# Quote Editor Edited
1 Gargrymer: Dustia? 1j2j3j2: It's the FF brand of vacuum. thefrozenglaceon 2015-05-18T10:35:22Z
2 Those aren't traditional sounding skeletons. They sound like monkeys being hung by their balls. thefrozenglaceon 2015-05-19T10:16:43Z
3 A Bur.. a burg... a French word. thefrozenglaceon 2015-05-21T00:47:29Z
4 Go, Fran, you can do this!! Yeah... no we're boned. thefrozenglaceon 2015-05-21T04:01:22Z
5 Hey! You must be Dantro's wife! Thanks for the bundle of needles! Now I have something to stab myself with for talking to you twice. thefrozenglaceon 2015-05-22T01:04:06Z
6 WE ARE RUNNING AWAY! OH GOD... The 1 HP clutch! thefrozenglaceon 2015-05-22T03:22:16Z
7 Where have I been already? I'll never freakin' know, this map is so huge I barely moved a pixel. thefrozenglaceon 2015-05-27T04:07:12Z
8 Mr. Monotoli's maid's name is Electra? Is she a stripper? thefrozenglaceon 2015-06-05T01:44:36Z
9 Oh it's the Atomic Power Robot thing again. I'm going to punch in the dick so hard! thefrozenglaceon 2015-06-05T23:28:38Z
10 FUZZY PICKLES! thefrozenglaceon 2015-06-06T01:28:03Z
11 Doubleslap my ass! thefrozenglaceon 2015-06-19T01:37:00Z
12 Why is there a blowfish here?! There's no water here! thefrozenglaceon 2015-07-17T14:12:29Z
13 Eat this wheat and make love, villagers! So romantic~! Kappa thefrozenglaceon 2015-07-19T13:09:00Z
14 How is Link enjoying this? This song sounds like a whale being stabbed in the butt. thefrozenglaceon 2015-08-07T03:55:22Z
15 ZINGA-DINGDING! thefrozenglaceon 2015-08-11T02:41:31Z
16 My left butt cheek pixel touched that! How did I die?! thefrozenglaceon 2015-09-20T13:57:26Z
17 That totally... wasn't... my ass! thefrozenglaceon 2015-10-29T11:34:46Z
18 Make it double~! thefrozenglaceon 2015-11-07T09:11:17Z
19 I don't know what YOU eat, but shit does NOT bounce! It PLOPS! thefrozenglaceon 2015-12-03T00:55:40Z
20 Once my ISP stops sucking lag dicks, I'll be good too. thefrozenglaceon 2015-12-13T12:07:01Z
21 akane0: omg revo still hasn't unbanned me that liar DansGame thefrozenglaceon 2015-12-29T03:45:52Z
22 What a bunch of poopy dicks! thefrozenglaceon 2016-02-01T04:43:36Z
23 Sorry folks. Park's Closed! The moose out front should've told ya! <3 thefrozenglaceon 2016-04-04T15:11:11Z
24 Zant you crazy little psychofuck 4Head - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD thefrozenglaceon 2016-04-08T02:59:07Z
25 I really like milk. thefrozenglaceon 2016-04-14T06:00:47Z