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1 stop giving me hepatitis rainbowsoup654 2015-02-18T08:05:43Z
2 I need more keys than the average CS:GO player themushroomderp 2015-02-18T08:08:15Z
3 I see Buttlickers-Dilbert 2015 themushroomderp 2015-03-17T02:47:32Z
4 "I grasped it firmly and slapped it about" -BellLabs 2015 themushroomderp 2015-03-17T02:55:48Z
5 "I go pew pew and it makes laser lights" Alex 2015 themushroomderp 2015-03-17T03:00:37Z
6 "I'm the wiener!"- Wainbow-chan 2015 themushroomderp 2015-03-17T03:25:26Z
7 How do you put Baubles on this potato? -FeButt 2016 themushroomderp 2016-01-22T02:07:06Z
8 ""makes you sound have... sounds" mushy 2016 themushroomderp 2016-11-13T08:10:51Z
9 *insert giggle fit here* -Alex 2k16 themushroomderp 2016-11-13T08:15:48Z
10 " And Cat came from a botano themushroomderp 2016-11-16T06:14:58Z
11 #pikascrub2016 -mush 2016 themushroomderp 2016-11-17T07:06:03Z