKED-AND-LOADED!" - Honney, 2017 fireredlily 2017-05-27T01:25:12Z
1721 "A hole fell on the bear, and it died." - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-30T20:00:53Z
1722 "Okay... someone needs to officially leash me man, cuz that was so much easier to get off... (pause) ... Okay, don't take that serious, I don't believe I actually said those words." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-30T20:07:28Z
1723 "Man... these ropes are handy!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-30T20:12:07Z
1724 "There was an enticing rope in the leather room!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-30T20:32:03Z
1725 "I didn't stab him, I clubbed him! That's different!" - Arkas 2017 firedale2002 2017-05-30T23:31:28Z
1726 "I have a heat generator." - Honney ... "I know, but I'm not there right now... ... And apparently even I can die from heat stroke." - Firedale ... "I know, cause you're so HOT, HOT, HOT!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-14T00:37:28Z
1727 "Why can't the sheep give me head?" - HonneyPlay 2017 fireredlily 2017-06-02T00:39:08Z
1728 "This is my food porn, this is my centerfold!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-06-02T02:40:28Z
1729 "Those truffles are smexy! Those truffles are gorgeous!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-06-02T02:42:40Z
1730 "I wanna kick your Satanic ass... oh wait, I can't! I'm gonna record your Satanic ass and kick it real hard!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-06-03T02:29:45Z
1731 "I bet you didn't know you had boobs!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-06-03T06:18:10Z
1732 "I could just carry you around for the next hour and be so happy!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-06-03T06:20:50Z
1733 "A lot of the things out of my mouth are new things for me." - Honney 2017 yamina123 2017-06-03T14:46:01Z
1734 "No. Ball crushing doesn't sound like a good time." Honney - 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-06-03T15:25:29Z
1735 "I like the feeling of raw sandwich on the skin, Pakratt!" - Arkas 2017 yamina123 2017-06-06T21:39:18Z
1736 "It's lumpy juice!" - Pakratt 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-06-13T23:40:22Z
1737 "Well, pealing someone's face off can be fun." - Hon 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-06-14T02:33:04Z
1738 "In a court case, my legal defense is a MACE TO THE FACE!" - Arkas, 2017 fireredlily 2017-06-20T21:58:58Z
1739 "I refuse to get into a tounge-off with you!" - Honney 2017 yamina123 2017-06-21T01:26:03Z
1740 "Some times, two yums don't make a bigger yum." - Honney 2017 yamina123 2017-07-02T00:17:29Z
1741 "Hi... I'm a very dirty girl! *giggles*" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-07-08T13:43:24Z
1742 "Let he who has not given into science cast the first fussy-face" - Honney 2017 shawntc 2017-07-12T00:01:34Z
1743 "I love how you're all dead!" - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2017-07-13T03:31:38Z
1744 "Ohh, I hit him where the sun don't shine... I was like 'ooh ooh... I apologize'" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-07-13T03:53:09Z
1745 "Why have headsets when you can have cat ears? I mean, it's not even a question, right?" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-07-14T00:32:50Z
1746 "I wanna see the fairy cha-cha dance, that's all I'm sayin'." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-07-16T01:05:18Z
1747 "All the brain-toots in the world are from Pak." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-07-19T01:28:06Z
1748 "You are cute and adorable, I don't care how cute you are... nope... nope... nope nope nope." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-05T12:04:38Z
1749 "If I don't want it in my mouth, then it's not good!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-05T19:53:38Z
1750 "You destroyed the evil, Hon, the balance is not restored!" - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-05T19:54:06Z
1751 "I throw like a girl; I got them parts; SUCK IT!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-05T21:40:06Z
1752 "But the hamster LIKES it. The hamster is smart." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-08-15T00:36:28Z
1753 "So, Pak, are you done with my magic stick or are you going to go back down?" - Anesos 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-15T21:06:06Z
1754 "Let's see how big this thing is... (pause) That is not... very impressive." - Pakratt 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-16T01:11:25Z
1755 "It's not nearly as wroom wroom!" - Honney 2017 yamina123 2017-08-16T01:22:37Z
1756 "There's tenderizing and there's murderizing, there's a difference!" - Honney, 2017 fireredlily 2017-08-17T03:05:54Z
1757 "How do you like that loincloth to the face, Mr. Man?!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-22T20:23:58Z
1758 "The thing is, I don't think; I just blehrg!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-22T20:27:08Z
1759 "I want to be the flickerer!" ~HonneyPlay2017~ meteorfreak 2017-08-23T02:16:51Z
1760 "Yes, I'm blowing Firedale!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-30T02:23:21Z
1761 "My dangly bits are exposed!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2017-08-30T03:14:59Z
1762 "Nebris came first! I have more stamina! I win!" ~HonneyPlay2017 meteorfreak 2017-09-05T23:47:45Z
1763 "I forgot that I remembered! I forgot that I knew!" - Honney 2017 yamina123 2017-09-10T00:43:27Z
