# Trigger Regex Response Count Editor Edited
1 REGEX:^.*achiev.*$|^.*acheiv.*$|^.*emulat.*$ ^.*achiev.*$|^.*acheiv.*$|^.*emulat.*$ Have questions? Read up on the FAQ in the "About" section to learn more about the stream! 40 sablesoldi3r 2021-02-25T04:25:53Z
2 *discord* ^.*discord.*$ You can join Sable's Discord, Skullyboi Cavern, by visiting ! 19 sablesoldi3r 2021-03-14T17:12:18Z
3 *retroachievement* ^.*retroachievement.*$ You can view Sable's RetroAchievements page at ! 0 sablesoldi3r 2021-03-14T17:12:32Z
4 REGEX:^.*complet.*$|^.*100%.*$ ^.*complet.*$|^.*100%.*$ Take a look at Sable's "The Shelf" blog at ! 29 sablesoldi3r 2021-03-14T17:14:22Z