# Quote Editor Edited
1 sup coebot ryuquezacotl 2016-03-28T05:44:33Z
2 "RIP RIP RIP RIP" ryuquezacotl 2016-09-05T03:54:15Z
3 "Soak 'em dry!" - Ryu 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-09-30T05:02:50Z
4 "It's not my birthday" -Ryu 2016 sumdomgye 2016-09-30T15:32:45Z
5 "Crumble under the fear and pressure..." - Yagamoth 2016 sumdomgye 2016-09-30T15:33:28Z
6 "We are officially raffling off jtsnow77's bank account." -Ryu, 2016 sumdomgye 2016-09-30T15:57:10Z
7 "You now speak to Ormus." -Ormus sumdomgye 2016-09-30T16:44:00Z
8 "I can't even remember my own runs... How do you expect me to remember?" -Ryu 2016 sumdomgye 2016-09-30T18:18:54Z
9 "I wish you could see my underground passage right now". - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-09-30T20:39:08Z
10 "pineapple on pizza... that is a crime" - Ryu, 2016 jtsnow77 2016-10-01T04:09:26Z
11 "I don't need to prepare for a 9 hour speedrun" - yagamoth 2016 gnargl 2016-10-04T15:21:24Z
12 "Professional Streamer." - Ryu 2016 sumdomgye 2016-10-07T13:31:50Z
13 "I'm an idiot" -Ryu, 2016 jtsnow77 2016-10-08T07:55:13Z
14 Quote #13: "Screw Durga, that shaftstop is going on ME". - RyuQuezacotl 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-10-08T20:55:08Z
15 "the boss is forcing itself on me" -Ryu, 2016 jtsnow77 2016-10-09T08:35:47Z
16 "mods aren't real viewers" ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-14T19:32:38Z
17 "samus is my favorite pokemon" ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-14T20:33:03Z
18 "I don't like doing things for money" - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-10-17T17:54:43Z
19 " we don't even bother to block ryu's pyramids anymore OpieOP the best guy at destroying them is himself" - laggzor 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-10-20T15:03:31Z
20 "Your syntax is incorrect, please check the documentation." - CoeBot 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-10-20T15:04:14Z
21 "Anybody can speedrun this game, just whatever!" - Ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-24T07:42:59Z
22 "it could be your little secret" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-24T07:52:08Z
23 "Immune to Flattery? THOSE SCORPIONS AREN'T IMMUNE TO FLATTERY! GET IT!!!...... I'm Sorry." - Ryu 2016 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/GracefulGiraffeDAESuppy heavenslast 2016-10-25T06:14:54Z
24 "what do you call a fish with no eyes? FSH!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-25T07:32:52Z
25 "if I don't PB, I will make everyone mod" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-25T08:18:01Z
26 "get in there! get up in there! you get up in there you!" -ryu 2016 LUL zataxia 2016-10-25T08:19:46Z
27 "WEAR PROTECTION" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-25T08:45:03Z
28 "I am always at the mercy of my chat" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-26T03:54:59Z
29 "I will ask you out if you donate 20$" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-26T06:10:26Z
30 "don't take this the wrong way, but I have nut skin on my teeth" -ryu 2016 ruyuLewd zataxia 2016-10-26T06:34:40Z
31 "For 4.99 I can feel it." -ryu 2016 gnargl 2016-10-26T23:08:19Z
32 "incredible world record or throw the run" - Ryu 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-10-27T01:32:45Z
33 "I have a grill. I don't use it though. I have it in the closet. It is actually still in the box." -ryu 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-10-27T01:35:36Z
34 "did I rip? no. it was a tactical reset." -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-27T03:44:21Z
35 "running out of stamina in 2016" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-27T04:55:10Z
36 "birds are very foul creatures" -ryu 2016 somekoreanguy 2016-10-27T04:56:13Z
37 "thank you. you too" -yagamoth 2016 zataxia 2016-10-27T05:03:17Z
38 "okay nina, take a blast to the face ... that came out wrong" -ryu 2016 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/GiftedBatFuzzyOtterOO somekoreanguy 2016-10-28T07:25:30Z
39 "I say what I say because I want to say, and then I say it, and then sometimes I regret it" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-28T09:21:04Z
40 "why did you just counter?" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-28T09:25:11Z
41 "I could break pyramids, but I have to focus on not ripping squares" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-28T09:47:33Z
42 "we just softlocked" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-28T10:07:10Z
43 "feel free to spam" -Ryu, 2016 caeshura 2016-10-28T14:10:47Z
44 "Ryu does water and cereal? yup" -Ryu 2016 jtsnow77 2016-10-28T17:41:54Z
45 "OJ and cereal, I've tried that" -Ryu 2016 jtsnow77 2016-10-28T17:42:21Z
46 "I don't have a voice" - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-10-28T18:54:04Z
47 "run looks good? well, I can die at any moment" -ryu2016 zataxia 2016-10-28T19:37:24Z
48 "SUPER FRESH!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-28T20:28:09Z
49 "spam always looks better with 123 next to it" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-29T16:45:54Z
50 "ryu on soft core hype" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-29T16:54:43Z
51 "I just got slammed. I just got slammed! I just got SLAMMED!!!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-29T18:30:59Z
52 "my cucumbers are popular with the grills" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-29T22:48:22Z
53 "want to do two at the same time? two warcries? at the same time?" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-29T23:05:56Z
54 "no! wrong kind of creep! stop the creep! kill the creep!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-29T23:21:55Z
55 "that's my own minion. I tried to kill my own minion" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-31T16:24:50Z
56 "run's over. everyone go home. run's over" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-10-31T23:16:12Z
57 "went in there. did the deed. and got out" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-01T15:09:01Z
58 "people were shoving bits in my face" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-01T15:10:47Z
59 "I need stamina. and lots of it" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-01T15:27:44Z
60 "did I say 420? no. but I can. 420" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-01T20:32:19Z
61 "bowie, if you cancel this relay. I will unsub. and I will unsub to elmagus too" -ryu 2016 BibleThump zataxia 2016-11-01T21:04:51Z
62 "don't quote me on that" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-01T21:06:17Z
63 "asian name. thank you for the host! (who is that? backwards J. who is backwardsJ?)" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-01T23:19:08Z
64 "I am going to take a quick second to release all this heat" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-02T19:11:51Z
65 "GG. we have a plus 3 ... rip ..." -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-02T19:30:48Z
66 "RESISTANCE IS- ooo a gumball!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-02T22:06:53Z
67 If we live we got a WR -- Ryu 2016 caeshura 2016-11-02T23:11:06Z
68 "baal. be gentle man. be gentle" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T00:29:50Z
69 "face best place. face best place! THE FACE" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T00:45:36Z
70 "today is my day. today is my day. I promise. today is my day" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T21:36:27Z
71 "coldstone: maker of quality ice cream AND combat items" -puwexil 2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T21:56:47Z
72 "firestone: maker of quality car tires AND combat items" -puwexil 2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T21:57:33Z
73 "hawaiian pizza? let's go back to the /other/ conversation please" -ryu2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T22:30:44Z
74 "I have 27 people name Herb in my cape right now" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T22:56:41Z
75 "unless I go out, I am wearing pajamas 24/7" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-03T23:04:52Z
76 "yeah. yeah. I can get up in there. yeah. I can do that" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T00:18:37Z
77 "thank you for existing" -bowthehero 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T00:30:37Z
78 "gasp. she moved. she never moves" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T00:36:12Z
79 "we don't have victories. we only have rips" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T18:59:18Z