1764 "I'm uncomfortable; I need an adult! Do not breathe in me, this is weird!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-12T23:47:46Z
1765 "How do you get the government out of my pocket?!" - Arkas 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-13T00:00:40Z
1766 "Hon, you were told about thinking, it's bad for your health." - Cardiff 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-19T01:26:13Z
1767 "My favorite color is Pakratt!" - Arkas 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-19T21:39:44Z
1768 "I will come back and I will PICK YOUR FACE" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-22T01:47:20Z
1769 "There's a dude in there! There's a dude in there! There'satheresa'rsasa little dude in there!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-24T00:43:02Z
1770 "So, apparently Hoops made a basket... with a mushroom... down her dress!" - Pakratt ... "It was a saucy mushroom, too!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-25T02:51:49Z
1771 "I gotta go scrape an iron golem; that's what I gotta do!" - Anesos ... "That... don't sound right." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-09-25T03:17:57Z
1772 "I forgot I had the stream open until I heard high pitch squeaking coming from my headphones, that are across the room." - Setmonje 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-09-27T01:49:49Z
1773 "Next time, if we're in the middle of a dude, we gotta finish the dude." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-08T00:10:19Z
1774 "I'm helping! I'm on fire, and I'm dead!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-11T23:18:06Z
1775 "I'm trying to test something, too! Your patience!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-11T23:29:23Z
1776 "GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME BRAINJUICE!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-14T00:41:44Z
1777 "Firedale, your ding-a-ling is ding-a-ling'n." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-20T20:12:52Z
1778 "So, checking out the nakey chicks ... 'Team Boobs!'" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-22T02:28:59Z
1779 "Honneyplay ... 'master' puzzel solver." - Pakratt 2017 (After Honney discovered she's been accidentally using the puzzle skip button to close puzzles in Black Mirror 2) firedale2002 2017-10-22T03:10:54Z
1780 "Firedale, that didn't need to be immortalized. No. No. No." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-10-22T03:14:08Z
1781 "My ears are about to pop off my head... POOF there they go... POOF!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-10-24T03:09:44Z
1782 "Hon, wait for me." - Pak "NO! It's every wiggle-butt for themselves!" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-11-01T03:48:51Z
1783 "Seriously, someone needs to come and give him a swift kick in the nads." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-11-05T00:10:21Z
1784 "OH NO, OH NO, OH NO! I killed the T-Rex! Oh, erm... The T-Rex took a bath!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-11-12T03:48:31Z
1785 "I giggled at the memory of the giggle!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-11-27T03:48:13Z
1786 "He has like, a dragon size nose picker" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-11-30T00:28:55Z
1787 "I have conquered you! I am the Goomba King! I am the Goomba King! HAhaha! I am the Goomba King!" - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-12-03T02:56:04Z
1788 "Don't play with my balls! I'm on stream! It tickles a little bit, too!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-07T02:22:23Z
1789 This is a thick one. -Honney 2017 kinkajou1015 2017-12-09T01:52:33Z
1790 "My kids were raised around music and oww." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-09T10:28:50Z
1791 "Can I break your arm off and bring your arm to mama? YES! YES! We broke its arm off!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-09T10:46:12Z
1792 "What did you do?" - Oddmast ... "I did nothing!" - Honney ... "I don't know what you did, but I suddenly wasn't winning!" - Oddmast 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-09T13:12:13Z
1793 "You gave him nipply smiley-face" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-09T20:29:36Z
1794 "Come, join me Hon... You love the golden showers!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-09T20:45:47Z
1795 "No amount of twerking is gonna save us, Meteor!" - Honney, 2017 fireredlily 2017-12-09T20:55:52Z
1796 "Don't pull me up by the nose! DON'T PULL ME UP BY THE NOSE!" - Honney ... "It's the best handhold I got!" - Meteor 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-09T20:57:04Z
1797 "No, no, no, no, no ... Sage, no ... no." - Honney 2017 tehsageofgames 2017-12-17T02:30:57Z
1798 "So it's hot and it's dangerous! Sounds like me... (no I'm just kidding)" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-17T15:00:49Z
1799 "I forgot to switch out my shirt. I'm not topless, it's fine!" - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-22T03:48:57Z
1800 "I was distracted by your ear hair." - Honney 2017 firedale2002 2017-12-26T20:03:38Z
1801 This stream is rated "You know what, we have a hell of a lot of fun, shut your face!" - Honney, 2017 fireredlily 2017-12-29T02:29:36Z
1802 "Our warm-up failure wasn't a failure!" Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-04T01:15:16Z
1803 "Honney, could you not die? That would be great. Thanks" Wintr 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-04T01:45:11Z
1804 "Amberwood's just exploding all over the place folks." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-06T10:20:21Z
