# Quote Editor Edited
1 "this might be some of my finest work" afrojpc 2022-11-21T23:12:05Z
2 "hello salmon" afrojpc 2022-11-22T00:43:18Z
3 “Doesn’t everyone beat chickens with their own children?” lobcat100 2022-12-11T02:17:15Z
4 “I like my Japanese destroyers like I like my women. With heavy damage and a lot of flooding” lobcat100 2022-12-12T01:25:06Z
5 Hapsburgian jaw sheep afrojpc 2023-03-19T03:29:30Z
6 I don’t believe in soap, and I don’t like the opera. Take that liberals. lobcat100 2023-03-19T03:53:59Z
7 I is a friend. When j and k get involved I get nervous -Lobcat santoast24 2023-04-02T21:27:21Z
8 Hi Terrible, I’m Toast. Let’s talk about 9/11. lobcat100 2023-04-09T01:37:08Z
9 Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, and why is it not in my bed? lobcat100 2023-04-09T02:33:14Z
10 Hi! Welcome to a Santoast24 stream. I promise I won’t get political, unless you count politics, race, religion, history, war, or any of those things as political. lobcat100 2023-04-09T04:53:21Z
11 I’d shoot my shot on all those tanks that would then blow up. lobcat100 2023-04-13T01:19:21Z
12 I’d rather piss blood and be incredibly angry all the time than have a sore throat. lobcat100 2023-09-12T03:00:28Z
13 I love raw-dogging! lobcat100 2023-09-17T04:19:33Z
14 Look, survival of the squidiest. lobcat100 2023-09-20T23:58:01Z
15 Santoast24 public service announcement: Don’t fuck chests. That’s weird. lobcat100 2023-09-24T03:58:45Z
16 Santoast24 does condone mob on mob violence. lobcat100 2023-09-28T02:44:10Z
17 Holy war? FUCK YEAH! lobcat100 2023-12-02T05:03:30Z
18 These stupid inconsistencies and nuisances of Minecraft is what turns people into fascists, and makes people control freaks. lobcat100 2023-12-10T05:43:54Z
19 Minecraft is the PewDiePie Pipeline. lobcat100 2023-12-10T05:44:37Z