80 "diablo 3 is better than diablo 2. and dota is better than league of legends" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T19:44:49Z
81 "we never learn here" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T20:07:48Z
82 " I am not going to insert myself into ryu's quote library" - zataxia 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-11-04T20:09:23Z
83 "I don't know how reliable my chat is" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T20:23:44Z
84 "you want a piece of me, boy?" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T20:31:36Z
85 "I would like a burrito. and then put that into a burrito. with the works, all of it. and then put that inside another burrito. and then put that in a taco. also wrap a pizza around the taco. but I still want to eat healthy" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T20:45:57Z
86 "someone who cares about this run, can you spam RYU HAS A FIRE STONE in chat when I get the wisp? thanks" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T20:56:29Z
87 "yeah. yeah! YEAH! get that! too slow. I'll show you too slow" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T21:12:20Z
88 "what is spam? baby, don't hurt me. don't hurt me. no more" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T21:14:13Z
89 "if old ryu encountered this ryu, I would be banned. so banned, right now" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T21:58:44Z
90 "if you read the rip, the rip is read" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-04T22:20:32Z
91 "KISS ME, KISS ME ALREADY, JUST MAKE OUT WITH ME ALREADY" - Ryu 2016 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/EasyDogTTours somekoreanguy 2016-11-05T00:52:05Z
92 "I love to eat bee wax" -caeshura 2016 zataxia 2016-11-05T05:25:49Z
93 "I trust my cereal box more than chat" - Ryu 2016 gnargl 2016-11-05T23:26:18Z
94 "if you want me to trust you, it will cost another 5$" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-05T23:31:11Z
95 "nobody likes Herb" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-05T23:38:53Z
96 "I would said that backgroundguy and kofaze use butts more than I do" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T00:10:38Z
97 "why did the chicken cross the road? because there was an assassin chasing to blood raven" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T00:15:42Z
98 "this is what happens when you play a softcore amazon" -ryu 5/11/2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T00:18:27Z
99 "big fat yolo" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T01:33:43Z
100 "I have very sensitive ears" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T02:17:31Z
101 it's so normal seeying eight people in one bed" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T02:49:40Z
102 "what do you get for your levels? bragging right. you get to brag about your levels" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T04:13:30Z
103 "somebody's dead. somebody's dead! you're dead! you are dead! SORRY!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T04:32:37Z
104 "if a bit cheer has the word 'drop', I will drop ten times the bits in gold during the run' -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T19:42:28Z
105 "do you know how many times when a teacher calls roll at the beginning of school? when the teacher starts alex, I already have my hand up in the air. but it turns out they call 'alexandra' and I end up looking like an idiot" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T19:53:06Z
106 "see? THIS is what a barbarian is suppose to look like" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T20:03:40Z
107 "it's the champions. blame the champions. I am going to blame the champions" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T20:08:57Z
108 "I need emilio. I really need emilio. I do not want to be alone in the dark" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T21:46:06Z
109 "you never say hello to me anymore ryu BibleThump " -chat 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T22:10:05Z
110 "I've been 17 for a billion years" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T22:12:34Z
111 "why aren't you minus 6 minutes?" -caeshura 2016 zataxia 2016-11-06T22:25:25Z
112 "I can probably do that for free too" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T18:22:29Z
113 "I don't have to make diablo 2 great again. IT IS ALREADY GREAT!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T19:17:13Z
114 "I had my legs crossed the entire time" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T20:10:22Z
115 "you're replaceable. you're fixable. sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T20:15:20Z
116 "hey. look. I did good. look at that. I did good" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T22:32:30Z
117 "I have done weird things before" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T22:53:52Z
118 "I go through mood swings" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T23:03:58Z
119 "hey frankerz. hey frankerz! rurururu!!! rururu!!!!!" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-07T23:26:56Z
120 "the first person to say BibleThump in chat, I will love you" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-08T06:31:33Z
121 "think before you speak" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-09T04:43:54Z
122 Chat is Evil - Ryu 2016 heavenslast 2016-11-09T04:50:12Z
123 "what's the point of splitting? I don't see the point" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-09T06:52:28Z
124 "look at her go! she's a beast" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-09T07:05:00Z
125 "one day, I will split. I promise. one day..." -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-09T07:09:16Z
126 "am I fat? depends on who I am sitting beside" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-09T09:18:25Z
127 "but the gloves will come off soon enough" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-10T17:49:26Z
128 "something something slowpoke. it's true. I am a Slowpoke" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-10T18:57:11Z
129 "Gems are saying, OH MY GOD RYU, USE ME". -Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-11-10T19:41:45Z
130 "you think I'm actually here. I'm sleeping right now" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-10T20:47:41Z
131 "okay. WRONG HOUSE! SORRY! sorry. my bad. MY bad. I'm sorry" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-11T00:12:41Z
132 "yes. gimme gimme. YES! I love it" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-11T04:40:00Z
133 BoysBoysBoysBoysBoys: It's the new iClaw by Apple. caeshura 2016-11-12T03:04:20Z
134 "ruyuLUL" -chat 2016 zataxia 2016-11-13T00:21:22Z
135 "SORRY" - zataxia, 2016 gnargl 2016-11-13T01:33:08Z
136 "I'm known to bite and scratch" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-13T02:16:39Z
137 "that's a nice chest" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-13T05:10:42Z
138 "@RyuQuezacotl you can get three 5$ salads. am not going to be THAT mean" - zataxia 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-11-13T18:56:23Z
139 "it makes me look better. it's fine" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-14T20:38:05Z
140 "just some quick and dirty stuff" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-14T21:04:57Z
141 "I am glad I can be your source of entertainment" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-14T21:09:26Z
142 "that is my grill. THAT is MY grill. that is my closet grill" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-14T21:40:26Z
143 "what is my ideal perfect first date? when they pay" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-14T21:46:53Z
144 "now I am in a relationship with all 700 of you. chat is now my girlfriend" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-14T23:08:26Z
145 "I SWEAR ON MY PRETTY LITTLE BONNET, I WILL END YOU!" - zataxia 2016 ryuquezacotl 2016-11-14T23:13:09Z
146 "if only I look half as good as CoolStoryBob " -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-14T23:33:47Z
147 "maybe we're not friends anymore" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-15T17:19:15Z
148 "Four people in one bed" - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-11-16T06:26:03Z
149 "I'm in TriHard mode" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-19T05:17:36Z
150 "Hmmmm" - Mr_Kelly_R_Flewin 2016 isg2040 2016-11-20T19:57:12Z