1805 "Tap, tap my booty, go ahead!" ... "Oh.. OH! Your balls came at me from different directions!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-01-06T13:40:13Z
1806 "Have you got your wee bit of crying out?" - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-06T21:19:49Z
1807 "I was distracted by my own butt" - Honney 2018 celthana 2018-01-07T11:28:04Z
1808 "I wanna help, but I'm afraid - of my own derpage" - Honney 2018 celthana 2018-01-07T12:00:12Z
1809 "What's your favorite nut Hon?" - Anesos "Well, I get to work with him several times a week." - Honney "Too easy!" - Pak 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-08T04:30:07Z
1810 "I had a plan when I broke it." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-08T04:42:52Z
1811 "Hey, Baby. Have you ever had cow tongue? ... It's a delicacy in many countries." - Meteor 2018 firedale2002 2018-01-11T06:16:49Z
1812 "You mean, in a few hours, you'll be there to raise his blood pressure, Hon. Kappa " - Megamorphton ... "Hey, he likes it when I raise his blood pressure!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-01-11T18:08:22Z
1813 "I thought you had the big, giant... you know... thing." - cdinprov 2018 firedale2002 2018-01-12T00:16:58Z
1814 "If you look at Pak's backside, it looks like a whole 'nother person." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-12T03:13:34Z
1815 "It's my party. I'll smack if I want to, smack if I want to, smack if I want to." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-14T01:04:59Z
1816 "I am the poker, not the pokee." ~HonneyPlay 2018 meteorfreak 2018-01-14T02:25:27Z
1817 "Honney's hip and in the with the now, yo!" - Firedale 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-18T00:16:36Z
1818 "I'm my orst wenemy." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-01-28T01:59:48Z
1819 "Hahaha No-o-o-o Lily, what have you done? I was - I was gonna make him suffer!" - Honny (laughing the whole time) 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-02-02T01:51:56Z
1820 "I saved you! You're now my slave. Yahahaha!" - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-02-06T01:05:42Z
1821 "In the name of butt cream everywhere!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-02-06T02:22:38Z
1822 "He was referring to my chest of wonders." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-02-12T04:16:05Z
1823 "Ya know what, it may be a small pricker but I can whip it out fast!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-02-13T20:34:25Z
1824 "He demands a swift kick in the nads!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-02-24T02:40:06Z
1825 "I come in peace!" *shoots arrow* - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-02-25T01:52:09Z
1826 "You... were a worthy foe... ... Sorry?" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-02-25T02:49:02Z
1827 "Hon, back up. We're way far away. You can't just tank" - Pak "But I diiid." - Hon (after killing the threat) 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-02-28T00:36:03Z
1828 "I'm not turning red about a cat." - Honney (while laughing and turning red) 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-03-03T23:52:50Z
1829 "Anesos, Pak did a bad thing." - Honney "He usually does." - Anesos 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-03-05T04:29:17Z
1830 "The building chick has no building to chick." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-03-05T04:32:15Z
1831 "Boobs are a big part of my life!" - Honney ... "Haha, very punny." - Pakratt 2018 (Paraphrased from Honney's recollection) firedale2002 2018-03-08T00:24:54Z
1832 "To be fair, she jumped off the edge, and I followed." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-08T02:44:28Z
1833 "I'd like a smacky please. I would like to order a smacky, but don't get too close!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-11T02:37:28Z
1834 "Okay, I know you're in your death throes, but can you just not, for two seconds?" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-11T02:54:21Z
1835 "Um... Is it bad that I'm... secretly cheering the mutt to BITE him in the nads? Just sayin'." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-13T00:26:25Z
1836 "No.. i was too busy dy- WaitThereWasASunkenShip!?" Honney-shortly after dying. p3rson27 2018-03-14T02:16:55Z
1837 "She is infectious giggleosis." - Pakratt 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-16T00:33:50Z
1838 "People don't understand, it takes a lot of work to maintain an ass!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-16T00:43:30Z
1839 "Bend down! Bend down! Sniff me out! Give me your butt, dammit!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-18T00:27:38Z
1840 "We have a game to play eventually, I haven't even set the game up" - HonneyRatt 2018 (Discovering the Joys of Honney's AvsE) firedale2002 2018-03-25T00:04:55Z
1841 "I'm saved by chocolate!" - HonneyRatt 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-25T00:05:07Z
1842 "I'm going to be pooing coconut tomorrow. And chocolate. Coconut and chocolate. Dash of onion." - HonneyRatt 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-25T00:11:07Z
1843 "...and Pak... you make an ugly woman." - MammaRatt 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-25T00:16:03Z
1844 "I feel like I just blew a coconut." - HonneyRatt 2018 (after blowing nose) firedale2002 2018-03-25T00:22:54Z
1845 "Hon, you should consider cleaning your beard a bit" P3rson27 p3rson27 2018-03-25T01:13:42Z
