# Quote Editor Edited
1 "I saw the girl, seagulls & Joseph Stalin" davinoofficial 2016-04-27T06:20:39Z
2 "God dude that's trippy" davinoofficial 2016-04-28T01:17:08Z
3 "Rosalina is bae <3" davinoofficial 2016-04-28T01:17:54Z
4 "That was a trifecta of fuck!" davinoofficial 2016-04-28T01:18:28Z
5 "Kupo!" davinoofficial 2016-05-02T02:43:58Z
6 "I'm the Deadmau5 of video games DansGame" davinoofficial 2016-05-02T02:45:38Z
7 "Ju wanna play hide and go fuck yo self mang? I can play dat game all day" davinoofficial 2016-05-02T02:46:24Z
8 "OHH! That's so gruesome... I love it!" davinoofficial 2016-05-02T03:32:12Z
9 "I wanna fuckin foot someone to death" davinoofficial 2016-05-02T03:32:49Z
10 "Noooo, I almost got turned on." davinoofficial 2016-05-02T03:33:23Z
11 "I'm not afraid to hit kids anymore." davinoofficial 2016-05-02T03:33:54Z
12 "This is like aids the game, seriously!" davinoofficial 2016-05-02T03:34:27Z
13 "I gotta unlock some terrorism." davinoofficial 2016-05-02T03:35:25Z
14 here come dat boi davinoofficial 2016-05-26T04:27:25Z
15 O shit waddup davinoofficial 2016-05-26T04:27:35Z
16 Killyourself.jpg davinoofficial 2016-05-26T04:29:38Z
17 Grab with the 'A', swing with the 'D davinoofficial 2016-05-26T06:05:09Z
18 I WILL NEVER HAVE AN INTERACTIVE CHAT!!!! EVER!!!! davinoofficial 2016-05-26T06:05:32Z
19 "I took your suggestions to heart and appreciate your input... *promptly ignores said suggestions*"~DavinoMod davinoofficial 2016-05-26T06:06:40Z
20 "Well I'm pretty confident no one's here." *Gets shot* "FUCK" davinoofficial 2016-05-26T06:39:24Z
21 "I didn't know it was going to kill me I thought it was just going to blow me." davinoofficial 2016-05-26T06:40:15Z
22 "What is this? Bomb it! That's my policy." davinoofficial 2016-05-26T06:41:05Z
23 "Brought to you by the letter 'disinclude'"~DavinoMod davinoofficial 2016-05-26T06:41:48Z
24 "I like how when you download something from the eShop it's wrapped up in a present like bruh I already know what it is this isn't a surprise" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:34:22Z
25 "Speak for yourself. I do business with Chinese restaurants.Zero ducks is a real thing when negotiations fall through" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:34:41Z
26 "Oh, I'm sorry. I was under the impression that Baku was short for this, but what do I know." davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:35:11Z
27 "If I cld make a career at suing people for "emotional damages", I would. Go to Sephora, grab some makeup, say "look, I'm ruined"–boom, $100k" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:36:02Z
28 "I know everyone's busy being SJWs on representation in games, but a reminder that bestiality is still a problem" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:37:19Z
29 "Key to ridding Overwatch porn is to make all characters ugly af, then Blizz won't worry anymore.Haven't heard anyone getting off on DOOM yet" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:38:58Z
30 "Is it possible to sell yourself on Etsy" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:39:15Z
31 "True Story: I've had the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song stuck in my head since the 90's" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:39:58Z
32 ""Are you for Hilary, Bernie, Trump, or what?"No.I'm...I-I'm...*does cute anime girl blush as my head tilts*I'm...#ForTheAlliance" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:40:50Z
33 "What if PlayStation VR was designed specifically so they could move a few units of Move? Lmao." davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:41:45Z
34 "Better hop on dat Miiverse & let the fam know what's good about interacting with it.It's a great game otherwise, though - Only $2.99, too!" davinoofficial 2016-06-10T08:43:15Z