151 "If I ever split accurately, I want all of you to accuse me of being an impostor." - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-11-21T17:29:39Z
152 "If you're bored, spam the chat." - Ryu, 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-11-22T14:09:12Z
153 "moment of silence for necromancer... MEEP MEEP" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-25T19:04:14Z
154 "paladin is op. I don't care. I am dead. I am so dead. I'm dead" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-25T21:48:48Z
155 "get smitten, get smotten, get smatten, get rekt" - Ryu, 2016 isg2040 2016-11-25T21:49:38Z
156 "I KNEW IT!" - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-11-26T00:24:29Z
157 "End is dead" - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-11-26T16:24:19Z
158 "There is no chance, only chance is: FACE FRIED OFF" - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-11-26T17:11:50Z
159 "you're not worth it man. you're not worth it" - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-11-26T18:01:35Z
160 "That's super rare, when Jamela sells life charms. Kappa " - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-11-26T18:49:22Z
161 "can confirm. streamer cannot aim" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-28T17:38:53Z
162 "umm... I'm going to run a commercial..." -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-28T18:39:37Z
163 "do I moisturize? no, it must be the lighting" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-29T16:34:28Z
164 "where are the ladies? there are no ladies" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-29T19:14:46Z
165 " OhMyDog Roses are red OhMyDog Violets are blue OhMyDog RyuQuezacotl picked up a wolf head OhMyDog And went RURURURU OhMyDog " -NszV 2016 zalaniar 2016-11-30T01:14:25Z
166 "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" -Ryu 2016 zalaniar 2016-11-30T03:02:03Z
167 "it is a new marketing strategy. I give them a little tease, a little taste, for what it means for me to say I love you. and then I don't give it to them anymore" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-30T19:31:15Z
168 "I don't know what I just drank. but it's gone. it is gone" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-11-30T19:35:39Z
169 "This run is only amazing if you stay alive LUL " -ISG2040 2016 zataxia 2016-11-30T21:17:20Z
170 "I can't stop. you just have to hope I rip" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-01T02:49:05Z
171 "they can take my RNG. they can take my WRs. but they will never take... my mouse control" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-01T03:43:30Z
172 "I will let you message my hands for 4.99$ a month" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-02T00:44:27Z
173 "I can't live without the leech" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-02T21:51:40Z
174 "Did this just turn into a dating site?" - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-03T17:54:52Z
175 "if you want to keep stimulating the bot, sure" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-03T19:58:17Z
176 "42." - 42fortytwo 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-03T20:56:08Z
177 "you might see my *microphone* before you see my face" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-04T19:13:14Z
178 "now chat wants to see my eyeball? fine, I will show all of you my eyeball on stream" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-04T19:37:40Z
179 "have you even watched another stream?" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-04T20:57:14Z
180 "deckard cain, get to the choppa" -ryu 2016 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/FilthyRhinocerosBionicBunion zataxia 2016-12-05T21:09:54Z
181 "so on snapchat last night... " -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-06T21:16:22Z
182 "literally chew my face in half and spit it out" -Ryu 2016 jtsnow77 2016-12-07T23:10:27Z
183 "Spooder! Spooder! Crazy spooder! Panic, panic, panic, panic! Oh, I'm so dead!" https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/OddCaterpillarRitzMitz - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-08T17:26:03Z
184 "obviously, if there is money involved. we can bend the rules, obviously" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-09T18:14:09Z
185 "we can all be idiots. but we have to be idiots together. there is no more one idiot taking over the chat" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-09T17:39:20Z
186 "take me by the table" -ryu 2016 KappaPride zataxia 2016-12-09T17:45:57Z
187 "What are you doing? Chicken, that's my corpse!" https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/CuriousHeronPipeHype WutFace - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-09T22:25:29Z
188 "Guess who did The Ancients at level 19?" - Ryu 2016 Keepo slartiphukborlz 2016-12-10T17:44:15Z
189 "I don't have any pants" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-10T22:32:39Z
190 "Blame zataxia!" - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-13T18:34:25Z
191 "I go through mood swings..." - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-13T18:53:37Z
192 "lips are overly lubed up. and they are slippery" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-13T19:23:50Z
193 "have I ever tried online dating? I never had to. I never needed to" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-19T22:03:32Z
194 "Now, if only you could stimulate this girl the same way you are stimulating my chat." - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-19T22:18:35Z
195 "I've seen Zataxia do some weird things to that Coebot" - Ryu 2016 isg2040 2016-12-20T18:00:40Z
196 "I've seen zataxia do some weird things to that coebot." - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-20T18:00:48Z
197 "Platonist, just gotta relax your tongue and let it flow SeemsGood " - Tannuu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-20T20:01:37Z
198 "Can I parry him?" - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-21T02:18:41Z
199 "I don't care if it's full or empty: the urn is RIP." - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-21T17:31:40Z
200 "Get inmune to this BUDDY!" Ryu - 2016 gnargl 2016-12-23T03:56:28Z
201 "Somebody walk this doge, please! WTH?"- Ryu 2016 jayo2xny 2016-12-23T22:30:20Z
202 Someones getting a fat tip tonight - ryu 2016 laggzor42 2016-12-27T16:25:06Z
203 "It's not a glitch, it's an easter egg." - Ryu 2016 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/FragileMouseBCouch slartiphukborlz 2016-12-28T12:13:57Z
204 "Slept for 24hrs..." - Ryu 2016 slartiphukborlz 2016-12-30T21:33:06Z
205 "the 'sorry to interrupt' is triggering me a little big" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-31T19:24:59Z
206 "my left hand feels out of use, how do I left hand now?" -ryu 2016 zataxia 2016-12-31T23:23:40Z
207 "Wait am i wearing pants?" - Ryu new years eve 2016-2017 gnargl 2016-12-31T23:42:16Z
208 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/AverageMeerkatPanicVis RYU FACECAM REVEAL donforgo 2021-01-07T08:38:24Z
209 "I can feel it in my Great Club." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-01-03T04:53:19Z
210 "... sing you a lullaby: https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/TenderAntelopeShazBotstix " - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-01-08T10:13:08Z
211 "Best JRPG? League of Legends." -Ryu, 2017 jtsnow77 2017-01-10T08:08:43Z
212 "SCREW THE FROG AND THE KNIGHT!" -Ryu 1/21/17 zalaniar 2017-01-22T04:23:56Z
213 " salt aside ... this is a really good game" - Ryu 2017 somekoreanguy 2017-01-24T07:31:35Z
214 "Today is the day lads" - S3xySummoner 2017 ryuquezacotl 2017-01-31T04:37:07Z
215 "Well there you go! Go marry a bear." - Ryu 2017 platonist 2017-01-31T08:22:29Z
216 " i'm 6'4, 220lbs, and i bench 380." Ryu - 2017 somekoreanguy 2017-02-06T10:13:49Z
217 "WohOOOHoOOOOHoooH OOOOOOH OOooooOOOha HaAA haaaaa HAAAA" - ryu 2017 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/AliveStinkbugFunRun blackdeathdoom 2017-02-13T12:46:28Z
218 "My computer's about to TAKE OFF! ZOOM!" Ryu 2017 https://clips.twitch.tv/ryuquezacotl/BeautifulPheasantDBstyle zalaniar 2017-02-15T05:42:41Z
219 "Wake up! RU RU RU!" - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-02-15T06:02:23Z
220 "We don't talk about that timetable, ever!" Ryu - 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-02-20T13:17:31Z
221 "Fire enchanted? I can deal with that." - Ryu 2017 ryuquezacotl 2017-02-25T10:43:04Z
222 "So much weird stuff has been coming out of my eyes today!" - Ryu, 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-03-05T00:28:37Z