1846 "I don't know how I swallowed that, but I did." - HonneyRatt 2018 firedale2002 2018-03-25T02:16:09Z
1847 "Don't you take that tone of cute with me." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-03-28T01:19:24Z
1848 "He was a beautiful flower." - Honney (talking about Pak) 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-03-30T01:02:53Z
1849 "I think he has enough fidgety bits." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-04-01T00:53:29Z
1850 "Paaak... I can't hit anything now!" - Honney 2018 (blaming engagement to Pak for her bad aim) firedale2002 2018-04-01T01:13:28Z
1851 "Pak come here and let me shave you." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-04-02T02:28:02Z
1852 "Ya know, they say blondes have more fun, but I'm brunette, and I have more fun, so." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-04-02T03:50:00Z
1853 "It does feel cheaty. It's AWESOME!" - Pakratt 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-04-05T00:58:43Z
1854 "You don't have to worry when the Honney is around. I got you!" - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-04-09T03:41:26Z
1855 "Yeah, we DID 'do taxes' earlier :P " - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-04-10T03:04:46Z
1856 "YES! YES! Yes! Yes! We killed ourselves with genital rash!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-04-10T03:13:38Z
1857 "You definitely have your derpy moments of derptasticness." - Pakratt (talking to and about Hon) 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-04-11T23:30:08Z
1858 "Do not sully the name of pie!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-04-14T06:06:14Z
1859 "Skubble, you're busting my golf balls!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-04-14T14:51:26Z
1860 "Like I told your sister, 'Be a lady and swallow it; do not spit that out!'" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-04-19T17:06:53Z
1861 "Your killing them." - Pak "Well, maybe." - Anesos 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-04-23T04:07:15Z
1862 "I have no idea what you're talking about; I'm holding a cactus." - Honn 2018 veelivar 2018-04-23T04:57:52Z
1863 "I tried to flash you, and I punched you." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-05-24T02:55:22Z
1864 "OH OH! I found your phalic symbol!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-05-29T01:57:13Z
1865 "It is only fitting that in our Honneymoonathon, you get to be the puker... but don't puke." - Honney 2018 (to Pak) firedale2002 2018-05-29T02:17:10Z
1866 "Sorry, rat! My family's a rat. My husband's a Ratt!" - Honney 2018 stevetheclimber 2020-04-22T02:09:51Z
1867 "Follow my tushie." - Honney "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle." - Firedale 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-06-09T22:06:23Z
1868 "One should always explore thoroughly before going into an unknown crack." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-06-15T23:40:23Z
1869 "Pak and I are newlyweds... and we have not yet learned to sleep." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-06-15T23:52:06Z
1870 "Firedale! Come look at my bush scythe!" ~HonneyPlay 2018 (Chat and quoter heard "bush size") firedale2002 2018-06-23T00:24:10Z
1871 "The pickle juice is now playing the game. We will watch the pickle juice." - Pakratt 2018 firedale2002 2018-06-22T02:09:47Z
1872 "Honney was showing me her bush-trimming skills" - Firedale 2018 firedale2002 2018-06-23T00:17:16Z
1873 "I got married, and now I got logical thoughts popping into my head." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-06-23T00:49:45Z
1874 "When the big red button says 'Do Not Push', you do not push, Hon." - Pak "Oh, then you push it harder, and faster, rights away." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-06-29T02:29:17Z
1875 "I can whip out my bits and wiggle around!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-07-12T00:35:13Z
1876 "You were trolling me!" - Pakratt ... "So I could save your life!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-07-17T23:44:39Z
1877 "My schwet is your schwet!" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-08-14T19:17:27Z
1878 "Nihon, did you just run up to my house and whip me?" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-08-15T02:39:36Z
1879 "My flower is getting crushed on your big, meaty shoulder. I can hear it going crunch." - Honney 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-09-07T12:45:26Z
1880 "We've discussed this. Your hips and my shoulders do not go at the same time." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-09-22T01:07:28Z
1881 "I'm sure I didn't just wound her; I saw blood flash from her." - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-09-22T01:56:55Z
1882 "It's all about the door-kink, apparently that's what does it for the villagers." - Honney ... "Door kink..." - disappointed Pakratt 2018 firedale2002 2018-09-28T01:03:04Z
1883 "Did you say 'Monday night's dingalingy'?" - Pakratt 2018 firedale2002 2018-09-28T01:44:07Z
1884 “I’m not laughing at you.” - Dawnlit “Yes you Are!” - Oddmast 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-09-30T00:12:08Z
1885 "First you chicken, then coffee" - Pakratt 2018 firedale2002 2018-10-11T09:14:55Z
1886 “Do you think I’m trying to operate your butt, you idiot?!” —HonneyPlay, 2018 celthana 2018-10-23T00:19:52Z
1887 We need to get nakie to appreciate this. ~HonneyPlay 2018 meteorfreak 2018-11-21T00:41:45Z
1888 "I got distracted by radioactive underpants" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-12-01T23:51:58Z