223 They Suck.... The Major Diablo heavenslast 2017-03-17T05:02:28Z
224 "Don't mess with Bongo." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-03-17T19:47:29Z
225 "one is rock hard and one is not even there" - ryu 2017 gnargl 2017-03-24T03:14:42Z
226 "Tala moana, warrior!" Haku, Armourmaster - 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-03-25T12:33:44Z
227 "Am I from the USA? No, I am from America." -Ryu on April 1, 2017 zalaniar 2017-04-02T03:15:37Z
228 "He's more white than that." - Ryu 2017 ryuquezacotl 2017-05-10T15:19:08Z
229 "he's more white than that" - Ryu 2017 platonist 2017-05-10T15:19:12Z
230 "I don't know what it means, but I just squished a ball for you." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-05-12T01:25:11Z
231 "Guys, there's something in my dog ear!" - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-05-13T06:33:08Z
232 "I thought I was leaking coffee, but it was just perspiration from my soul patch" -Ryu 2017 legick6 2017-05-15T08:00:05Z
233 "Damn moderators, always thinking you're people" -Ryu 2017 zalaniar 2017-05-17T20:30:18Z
234 "(Diablo)... The worst Game Ever! - Ryu 2017" heavenslast 2017-05-20T17:22:19Z
235 "I've got big lips, what can I say." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-05-24T21:10:09Z
236 "I love your wee." --RyuQuezacotl 2017 purrhamfurbottom 2017-06-05T22:25:07Z
237 "Am I wearing pants? Define pants. What are pants anyway?" - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-06-05T23:06:11Z
238 "Don't believe anything Rikze says." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-06-07T03:17:54Z
239 "I'M NOT CRAZY!" - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-06-08T01:56:45Z
240 I may have a chat full of fans, but do any of you blow me? Kappa - Ryu 2017 https://clips.twitch.tv/AstuteSplendidSpindleGingerPower heavenslast 2017-06-13T10:47:27Z
241 "This is not a karaoke stream. Bad things happen when I sing." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-06-18T20:24:35Z
242 "What could possibly go wrong by listening to chat?" RyuQuezacotl 2K17 purrhamfurbottom 2017-06-22T04:27:35Z
243 "Oh. It's just sex!" -Ryu 6/30/17 zalaniar 2017-07-01T04:41:20Z
244 "Load the ducks!" - Ryu 2017 🦆 platonist 2017-07-04T16:24:58Z
245 "For $4,99 a month, I'll be your gay dad." - Ryu 2017 KappaPride platonist 2017-08-03T02:36:39Z
246 "Be a man! Take three at once!" - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-08-05T08:58:43Z
247 "I'm Ryuquezacotl, and I'm as straight as a circle" -Ryu 2017 legick6 2017-08-26T07:51:20Z
248 "I should have kept blowing. I SHOULD HAVE KEPT BLOWING!" - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-09-01T09:56:47Z
249 "You! You guys are people, but don't quote me on that, I'm not saying it ever again" -Ryu 2017 blackdeathdoom 2017-09-18T03:32:06Z
250 "If we screw it up one more time we're not doing it again..." - Ryu, 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-09-20T04:51:26Z
251 "We drop our nut after one load." - ryu 2017 superteam_go 2017-10-02T09:01:45Z
252 "I can't words" - Ryu, 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-10-07T09:01:29Z
253 "I blew my load early!" - Ryu 2017 flufflo 2017-10-08T08:27:10Z
254 "If there is one thing you can trust me for, it's my belief in bananas. The power of banana. Trust the banana, praise the banana, eat the banana." - Ryu, 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-10-21T11:46:57Z
255 "Our mouths touched the same blowing device" - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-10-22T14:16:05Z
256 "You're gonna love my nuts" - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-10-22T14:29:55Z
257 "Apparently I was making out with a couch pillow in my sleep, but I don't recall this." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-10-23T06:10:18Z
258 "you gotta make her laugh first, then blow" - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-10-23T09:32:09Z
259 "I'd take my cock anywhere" - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-10-23T09:50:34Z
260 "I'll mod everybody in the chat if I get world record." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-10-26T19:31:55Z
261 "Wash my hands? No I didn't wash my hands" -ryu 2017 infinitum90 2017-10-27T00:15:03Z
262 "Did I just swallow a bug?" - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-10-27T09:23:12Z
263 "He's so big, oh my god! I kind of like him when he's tiny." - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-10-28T21:31:54Z
264 "bnvk jhg ouik;h [o'h j" - Ryu 2017 purrhamfurbottom 2017-10-31T21:23:30Z
265 "What where's my nuts?" - Ryu 2017 infinitum90 2017-11-01T01:25:45Z
266 "I want to put a fish inside of you" - Ryu, 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-11-01T01:32:46Z
267 "Nothing turns me on more than a FAT PB." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-11-01T02:25:45Z
268 "If I ever forget my nuts again I‘ll try that“ - Ryu 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-11-11T15:10:09Z
269 "So, apparently like 25-ish seconds before I have to press something. That means I'm gonna have to only relieve like half of myself, and then not wash my hands." -Ryu 2017 atterman 2017-11-02T06:51:14Z
270 If you hold your breath, you will never choke - Ryu 2017 jtsnow77 2017-11-03T23:54:26Z
271 "It's hard to measure" Ryu, 2017 KappaPride miommiomthemiommer 2017-11-04T23:50:28Z
272 "Do I look like I care about daylight?" - Ryu, 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-11-05T04:33:32Z
273 "It feels a little weird, but that's good." - Ryu 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-11-07T03:22:32Z
274 "My head is like Velcro™" -Ryu 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-11-08T01:13:24Z
275 "I thought that was normal" Ryu 2017 infinitum90 2017-11-11T14:08:52Z
276 "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Diablo 3. The storyis extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the dialogwill go over a typical viewer’s head" - BackgroundGuy02, 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-11-12T11:40:54Z
277 "What's it called when you're on drugs?" - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-11-13T22:56:38Z
278 "I think it was quadraven, but don't quote me on that" - DragonFLYOmega, 2017 infinitum90 2017-11-14T23:10:05Z
279 "Apparently garlic increases blood-flow to your loins" - Ryu, 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-11-21T19:18:00Z
280 "So... How are the gaps, Ryu?" - BGG, 2017 slartiphukborlz 2017-11-22T18:14:04Z
281 "Why am I resetting TinTin?" - Ryu, 2017, in the midst of an existential crisis added, this is quote #281 miommiomthemiommer 2017-11-27T02:06:13Z
282 "It's not long enough!" - RyuQuezacotl, 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-12-06T13:17:11Z
283 "I love cock" - Ryu, 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-12-10T15:15:13Z
284 "there's something standing up on my body and it's not my hair" - Ryu 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-12-11T22:31:19Z
285 "It is better than in Final Fantasy where like a chair blocks your path" ~ Ryu (12/18/2017) localhost777 2017-12-19T05:08:38Z
286 "I like cream" - Ryu, 2017 gh3tt0gh0st 2017-12-19T21:53:27Z
287 "Apparently the first cat we owned - when I was 3 years old or so - I just peed on it. She didn't mind." - Ryu, 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-12-20T00:46:25Z
288 "ruyB" - ruy, 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-12-23T21:23:50Z
289 "I'm straight as a circle." - Ryu, 2017 miommiomthemiommer 2017-12-27T00:46:16Z
290 "Sucking dick. I am a pro dick sucker." ~Ryu 2017 dragonflyomega 2017-12-28T22:42:00Z
291 "What is OoT?" - Ryu, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-01-02T01:46:51Z
292 "Ryu leave those nuts alone, you leave those nuts alone!" ~ Ryu 2018 dragonflyomega 2018-01-04T22:34:46Z
293 "YAAYY!" - Ryu, 2018, in a panicked tone miommiomthemiommer 2018-01-05T06:41:31Z
294 "I like it when my meat is already pounded" - Ryu, 2018 KappaPride miommiomthemiommer 2018-01-06T00:46:39Z
295 "I hate soft noodles" - Ryu, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-01-08T22:25:45Z
296 "I have lots of wood, might as well use it." - Ryu, 2018 KappaPride miommiomthemiommer 2018-01-09T04:31:40Z
297 "Is that something drug people do?" - Funkmastermp, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-01-20T00:17:32Z
298 "I hate when nuts are stuck in my teeth." ~ RyuQuezacotl 2018 dragonflyomega 2018-01-27T20:23:28Z