1889 "Coe said he'd ride Pak as long as I watched! *gigglegiggle*" - Honney 2018 firedale2002 2018-12-05T00:16:13Z
1890 "That's amore." - Honney "No, that's annoying!" - Pakratt 2018 tehsageofgames 2018-12-22T13:07:46Z
1891 "You better go pee quick before I kick you in the what-the-whats... And by that I mean bladder!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-01-01T21:57:30Z
1892 "Hon, that's not the potty, that's behind my computer" - Pak 2019 celthana 2019-01-02T03:37:34Z
1893 “You know, I’ve got eggs. There can be more where those came from.” —HonneyPlay, 2019 celthana 2019-01-08T23:59:05Z
1894 "We whipped it good, Hon." - Pakratt 2019 firedale2002 2019-01-20T00:12:07Z
1895 "You shall not pass! Go potties!" - Honney in deep voice 2019 firedale2002 2019-01-22T01:40:31Z
1896 "We're married, I can peek, Hon!" - Honney, quoting Pakratt, 2019 firedale2002 2019-01-23T03:27:43Z
1897 "The colon is silent. Depending on what you had for dinner" - Pak, 2019 shawntc 2019-01-28T02:46:09Z
1898 "So, Meteor, what do you do with like Valentines day? Like, do you guys do it? Not do it?" - Honney ... "Well, that's a personal question!" - Firedale 2019 firedale2002 2019-02-06T02:36:56Z
1899 "Don't wiggle your eyebrows cutely, I'm not happy with you!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-02-09T00:27:53Z
1900 "Tar baby on tar baby action!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-02-20T00:35:49Z
1901 "You'll be like, 'You can't wear that suit. That suit is tarrible. It is ... It is inappropriate. No.' See?" - Hon 2019 tehsageofgames 2019-03-02T03:10:21Z
1902 "Neither you, nor I, are centered! ... It's off-center and quirky, like we are!" - Honney 2019 to Pakratt0013 firedale2002 2019-03-06T03:10:20Z
1903 "I will beat you with you with a farming hoe! - Honney 2019 tehsageofgames 2019-03-10T01:57:15Z
1904 "Fine! We will go hoe to hoe combat!" Honney 2019 tehsageofgames 2019-03-10T01:58:11Z
1905 "Game... why are you saving me from myself?! ... Dammit!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-03-16T02:28:16Z
1906 "You keep talking like I know what the hell I'm doing!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-03-16T02:35:45Z
1907 "Did I say guacamole?" - Hon "Yes" - Pak "Well we just ate guacamole so bite me. ... Go away, go away, don't bite me! No, no, I'm leaving, I'm leaving! Don't, noooooo!" - Hon 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-04-05T03:53:37Z
1908 "Stop yoinkin' on that drawer! NO buddy! I said stop it! ... Yer poppin' the dragons out, now stop it!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-04-05T22:54:44Z
1909 "No! No! No, no! Flash your chest!" - Honney to Pak 2019 firedale2002 2019-04-16T21:58:58Z
1910 "Which is kind of disappointing because it's fun to experiment with the shoving in of things." - HonneyPlay 2019 celthana 2019-04-20T01:34:13Z
1911 I keep grabbing my flappy-doodles! ~HonneyPlay2019 meteorfreak 2019-04-27T19:20:48Z
1912 "We are doing ImpliedSlight tonight" ~HonneyPlay2019 meteorfreak 2019-04-27T19:27:16Z
1913 "Sorry, I enjoy my cruelty to animals" - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-05-02T00:53:21Z
1914 "I'm pretty sure you pulled it at least twice on me, Mr. Man!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-05-07T01:55:30Z
1915 "I have a real problem swallowing a lot of things." - Honney 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-05-07T02:36:12Z
1916 "Yellow and blue make open!" - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-05-18T02:33:29Z
1917 "You got beard stubble in my eyeball!" - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-05-24T03:41:37Z
1918 "That was rood! I saw my life flash before my eyes and my pancake fly out my face." - Honney 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-06-20T00:41:04Z
1919 "What is this? Synchronized zombie standing?" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-06-29T01:40:21Z
1920 "I saw an herb. On a college campus, go figure." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-06-29T01:41:59Z
1921 "There are zombie rules to follow, game!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-06-29T01:43:01Z
1922 "Hey, I thought I just stepped on your face! Were you a different one?" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-06-29T01:47:08Z
1923 "In before we get ran over by a zombie traaaainnn!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-06-29T01:58:25Z
1924 "Why does this feel like a trap?" - Honney 2019 (during Fright Night) firedale2002 2019-06-29T02:12:20Z
1925 "Once again, I heard boobs." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-06-30T02:36:17Z
1926 "I guess I just wasn't prepared for the shock of it sticky-outie like that" - Honney ... "That's what she said" - Arkas 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-07-11T01:37:23Z
1927 "The review had me at “large and curvy”... I’m not a Hon subscriber for nothin’" - ChrisPBacon23 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-07-16T00:37:54Z
1928 "I'm getting jealous. Me and Meteor need to have words." - Pakratt 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-07-16T23:32:40Z
1929 "We can Amazon it after we Dick it!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-07-23T23:32:17Z
1930 "We don't rub off on each other ever, oh man." -HonneyPlay 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-07-28T00:20:51Z
1931 "I'm only touching way down low!" - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-08-01T01:21:17Z