299 "This gun is, like, projectile based." - Ryu, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-02-15T19:40:57Z
300 We only did it twice - ryu 2018 laggzor42 2018-02-21T19:13:10Z
301 "Team Carry” ~ Ryu, 2018 localhost777 2018-02-23T00:27:07Z
302 "Don't triangulate my mom!" - Ryu 2018 platonist 2018-03-03T11:04:52Z
303 "I was told how important it is to get a ton of head" - Ryu 2018 arcticwolfhowls 2018-03-08T04:43:56Z
304 Quote #666; "Epic" - Ryu 2022 - Kaenbyou 2018 durransd 2018-03-09T23:09:07Z
305 "If I just put is this way: My Deku Stick was definitely in his... You ever hear the phrase 'pitching a tent'?" – Ryu 2018 atterman 2018-03-13T03:06:04Z
306 "I like creepy" - RyuQuezacotl 2018 baliame 2018-03-15T10:41:43Z
307 Oh man i love dongers - Ryu 2018 laggzor42 2018-03-15T19:06:38Z
308 "I am now the cock master." - RyuQuezacotl, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-03-26T23:10:31Z
312 "I like it better when it's hard. It's more satisfying that way" – RyuQuezacotl 2018 durransd 2018-04-02T22:48:35Z
313 "'I like it better when it's hard. It's more satisfying that way' – Ryu 2018" - Atterman, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-04-02T22:48:58Z
314 "If you just put it in my mouth, I will drink it. - Ryu, 2018 slartiphukborlz 2018-05-23T07:11:31Z
315 Cucumber has to be killed first, or skinned - Ryu 2018 laggzor42 2018-05-27T06:11:48Z
316 im gonna go not jerk off in the shower - Ryu 2018 laggzor42 2018-05-29T21:18:26Z
317 I Drink water, and I'm still thirsty - RyuQuezacotl 2018 itspumawins 2018-05-30T11:09:20Z
318 Yo fuck my fellow canadians, oh my god.. -Ryu 2018 laggzor42 2018-06-01T16:05:43Z
319 yo jimmy you're gonna get me killed shut up jimmy nobody likes you, i don't like you then i don't like you now Ryu -2018 laggzor42 2018-06-05T16:39:05Z
320 "I didn't want to put it in there, but i put it in." - Ryu 2018 panzerdave 2018-06-11T20:00:56Z
321 "Bl nire" - Necromancer_Ereshkigal, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-06-12T14:40:12Z
322 "PepePance PepePance PepePance PepePance PepePance" - alfadorTV, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-06-21T19:49:17Z
323 "Why is it so big?" -Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-07-10T22:06:58Z
324 "Mummy! Mummy! VoHiYo ... FUUUUCK" - RyuQuezacotl, 2018 miommiomthemiommer 2018-07-10T23:25:03Z
325 "FUKU YU" - Ryu, 2018 gh3tt0gh0st 2018-07-13T19:44:23Z
326 "Chat, dont quote me" - TheDanishEditor, 2018 durransd 2018-07-20T23:30:43Z
327 "Act 3 is fun" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-08-30T21:52:38Z
328 "There's a great evil in my ASS! - Ryu 2018" jighart 2018-09-03T23:15:17Z
329 "How do you get surprised? 'cause I'm speedrunning, I don't have time to like... not be surprised" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-09-07T21:21:42Z
330 "There's hand on my blood!" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-09-17T18:57:59Z
331 "I'm a gentleman, come on" - Ryu 2018 LUL jighart 2018-09-17T20:38:53Z
332 "Warning: digesting snek venom may cause you to die" - Ryu 2018 🐍 jighart 2018-09-29T09:16:37Z
333 "The best girlfriends are the ones that we imagine. You wanna know why? They don't talk back LUL " - Ryu 2018 PunOko jighart 2018-10-01T23:36:49Z
334 "It is not here, I didn't see it at least. I also wasn't looking sooo... it might be there. I hope it's not there cause rip" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-06T23:31:10Z
335 "So many mods? It's ok, they're harmless. Mods in 2018..." - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-08T10:34:43Z
336 "I don't have time to wash my hands" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-10T13:01:18Z
337 "RYU YOU DRUNK! Yep, I am drunk" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-10T15:08:00Z
338 I hate long ones. Ryu - 2018 slartiphukborlz 2018-10-13T12:23:02Z
339 "I GOT STUCK!" - Ryu, 2018 slartiphukborlz 2018-10-14T01:34:08Z
340 "For $4.99 I can be your girlfriend" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-17T18:23:37Z
341 "When I wanted to pull out, I accidentally put the thing in reverse instead of drive" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-17T19:31:18Z
342 "I just closed your stream with a pancake lol" - Andepen 2018 jighart 2018-10-19T21:07:30Z
343 "MAKE A HAPPY ACCIDENT IN ME DADDY ruyuHot " - FloamLoller 2018 jighart 2018-10-22T16:51:11Z
344 "Kappa 123" - RyuQuezacotl 2018 ryuquezacotl 2018-10-22T17:21:09Z
345 Small Penor? Make Money... and be a Charming Mother F*cker. - Ryu 2018 https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousSilkyPuffinYee heavenslast 2018-10-23T23:04:07Z
346 "I'm Blade from the movie Blade... Oh now I'm dead. From the movie dead" - BGG 2018 jighart 2018-10-25T18:21:08Z
347 "Shut the fuck up, Steve!" - Ryu, 2018 slartiphukborlz 2018-10-27T01:39:11Z
348 "I don't have time to read that pasta right now" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-28T23:42:29Z
349 "What's the best part about being bald? ... You never run into hairy situations" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-29T00:28:48Z
350 “These Pretzels are making me thirsty” - Ryuquezacotl 2018 itspumawins 2018-10-29T06:31:34Z
351 "For $12.34 you can interrupt so much more than just my playlist *wink*" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-10-31T23:21:02Z
352 <"I'll drunk some closing square brackets." -bucketsofbooze 2018> cytyzent 2018-11-09T11:10:22Z
353 "I'm sorry, my cat was stuck in the coffee maker" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-11-09T15:43:49Z
354 "Dirty? I'm not dirty, I'm just... sexually attracted to pixels" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-11-15T00:16:54Z
355 "I'd rather have my flavor drip off my chin" gnargl 2018-11-15T20:50:37Z
356 "I built a dog butthole" - FloamLoller 2018 jighart 2018-11-16T00:19:02Z
357 "Is Ryu's choice of hairstyle an homage to Jean-Luc Picard?" - planoptik 2018 jighart 2018-11-20T22:12:42Z
358 "I have been watching 4 foot salamis being forcibly shoved into shopping carts all day" - Salami "baliame" 2018 jighart 2018-11-22T23:35:00Z
359 "I wanna blow my load with you guys, if that makes sense. I want you to watch" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-11-22T23:56:37Z
360 "You're taken? I mean, for the right price, I could be untaken... K nevermind, I'm taken" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-12-01T00:23:03Z
361 "I'm having sex with random people on the internet and I'm doing that for YOU!" - Ryu 2018 jighart 2018-12-13T23:13:22Z
362 "I like beating beating people with sticks" - FloamLoller 2018 jighart 2018-12-14T23:34:20Z
363 "kay yes I am pretty trolly but I would never troll you honey" - Ruy 2018 jighart 2018-12-15T01:12:20Z
364 "God I missed this game" - RyuQuezacotl, Dec 28 2018 - https://clips.twitch.tv/UnusualLuckyPepperKappaClaus jighart 2018-12-28T22:57:18Z
365 "This is our plus plus llama, he doesn't have a butthole, in fact he has a gaping cavern.... Emm, yep! That's a llama!" - FloamLoller 2019 jighart 2019-01-03T23:50:56Z
366 "Headwear does pog mean" -bribleck, 2019 miommiomthemiommer 2019-01-07T10:24:12Z
367 "Honey, I just want to let you know there will be no more sex until I beat this game" - Ryu 2019, playing Boshy Jebaited jighart 2019-01-11T16:55:00Z
368 "I want a bigger projectile" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-01-11T20:31:17Z
369 "Welcome, my name's RyuQuezacotl, I am a better speedrunner than Teo1904, that's why he's hosting me 'cause HE IS MY BI..." - Ryu 2019 https://clips.twitch.tv/FancyCalmStinkbugPraiseIt jighart 2019-01-13T21:09:16Z
370 "That'll be the last time I ever sing on stream" - RyuQuezacotl, 14 Jan. 2019 https://clips.twitch.tv/FlirtyTenaciousPigBibleThump jighart 2019-01-14T21:38:37Z
371 "That was just bait to get people into the channel." ~ Ryu 2019 dragonflyomega 2019-01-16T21:08:44Z
372 "Those aren't meatballs, those are like cannons, MEAT CANNONS! ~ Ryu about Floam 2019 dragonflyomega 2019-01-16T21:16:41Z
373 "i think im on the final world" - Ryu 2019, entering world 9 in Boshy LUL jighart 2019-01-27T19:58:28Z
374 "Spamming pastas in chat is the meme equivalent of delivery by drone to your door" - Atterman 2019 jighart 2019-01-27T20:07:54Z
375 "I always forget to shower, it tastes better" - Ryu 2019 WutFace jighart 2019-01-29T07:14:40Z
376 "We'll say our vows with chapstick in each of our noses" - FloamLoller 2019 https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyCuriousSharkM4xHeh jighart 2019-01-30T17:14:33Z
377 "I just love a hard dick" - RyuQuezacotl, 2019 baliame 2019-02-01T13:05:35Z