1932 "If your pee ever looks like that, you need a doctor." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-08-02T01:11:55Z
1933 "You got fussy about pinching your nipples so I pinched your tummy!" - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-08-13T03:12:37Z
1934 "If you take a urine sample and it looks like that you need way more water and probably an antibiotic." - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-08-15T00:16:34Z
1935 "Stop rubbing your reginalds on my person" - Honney 2019 celthana 2019-08-16T00:16:05Z
1936 "Boooop." - Honney ... "This has a been a test of the emergency broadcast system." - Pakratt ... "Toooot." - Honney ... "You are now very aware that Hon is tired." - Pakratt 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-08-21T02:37:54Z
1937 "Pak, you may have to streak me!" - Hon ... *Pak giggles* 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-08-21T02:55:39Z
1938 "You can look at my badonkadonk [...]" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-08-22T02:11:35Z
1939 "Stop rubbing your sweaty person on me." - Honney 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-08-27T00:20:21Z
1940 "If you are in California and get your oil checked make sure they use a state flag. You get a Super Cali-Flagger Dipstick Expert Diagnosis." - camcool 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-08-27T02:47:36Z
1941 "I am an innocent flower, and Pak's not here to debate that!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-09-04T09:01:09Z
1942 "I'm capable of saying bad words, okay?" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-09-07T23:24:04Z
1943 "We should continue to fertilize during the night." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-09-10T01:06:07Z
1944 "Ah! That's a wet sponge! I thought it was an albino watermelon." - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-09-12T02:30:44Z
1945 "That was the lightest of tappy-taps that I have ever tapped! You are such a delicate pea princess!" - Pakratt to Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-09-13T23:34:03Z
1946 "I don't think you could even get to me across this room, that's a pretty far distance and you've got the proper hose attachment." - Honney to Pakratt 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-09-24T23:31:09Z
1947 "You need to squat on me longer!" - Meteor 2019 firedale2002 2019-09-26T00:51:29Z
1948 "It's hard to raspberry an eyeball, have you ever tried that? *attempts a second raspberry in Pak's eye, starts coughing* It's very hard to raspberry an eyeball. Just sayin'." - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-10-04T19:55:23Z
1949 "We could do it long, but it looks great sideways" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-10-06T02:04:05Z
1950 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/496996448 kinkajou1015 2019-10-20T01:36:54Z
1951 "I like it when they pop on themselves." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-10-23T00:18:27Z
1952 "That was perfect! That was my plan! Whatever the hell just happened." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-10-23T00:47:43Z
1953 "Does it get harder at Midnight? Is it... Is it... What?!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-10-30T02:14:49Z
1954 "Have to get the tey to the kower." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-10-30T02:16:14Z
1955 "You say lots of bad words" - Meteor to Honney ... "Bad words or bad statements?" - Pak to Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-17T03:04:14Z
1956 "I snipped that horn right off!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-17T03:05:15Z
1957 "It's sweet, it's hot... it's so good!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-17T03:25:49Z
1958 "That's two pickles I've had in my mouth today, thank you very much!" - Meteor 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-17T03:26:01Z
1959 "I am Honney, and I approve of this message." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-17T03:39:01Z
1960 "It was a different F word. It just happened. It just happened. You know, these things happen somtime." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-24T00:45:53Z
1961 "You don't get to quote that either." - FireRedLily 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-11-24T00:47:09Z
1962 "There, no double F-ing" - Kinka 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-24T00:49:27Z
1963 "Today you learned, *phht* happens." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-11-24T00:57:09Z
1964 "It's fine, I tuckered him out." - Hon 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-11-24T01:32:15Z
1965 "Oh no, something horrible happened, the game has crashed." - Everyone 2019 kinkajou1015 2019-11-24T01:39:45Z
1966 "They're foot prisons! Socks are foot prisons!" - Honney 2019 fireredlily 2019-11-26T00:35:53Z
1967 "There's suddenly an ass in here! Besides you! It's hurting! Fix it! It's hurting!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-12-16T03:28:03Z
1968 "Stop teasing me with your big 'ol muscley thighs!" - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2019-12-16T03:39:39Z
1969 "Be kind to those who do your laundry...trying to shove that thing into your pants? That ain't right!" - Honney 2019 stevetheclimber 2019-12-23T03:27:59Z
1970 "Okay, had to get my whole happy wiggle out." - Honney 2019 firedale2002 2020-01-01T02:06:12Z
1971 "No retry, we didn't die! We just had a mild heart attack!" - Honney 2020 (after getting scared by a Tip during Fright Night) firedale2002 2020-01-04T00:52:44Z