378 "I split when I bone" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-02-01T22:42:37Z
379 "I can't find my tower" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-02-05T15:45:31Z
380 "Whats wrong with ass? I LOVE ASS" -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-02-11T22:42:31Z
381 "I don't want to see the bone... I DON'T WANT TO SEE THE BONE" -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-02-27T02:58:43Z
382 "There is nothing, and I mean this with, every bit of sincerity, there is nothing better than anime tiddies." - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-03-28T21:11:52Z
383 "I could go for a big bowl of doritos, with spiders on them." - Ryu, 2019 tannuu 2019-03-30T22:45:12Z
384 "Massive big pain in the bleeding dick!" -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-02T05:29:16Z
385 "Grab hold of somebodies cock and be a man for them." -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-03T20:22:03Z
386 "Spaghetti is only straight if it's al dente." - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-03T21:27:28Z
387 "2019 HP in 2019" -RyuQuezacotl 2019 itspumawins 2019-04-04T07:15:35Z
388 "I just heard something upstairs, might be a burglar. PLEASE TAKE THE CAT!!!" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-08T20:49:59Z
389 "Daggers have the fastest 75 all res." -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-11T18:35:56Z
390 "Massive God Cock, with Mayonnaise" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-16T16:25:42Z
391 "Diarhea technically makes you the olympic king of pooping tho" - Psychosheep42 - 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-18T19:15:54Z
392 "I'll be right back. I'm not coming back man, I'm so stressed out. Here, have a godamn cat." -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-04-20T05:39:37Z
393 "Where is this song from? SuperTeam_Go made it. With his BARE HANDS. He went to the mountains and brought down LAVA. And he put it in his computer! And he made this song! LAVA!" - Ryu 2019 donforgo 2019-04-24T03:12:12Z
394 "Why does a pornstar porn?" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-05-01T23:18:20Z
395 "I love that big D, but what I really wanna say is I love that D in my face" - Ryu 2019 ancestraltuna 2019-05-21T14:12:09Z
396 "Come on, stick it in the hole! ...I can't stick it in the hole." -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-05-25T19:29:35Z
397 "Good" - Ryu cytyzent 2019-05-28T05:06:12Z
398 "I can't words. FUCK ENGLISH!" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-07-03T06:46:49Z
399 "I swear to God man, if this mosquito kills my run, I'm going to... I'm going to get a flamethrower and go out to the forest, and I'm going to pay a visit to his family." -Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-07-06T03:01:27Z
400 "Dude. It's so small. I can't aim." Ryu 2K19 lammergeier350 2019-07-09T01:10:22Z
401 "It's like herpes, you can quit it, but it always comes back." -3Moth 2019 cytyzent 2019-08-07T02:26:41Z
402 "I feel like this is a mistake, let's do it" - Ryu 2019 donforgo 2019-09-08T19:00:20Z
403 "Guys why do you have to do the copy pasta, man, it's not funny, hehehe." Ryu Quezacotl 2019 donforgo 2019-09-10T05:57:15Z
404 "Sorry guys, I need to go AFK for awhile, my cat caught on fire. KITTY!" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-09-15T22:47:17Z
405 "I wonder when Vegans are feeling horny, do they talk about rubbing bacon grease all over their body?" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-09-16T04:15:03Z
406 "You want a real piece of candy? I got something you can suck on Kappa " - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-10-10T19:11:20Z
407 "Well, slap my dick with a toaster" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-10-15T17:20:36Z
408 "Oh god I was reading chat" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-10-19T14:34:15Z
409 "Cock to the magnitude of holy" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-10-23T06:18:05Z
410 "I wanna fight Solgryn again, this is so hard..." - Ryu 2019, on Boshy level 1 Kappa jighart 2019-10-23T10:55:18Z
411 "What the fuck is a milf?" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-10-25T18:07:55Z
412 "I could go for a sausage right now" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-10-30T18:37:00Z
413 "Hands freezing, legs freezing, feets freezing... Dude I could put my toes in your mixed drink, and it would go from room temperature to freezing cold" - Ryu 2019 🇨🇦 jighart 2019-10-30T20:29:38Z
414 "Worth it? I mean if you guys pay me enough money I'll show you my dick. Hum" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-11-04T23:30:35Z
415 "I found the trick to go faster: you just go faster!" - Ryu 2019 IQ jighart 2019-11-06T19:22:33Z
416 "I'M NOT CRAZY!" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-11-06T20:36:14Z
417 "I wonder if his dick has horns FeelsThinkingMan " - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-11-17T20:50:07Z
418 "I can't contain it man" - Tannuu 2019 jighart 2019-11-21T20:35:50Z
419 "Mother, I'm coming" - Alucard 1997 platonist 2019-11-21T20:37:48Z
420 " also be careful, the next one is quote 420" - Jighart 2019 platonist 2019-11-21T20:39:17Z
421 "This game seems really simple" - Ryu 2019, stage 3-2 of Castlevania 4 jighart 2019-11-22T20:53:14Z
422 "I don't wanna play anymore" - Ryu 2019, on stage 4-2 of Castlevania 4 LUL jighart 2019-11-22T21:39:39Z
423 "See the trick to kill that guy is to just not die!" - Ryu 2019 IQ jighart 2019-11-22T22:32:57Z
424 "I don't think I could take any amount of acid or shrooms or lick enough toads, to get the trip I'm getting from playing this game right now." - Ryu 2019 on CV2 cytyzent 2019-11-23T07:04:58Z
425 "One of these days I'm going to flip this desk. One of these days." - Ryu 2019 during SMB 1 cytyzent 2019-11-23T22:44:07Z
426 "Shrooms ain't gonna save me from the hole!" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-11-23T22:45:04Z
427 "Yeah I'd rather speedrun Tintin than this" - Ryu 2019 on SMB2 jighart 2019-11-24T20:45:00Z
428 "Whales are solid? Oh I didn't know that" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-11-24T22:14:03Z
429 "Ryu stay away from the Fuck Wall." - Ryu 2019 during SMB2 cytyzent 2019-11-24T23:29:37Z
430 "Everytime I look away for a second Ryu yells FUCK WALL and dies" - psychosheep42 2019 cytyzent 2019-11-24T23:30:38Z
431 "Oh it's terrible!... Why is he humping the chair?" - Ryu 2019 during SMB3 cytyzent 2019-11-25T01:17:05Z
432 "Why am I doing the level when I could just dog it?" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-12-02T21:45:33Z
433 "If spamming pastas was all you needed to do to get a sword, I'd have a fuckin armoury" - Atterman 2019 jighart 2019-12-03T21:15:31Z
434 "I have your teleport staff in my pants" - DonForgo 2019 jighart 2019-12-06T22:44:41Z
435 "What does VIP mean? It's like a friendzone between pleb and mod" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-12-06T23:12:23Z
436 "I can't blow it! What happened to my package?!" - Ryu 2019 jighart 2019-12-09T23:40:12Z
437 "I want my ammo back, I want my FUCKING ammo back." - Ryu 2019 during SH cytyzent 2019-12-16T14:41:39Z
438 "2dfa" - Ryu 2019? jighart 2019-12-17T23:54:28Z
439 "That is bigger than.... an Elephant Goatse" - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-12-19T19:56:41Z
440 "Jehryn's I can't finish a fucking sentence Jehryn's Butt." - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-12-19T20:24:08Z
441 "mayo in my sock mayo on my cock mayonnaise in my spaghetti-Os mayo between my toes i love eating mayo between ryu shows :) " - macohan1 2019 jighart 2019-12-19T21:21:36Z
442 "What time is it? Fucky-Sucky time." - Ryu 2019 cytyzent 2019-12-22T01:00:51Z
443 "I wish I did the toilet thing" - Ryu 2019 macohan1 2019-12-28T06:31:06Z
444 "hPPY NWQYWAE" - Tannuu, Dec 31 2019 jighart 2019-12-31T22:39:55Z
445 "Trash is better than trash" ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-02T06:00:04Z
446 "Guys I'm addicted to... bitch" - Ryu 2020 jighart 2020-01-08T17:00:02Z
447 "Ah fuck! I forgot the fucking fuck." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-14T03:54:48Z
448 "I have a very scared boner." - Broberown 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-14T03:58:52Z
449 "Do Bears have tits?" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-14T07:11:19Z
450 "Practice makes get fucked by RNG." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-16T00:44:56Z