1972 "Bad mannequins!" *hits with axe* "Okay, that was excessively violent; sorry mannequins!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-04T02:58:10Z
1973 "Pak, are you still eating those pickles? Are you pregnant?" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-15T03:20:06Z
1974 "Your brain, my mouth; imagine what we could do!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-17T03:00:13Z
1975 "Honney's Buns are fine... I mean I'm fine!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-17T03:01:29Z
1976 "I'd sooner eat the South side of a North-bound skunk than tell you!" - Lotta Hart, Ace Attorney - Turnabout Goodbyes kinkajou1015 2020-01-17T04:05:45Z
1977 "I've got a date with a chick I've never met before and is probably going to eat my face." - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-18T02:10:41Z
1978 "NO! NO! I don't want my boobs to be potroast!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-18T02:24:47Z
1979 "We don't need to quote the hive wiggly uterus, okay?" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-18T02:31:38Z
1980 "Are we going to go rage mode?! Like PMS mode?! And just barehand kill it?!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-01-25T03:14:51Z
1981 "I still have my jockstrap, and I know how to sling some stones." - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-06T02:51:38Z
1982 "You know... I am a blonde in spirit." - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-02-07T00:34:26Z
1983 "I scienced moving my ass outta there!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-02-07T02:10:26Z
1984 "Is my reward a unicorn bicycle!? Are you kidding me!?" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-12T04:05:49Z
1985 "I am not someone who sells their body for profit! This is fun!" - Pak 2020 firedale2002 2020-02-21T00:49:37Z
1986 "Oh I figured out what all the goop is on my pants! It's from the inside of these puppies!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-22T00:14:16Z
1987 "Pak? ... I can see your butt crack when you walk. Like, you got little cheek impressions" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-22T04:52:40Z
1988 "I wanna know if those were his arms or his boobs bouncing around when he was fussy." - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-22T05:00:28Z
1989 "Cuz now you're ready!" - Pak ... "I was ready before!" - Honney ... "AHHHHHHHH I wasn't ready!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-02-22T05:06:13Z
1990 "I'm a hotdog! I'm delicious and I smell amazing!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-02-22T05:19:37Z
1991 "I wish I had a dude to buff..." - Honney 2020 celthana 2020-02-22T13:28:14Z
1992 "You were not teeny weeny last night" - Honney 2020 celthana 2020-02-22T13:40:22Z
1993 "I was wondering why people weren't slapping my ass as they passed me." - Honney 2020 kinkajou1015 2020-02-22T15:39:59Z
1994 "This is an affront to my wild and woolly nature!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-22T21:56:34Z
1995 "I was being Jabba the Hutted, what'd you say?" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-23T00:42:07Z
1996 "I can concede, I'm not a man" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-02-23T00:06:11Z
1997 "I'm just savin' the ass for last." - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-03-08T03:51:45Z
1998 "Arnold you're supposed to be naked the first time we see you!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-03-12T23:26:14Z
1999 "There's some shenanery in the woods!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-03-21T00:38:20Z
2000 "Wrong way hole! Wrong way hole!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-03-27T03:04:38Z
2001 "I don't want to taste your frog!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-03-29T03:10:35Z
2002 "If I just chew my own tongue off, that's bad for my job!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-03-29T22:29:36Z
2003 "Riding the horse invisible was awesome! That was TRULY bareback!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-03-31T02:39:14Z
2004 "Where there's a Hon, there's a way!" - Honney 2020 tehsageofgames 2020-04-10T23:04:02Z
2005 "Dude that made my butt clench so much" - Pakratt ... "Now you know the secret to his great butt muscles" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-04-15T00:04:32Z
2006 "Bend over, show her your heart!" - Honney To Firedale 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-04-15T00:07:46Z
2007 "Did he say butt report? I swear..." - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-04-15T00:10:21Z
2008 "I want your weed!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-04-15T01:10:06Z
2009 "Pak! Meteor ate your face!... And then he made a private spot to do it!" - Honney ... "I didn't make the private spot, I just took advantage of it." - Meteor 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-04-15T02:35:34Z
2010 "Okay, we'll find some dead guy's dongle. Do not quote that! ... To finish the thought... and cut it off of them. We'll rip it off/break it off of them." - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-05-23T01:48:17Z
2011 "I... I... Honney play... did officially start... at Hardcore. The game very quickly taught me that I was not hardcore." - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-05-23T02:00:56Z
2012 "Blue means go! Or alien blood... one or the other." - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-05-23T02:26:49Z
2013 "Okay, we're gonna go ahead and take it off to late night Honney!"- Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-05-27T01:16:20Z