451 "How do you not love this beautiful face? Don't you just want to stick your dick in my face?" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-19T23:09:03Z
452 "Just pee your pants already, I don't care!" - Brainlover1992 2020 https://clips.twitch.tv/BumblingUnsightlyEndiveShazBotstix jighart 2020-01-20T18:17:25Z
453 "The Tal rune, short for the run of “Talinysis” is named after the game designer Talynosis who developed the rune pattern inspired by the genitalia of the macawk monkey." -Starcities 2020 macohan1 2020-01-20T23:47:34Z
454 "The Hen of Evil. DEN OF EVIL. I can't speak! Fuck the Hens!" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-21T07:50:47Z
455 "What's it take for a man to hit a bear?" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-01-21T09:43:44Z
456 bad runes make the world go 'round generalandrews 2020-01-28T23:53:24Z
457 "Cock. Coooock. Cock. I love cock." - Ryu, 2020 baliame 2020-03-02T18:07:33Z
458 "Chat I promise, once I get out of act 3 I won't choke, I'll get it I promise" - Ryu 2020 jighart 2020-03-02T20:40:12Z
459 "I was curious whether unfollowing and following would result in a butt" - Yagamoth 2020 jighart 2020-03-02T22:35:21Z
460 "I'm gay, if I have kids I want to know what girl got me WutFace " - PanzerDave 2020 cytyzent 2020-03-05T22:11:19Z
461 "i was the original big poo poo" -- bluefire92626 das__geek 2020-04-01T22:20:06Z
462 "If Ryu WRs this run, I'll never unfollow him again" - DonForgo 2020 jighart 2020-04-05T07:42:45Z
463 "I really don't know how to fuck" - Ryu 2020 donforgo 2020-04-08T21:02:41Z
464 Hey the ocean called and shrimp lobster. - Ryu 2020 macohan1 2020-04-20T23:24:26Z
465 "I'm out of breath just by... putting toast in a toaster" - Ryu 2020 jighart 2020-04-22T19:17:03Z
466 "Ok, so you to want to get a mirror. And then you want to put your back facing the mirror. And then, it's gonna be, in your ass!" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-04-25T20:54:08Z
467 "Bad time TO FUCK!!!" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-04-30T18:24:02Z
468 "I need sleep, or like, a car battery to my nuts." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-05-03T03:56:05Z
469 "I just want to take an eggplant, puree it, and rub it all over my body." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-05-03T04:00:58Z
470 "I apologize for smashing you in the dick. You deserved it, but I'm still sorry." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-05-03T04:23:57Z
471 "Clubs should play D2 music? Then everyone would be Blood Raven." - Ryu 2020 https://clips.twitch.tv/AliveBoringSowSaltBae donforgo 2020-05-03T05:06:20Z
472 "YOU ARE SO BAD" - Teo1904 2020 jighart 2020-05-04T17:27:42Z
473 "Does this body look Vegan to you?!" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-05-11T01:37:45Z
474 "I have a huge boner for fade" - Ryu 2020 platonist 2020-05-11T02:55:06Z
475 'My first language is Kappa' - Ryu 2020 macohan1 2020-05-17T16:39:10Z
476 "I want that head!" mirrored_ 2020-05-19T03:58:26Z
477 "I usually just troll chat and not pay much attention to the stream." donforgo 2020-05-21T04:25:28Z
478 "Just one more. One more. ONE MORE! I CAN STOP WHENEVER I WANT!" - Ryu 2020 pepeSmoke jighart 2020-05-21T08:30:10Z
479 "I feel like some kind of item slut, just getting bukkake'd by equipment" - Ryu 2020 mirrored_ 2020-05-22T16:16:15Z
480 "Just open your mouth if you need seeds." - Bender_ 2020 cytyzent 2020-05-28T20:18:53Z
481 "I don't mind my ass being blasted" - Ryu 2020 WutFace jighart 2020-06-03T18:49:50Z
482 "There's a special place in my freezer for you." - Ryu, 2020 slartiphukborlz 2020-06-08T04:21:59Z
483 "Never let me design a rail system. I'LL KILL EVERYONE." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-06-18T06:24:55Z
484 "Fuck me silly with a rusty spoon!" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-06-19T08:54:23Z
485 "They are spit-roasting the FUCK out of that nurse." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-06-19T09:17:46Z
486 "If i wanna farm I ride a tractor." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-07T15:01:23Z
487 "Motherfucking son of a cockshit" - RyuQuezacotl 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-07T17:55:41Z
488 "Is it socially acceptable to die in this dungeon?" - Brainlover1992 in the first ALttP dungeon ruyuLUL jighart 2020-07-09T14:23:58Z
489 "I'm not going to call myself an expert, but after 125 attempts and dying to a Plant, have you considered veganism?" - anothernamebitesthedust 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-13T16:33:13Z
490 "Gonna rip up my house and blow torch every spider I find." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-14T10:18:38Z
491 "I may be bad at math, but I know how to divide your mom's leg and fucking multiply." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-15T14:11:48Z
492 "Caveman drink coffee, fuck coffee hot." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-23T04:13:26Z
493 "Is the point of the game to see how quickly you can kill your character?" - baumstarr 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-29T05:18:28Z
494 "Oh my god, I just swallowed my.... testicles." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-07-31T07:21:59Z
495 "Your mom said you're smart? Your mom's stupid too." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-08-01T01:50:49Z
496 "Isn't Palpatine some girl in Star Wars?" - Ryu 2020 jighart 2020-08-04T08:22:16Z
497 "The places my penis has been I am definitely going to hell." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-08-22T17:39:28Z
498 "WEEEEEEEEEE, NINTENDO WIIIIII!" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-02T05:36:20Z
499 "According to the ancient Chinese story I just made up in my head, it's the reason the Chinese invented Peking Duck. To avoid evil and death in their homes." - Misachiever 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-03T06:27:52Z
500 "I take it your sex life is at a dead stop Reg." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-03T06:40:50Z
501 "If you're trying to assert dominance over a hippo, loose and easily flingible is better." - NiteKat 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-03T18:19:06Z
502 "Sharks truly are the unicorns of the ocean." - Ryu, 2020 tannuu 2020-09-05T18:09:23Z
503 "Sharks are the ocean of the unicorn." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-05T18:10:30Z
504 "Executive fuckin decision" - DomCola1 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-07T03:35:56Z
505 "ANAL. BUTT SEX. FUDGE, PACKER. *giggles*" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-07T22:51:02Z
506 "Does the Pope shit in the woods?" - Ryu 2020 domcola1 2020-09-09T02:36:05Z
507 "Can't stay away from the hoes THEY'RE EVERYWHERE" - Brainlover1992 2020 jighart 2020-09-10T20:49:15Z
508 "How sweaty is it? I can smell my own ass juice." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-11T21:19:10Z
509 "Have you really been in one of my Sims family if you haven't peed yourself, multiple times?" Brainlover1992 2020 jighart 2020-09-12T19:21:58Z
510 "I will suck dicks for gems right now" - Ryu 2020 jighart 2020-09-25T18:21:52Z
511 "Never though I'd get to see a dog punted as a weapon. Outstanding." - sineporf 2020 cytyzent 2020-09-29T21:03:34Z
512 "Dude, you can't speedrun this game! IT'S INSANE!" - Ryu 2020 during Spelunky 2 cytyzent 2020-09-29T21:08:17Z
513 "Its so short it doesn't even matter" - Ryu 2020 domcola1 2020-10-10T15:36:55Z
514 "Believe me, I'm murdering them while I have a massive boner" - Ryu, 2020 tannuu 2020-10-30T19:54:40Z
515 "Just penetrate, I guess." -Ryu, 2020 atterman 2020-11-01T22:02:55Z
516 "It continues the grow, the amount of gas I have." - Ruyu, 2020 tannuu 2020-11-03T05:43:12Z
517 "You know I'm just not going to read chat anymore." - Ryu2020 cytyzent 2020-11-08T06:04:42Z
518 "As a gay man, it is also beyond me." - Panzer 2020 cytyzent 2020-11-08T06:07:22Z
519 "I got greedy! Ugh! I got greedy!!" - RyuQuezacotl 2017 cytyzent 2020-11-09T20:48:00Z
520 "Oh god I just swallowed my ass" - Ryu 2020 jighart 2020-11-10T10:25:30Z
521 "It is together. In the shit bucket." - NiteKat 2020 cytyzent 2020-11-11T19:51:29Z
522 "Look, when 4 different witches sense my soul searching for answers, it gets confusing who fucked satan" - Life_TACTICS 2020 cytyzent 2020-11-11T20:53:57Z
523 "It looks nicer when you stretch it, I suppose" - Ryu 2020 domcola1 2020-11-15T05:18:23Z
524 "It looks nicer when you stretch it, I suppose" - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-11-15T05:19:52Z