2014 "There's a few things you should know about Honney... there ain't no control" - Pakratt 2020 firedale2002 2020-05-27T01:31:12Z
2015 "Aww he don't come out naked!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-05-27T22:35:33Z
2016 "I'm not giving up until we find something to blow up." - Honney, 2020 fireredlily 2020-06-05T01:10:22Z
2017 "I love you dishwasher, you'll be installed soon, I promise I'll touch you every night." - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-06-06T23:55:45Z
2018 "I don't know which hole was being fired, so I just clung to the wall for a minute!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-06-07T02:46:50Z
2019 "Please stop bouncing ahead! Wait until we can all boing together!" - Pakratt 2020 firedale2002 2020-06-11T00:04:19Z
2020 "I've heard you do the Wee, but never seen you go so fast!" - Meteor 2020 firedale2002 2020-06-11T01:38:18Z
2021 "Boinging is fun!" - Pakratt ... "Yes, yes it is!" - Meteor 2020 firedale2002 2020-06-12T23:29:25Z
2022 "So, Bentley and Honney are in the hot tub together?" - Meteor ... "Nope, I'm just watching." - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-06-24T02:14:30Z
2023 "I wanted you to bequeath me your dadgum thingy, you didn't now I ain't rememberin' you for squat!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-06-24T02:18:27Z
2024 "AHHHHHHHHHhahahahahahahahah I POKE YOU WHERE THE SON DON'T SHINE!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-06-25T01:05:26Z
2025 "You're on my land, birch tree, be afraid. And now that I can do it, be nakie and afraid!" - Honney, 2020 fireredlily 2020-06-29T22:54:07Z
2026 "I know everybody wants to do it at night..." - Honneh 2020 firedale2002 2020-07-04T23:29:05Z
2027 "Says the person who sent me penis instead of peanuts." - Honney to Pak 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-07-07T22:30:12Z
2028 "...and that's when I decided, when we have to eat people, Bentley's first." - Honney, 2020 fireredlily 2020-07-08T02:27:41Z
2029 "Oh yeah! The tongue helps! I knew it would! ... See, I put it back in my mouth!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-08-04T21:16:50Z
2030 "You've got the forehead for it!" - Honney to Pak 2020 firedale2002 2020-08-05T03:09:20Z
2031 "That was not my fault, that was dog tongue!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-09-26T03:44:38Z
2032 "Sometimes PG is tough around Hon. XD" - Ashbless 2020 firedale2002 2020-10-02T19:49:38Z
2033 "I am going to be happy sucking all of the things." - Honney 2020 kinkajou1015 2020-10-05T23:43:20Z
2034 "It's okay, it's okay. OH JEEZ! IT'S NOT OKAY, IT'S NOT OKAY!" -Honney, 2020 fireredlily 2020-10-17T00:02:35Z
2035 "Familiarize her? I barely knew her!" - Honney 2020 stevetheclimber 2020-12-02T02:28:02Z
2036 "I'm sorry I'm loud. It's my job!" - Honney 2020 firedale2002 2020-12-22T22:11:56Z
2037 "Betrayal is not betrayal if it's funny!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-01-06T02:49:44Z
2038 "We get to see boob cannons again" - Honney 2021 celthana 2021-01-15T01:06:45Z
2039 "Can I say something quotable?! Quote that!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-01-19T01:21:25Z
2040 "I have an eggplant that I bought and I don't know what to do with it so I need to look it up." - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-01-27T23:12:47Z
2041 "Um, Lyeoj, you're peeing bits." - Honney ... "Don't worry, it's under control [...] I clean up after myself." - Lyeoj 2021 firedale2002 2021-02-10T02:40:18Z
2042 "You make it sound confusingly easy!" - Melody 2021 firedale2002 2021-02-10T02:46:26Z
2043 "Wow, I'm not the only rat in her life. You heard it here folks. She's two-timing with another rat!" - Pak 2021 firedale2002 2021-02-13T23:44:17Z
2044 "Did you just eat your brother's meat? That's wrong!" - Honney 2021 stevetheclimber 2021-02-19T02:31:22Z
2045 "I fisticuff you!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-15T22:39:24Z
2046 "You don't wanna die to a dead guy, that's humiliating!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-15T22:49:10Z
2047 "Lay down so I can hammer you flat!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-15T23:26:27Z
2048 "She's all like 'You know what, I'm not even interested in your wood, I, just, I'm going to go back to your pocket.'" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-15T23:30:18Z
2049 "Premature confettiage!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-15T23:41:37Z
2050 "My, what big goombas you have! They were big! And not folded!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-15T23:42:21Z
2051 "I whack your seal of butt!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-15T23:47:32Z
2052 "I'm sorry, you are pole-less, buddy!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-16T00:02:31Z
2053 "You have to beat the Greasy Noodle, Pak!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-03-24T01:22:36Z
2054 "Firedale is flashing giganticness!!!!!" ~HonneyPlay2021 meteorfreak 2021-03-30T23:21:50Z
2055 "This is not a place of science, this is a place of blasphemy!" - Pak, 2021 celthana 2021-04-08T01:58:24Z
2056 "Well, they have my boobs and your nose, so they must be us." - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-04-23T01:21:45Z
2057 "Don't die! Don't die! Don't die! Okay, I'm up, you may die now!" - Honney 2021 firedale2002 2021-04-23T01:34:15Z
2058 "I'm in charge of the nuts in this relationship!" - Honney 2021 (speaking for Pak) firedale2002 2021-04-28T02:31:02Z