525 "I feel like I could suck 10 dicks right now." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-11-16T05:18:26Z
526 Miserable Mount of DEECK! heavenslast 2020-11-16T05:43:17Z
527 "If Cy was gonna cause an apocalypse, it would be called a ShittyPocalypse KEKWlaugh " - TheDanishEditor 2020 cytyzent 2020-11-19T19:42:23Z
528 "What does arigato means? Isn't that mexican?" - Ryu 2020 KKona jighart 2020-11-22T13:43:24Z
529 "Why would I let my phone access my wife?" - Ryu2020 cytyzent 2020-12-07T07:24:36Z
530 "Stupid children's mining game. Piece of garbage. Ass. Fuck. Assfuck." -Ryu2020 cytyzent 2020-12-07T07:37:48Z
531 "Capture card, you put your shit in there." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-12-24T08:13:15Z
532 "What I'm trying to say is I really wanna blow it out my asshole." - Ryu 2020 cytyzent 2020-12-24T08:22:03Z
533 "Oh tiny pickles, those are the kind my wife likes." - Ryu 2020 https://clips.twitch.tv/FitMoistPlumberCoolStoryBob cytyzent 2020-12-24T10:09:10Z
534 "I wish that dragon would die so I can squat on its face and it can suck my hemorrhoids" - Ryu 2020 domcola1 2020-12-29T21:48:40Z
535 "I don't wanna be trolled" - Ryu, 2021, after timing out two heinous trolls in chat tannuu 2021-01-04T22:41:30Z
536 "I feel like this game is too easy." - Ryu 2021 domcola1 2021-01-05T00:36:58Z
537 "He just stuck his dick in a cannon" - Ryu, 2021 tannuu 2021-01-21T13:42:53Z
538 "whats up ass_brains, welcome to the channel." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-01-29T20:49:04Z
539 "Dude, I just got hammered bukaked. That's probably why you should keep me off speakers." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-01-29T21:28:44Z
540 "Beat the mushroom" - Ryu 2021 domcola1 2021-01-29T21:33:42Z
541 "Fuck me, Fuck me right in the nose." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-01-30T20:54:46Z
542 "It didn't fit, so I ended up trading my wife" - Ryu 2021 jighart 2021-01-31T21:38:27Z
543 "Wait doesn't he swallow when he comes out?" - Ryu 2021 on SMW jighart 2021-01-31T22:11:52Z
544 "I'm just trying to milk the balloon a little bit" — Ryu, 2021 atterman 2021-01-31T22:16:13Z
545 "I can't read acrylic" - Ryu 2021 Pepega jighart 2021-02-01T00:02:51Z
546 "I might eat a dog for the sake of eating a dog." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-02-04T00:48:44Z
547 "If you don't get hit by those bananas, it's bad." -Ryu 2021 atterman 2021-02-05T11:13:08Z
548 "I enjoy a good unicorn burger with a side of Sasquatch, Lock Ness fries and some sphincter salad" -Ryu 2021 domcola1 2021-02-13T18:43:04Z
549 "HE'S JUST A MAN!" - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-02-17T23:43:54Z
550 "Ducks aren't real lol" -AncestralTuna ancestraltuna 2021-03-27T22:41:12Z
551 "Chess is StarCraft" - Ryu 2021 platonist 2021-04-04T21:37:49Z
552 "COME ON MY FACE!" - Ryu 2021 jighart 2021-05-07T07:19:17Z
553 "Dude, I just came!" — Ryu, 2021 atterman 2021-05-16T01:14:46Z
554 "I'm legitimately too tired to get hard atm." - Durran 2021 cytyzent 2021-05-16T03:11:43Z
555 "We talked about cum then got invaded by Russia." _ Durran 2021 cytyzent 2021-05-17T05:17:54Z
556 Can I go through this fire? donforgo 2021-05-24T02:01:24Z
557 "I'm feeling it like a dick in my mouth." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-05-26T06:14:20Z
558 "As a streamer, I get to say WHAT I WANT. And you guys don't get to say ANYTHING!" - RyuQuezacotl June 2021 atterman 2021-06-02T11:08:02Z
559 "Today I'll be the one who does the fucking, Lord de Seis." — Ryu, 2021 atterman 2021-06-09T19:20:22Z
560 "That's just the hotdog you were deepthroating." - drunkenfuryz 2021 cytyzent 2021-06-16T19:32:47Z
561 "If duct tape hasn't fixed a marriage, you just haven't used enough duct tape yet." - Regasin 2021 cytyzent 2021-06-25T11:09:35Z
562 "Riding a shark would shred your groin." - Durran 2021 cytyzent 2021-07-11T17:20:57Z
563 "You also need to lick the ground to moisturize it for that authentic slug experience." - Abdiel_Kavash 2021 cytyzent 2021-07-14T00:45:39Z
564 "This is like when you're watching porn, and the power goes out." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-07-14T23:56:48Z
565 "Dude running around with 1.8k life and no flask. Dude can use his dick as a scarf it's so big. Jesus." - Ironstag 2021 cytyzent 2021-07-25T06:29:26Z
566 "Professional Your-Mom-Fucker. Got 'em!" - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-07-26T23:20:03Z
567 "Yours is definitely faster than what I wanna try. I wanna try something a little more safe, but I'll do the whole pulling-out thing." - Ryu, 2021 atterman 2021-07-26T23:28:36Z
568 "Kay, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. The first time i ever ever EVER EVER, had sexual activity with somebody else, she FUCKING CHEWED MY DICK" - Ryu, 2021 tannuu 2021-07-27T20:47:00Z
569 "I walked past a jar of mayo at work the other day and thought of you. Then I puked a little." - RetroIslandGaming 2021 cytyzent 2021-08-05T18:36:41Z
570 "I'm counting on @Eojj14 to code me weed shop type game but with sex toys." - OldestMemer 2021 cytyzent 2021-08-08T01:38:26Z
571 "Cock meat sandwich. Ok, good time to look at chat." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-08-15T16:43:39Z
572 "Scientifical" - Ryu cytyzent 2021-08-15T16:58:33Z
573 "Can u get pragnenenant from beeg wurm?" - PanzerDave 2021 cytyzent 2021-08-15T21:37:58Z
574 "Am I a spaceship?" - Ryu 2021 During Undertale cytyzent 2021-08-26T22:42:54Z
575 "Let me step on this person's face again." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-08-26T23:25:03Z
576 "Mayo is Satan's Cum" - DurranSD 2021 cytyzent 2021-09-10T19:51:15Z
577 "If Mayo is Satan's Cum then I am going to hell." - Ryu 2021 cytyzent 2021-09-10T19:51:35Z
578 "Cum in my mouth Satan gachiHYPER " - Makedonski88 2021 cytyzent 2021-09-10T19:52:15Z
579 "This feels wrong" - Ryu Playing Plague Knight guysimhelping 2021-09-21T19:26:30Z
580 "A man can only play so much D2 and drink so much ducky cum in one life time." - arctor12 2022 cytyzent 2022-04-06T19:25:27Z
581 "Suck my Flatus, Bitch!" -Ryu 2022 cytyzent 2022-04-18T19:57:25Z
582 "You just get up, turn around, bend over, and fart on the therapist." - Ryu 2022 cytyzent 2022-04-29T17:04:09Z
583 "Face Jizz. Nice hot creamy load all over my face." - Ryu 2022 cytyzent 2022-05-18T16:44:51Z
584 "Can you imagine you go to the proctologist, and they insert their hand in your butt... Imagine if they pull out 20 dollars. Would you keep it?" 🚽 - Ryu 2022 atterman 2022-08-29T16:01:37Z
585 "cream de la penis" - NeveRMinDude cytyzent 2023-07-29T18:37:34Z
586 "enough to warrant therapy monkaS " - AndariRoss 2023 cytyzent 2023-07-30T16:02:24Z
587 "Hey Honey. This run is fast. I can feel it in my nipples." - Ryu 2023 cytyzent 2023-08-14T13:41:45Z
588 "Whatever tickles your ass. Whatever... makes you cum." - Ryu 2023 cytyzent 2023-08-15T17:21:58Z
589 "Gods. Just ripped a monster of a fart and now me room smells like Garlic-roasted-Rat." - Craigpd 2023 cytyzent 2023-08-16T17:10:00Z
590 "You blame the swapcasting? I blame the cumswapping. Wait, I didn't say that." - Ryu 2023 cytyzent 2023-09-12T19:15:00Z
591 "Sounds like I need to make an OnlyFans." - Ryu 2023 cytyzent 2023-09-14T22:47:17Z
592 "Cream de la penis, Excellent." - Ryu 2023 cytyzent 2023-09-15T16:44:30Z
593 "As a mod, I tend not to fuck with things I don't understand." - Cyt 2023 cytyzent 2023-09-15T17:31:26Z
594 "It is Penis in greek." - fIuffee 2023 cytyzent 2023-09-16T13:40:19Z
595 "'What sort of things do you do on your knees Ryu?' Blowjobs, Paint, ..." Ryu - 2023 (and peras04) cytyzent 2023-09-22T20:01:52Z
596 I would want a tattoo on my ballsack. - Ryu Oct 2023 donforgo 2023-10-26T01:17:52Z
597 "Chat I can't believe I said I was good at this game." - Ryu 2024 cytyzent 2024-01-05T16:33:30Z
598 "That split is wider than my wife." -Ryu 2024 cytyzent 2024-01-11T00:08:48Z
599 "Did he trip balls after? That's a good question." - Ryu 2024 cytyzent 2024-01-22T17:28:34Z
600 "Holy tentacles. Somebody ordered Hentai." - Ryu 2024 cytyzent 2024-01-23T16:30:27Z
601 "I would be like 'hey yo, girl, shit on my chest.'" - Ryu 2024 cytyzent 2024-01-25T14:50:26Z
602 "I got on mobile just to say WTF to Ryu's kiddy pool." - Floam 2024 cytyzent 2024-01-29T17:08:15Z
603 "It tastes like sour ass." - Ryu 2024 cytyzent 2024-02-17T10:25:38Z
604 "I just drank goat semen? Yo, for semen, that tasted pretty good." - Ryu 2024 cytyzent 2024-02-20T16:40:31Z
605 "Is this the beginning of Quezacuckl?" - Jester_TB 2024 cytyzent 2024-03-01T14:54:03Z