# Quote Editor Edited
1 "No Kappa , no stream." -Evan 2015 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:46:25Z
2 "Adam's resolve is tested, he becomes... A licker!" -Biochimist 2015 randomcows 2015-11-17T23:52:22Z
3 "Yo, did you just cross a road, 'cause you're lookin' a little chicken." -Adam 2015 randomcows 2015-11-17T23:55:19Z
4 "If you want to suck dick, suck dick - I don't care." -Evan 2015 randomcows 2015-11-17T23:56:01Z
5 "A hat, a backpack and an emover walk into a bar. The bartender: 'What the fuck are you doing?' Them: 'Saving the world.'" -Adam/Evan 2015 randomcows 2015-11-18T00:02:19Z
6 "I wanna get fuuuucked!" -Evan 2015 randomcows 2015-11-30T03:50:31Z
7 "Stick it in my moouutthhhh." -Evan 2015 randomcows 2015-11-30T03:51:05Z
8 "EAT UNIVERSE DONUTS!" -Evan 2015 randomcows 2015-11-30T03:53:24Z
9 "One time Brandon said 'Check out this musical artist' and I was like, "That's a furry.'" -Evan 2015 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:13:50Z
10 "I will fight any child you put in front of me." -Evan 2015 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:46:58Z
11 "I don't wanna pull out if I don't have to." -Evan 2015 randomcows 2015-12-28T04:53:40Z
12 ''I told him where to put it.'' -Adam 2015 randomcows 2015-12-28T04:54:03Z
13 "It has to do with cock." -Evan 2016 randomcows 2016-01-10T04:46:04Z
14 "You get to sleep in the barn outside." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:47:24Z
15 "The Battle for Gliese Lake has begun. The Battle for Gliese Lake has begun. The Battle for Gliese Lake has begun." -Robocraft Announcer 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:48:36Z
16 "Don't talk shit about my 8-bit dick." -Evan 2016 randomcows 2016-01-16T03:40:35Z
17 "Let's go fist fight Hugh Heffner." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:48:21Z
18 "I only know that the Carolina Panthers are playing because I live in South Tennessee." -Andrew 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:49:09Z
19 "Oh look, it's Onionhead Mc. Dildofingers." -Adam 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:49:38Z
20 " I ship Monkey D Luffy with the companion cube." -Adam 2016 randomcows 2016-02-23T03:13:32Z
21 "Solaire doesn't care what you're packing below, as long as you're praising what's up above." -Adam 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:50:05Z
22 "You can't lick her she is mine to lick." -Caterpie 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:50:50Z
23 "Jerk Buttholes" -Aoi cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:51:01Z
24 "U MAD BRONOKUM8" -MultiSoulZero 2016 randomcows 2016-04-17T01:42:49Z
25 "Let's get 5 steering wheels and 2 venus flytraps." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:51:22Z
26 What about people who quote people who quote themselves. "Like Evan Said "Like I said in 2005, I like donuts"" - Mitch 2016 eatur 2016-04-24T21:26:07Z
27 "What about people who quote people who quote people who quote people who quote themselves? "Like I said "like steve said "like evan said "like i said in 2005 i like donuts.""""" -Pikachamig 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:53:36Z
28 "No matter how hard a small dog tries, it will never become a large dog..." -Nagito "Dickface Naruto" Komaeda cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:54:07Z
29 "Demon-Sensei is not pleased with freely giving away of the Seeds of the Sun." -Ruincape 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:54:38Z
30 "Never tell your password to anyone." -Richard M. Nixon 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:55:03Z
31 "That's annoying. I guess I should just awkwardly laugh about it then... Heh...heh...heh heh..." -Nagito "Naruto" Komaeda "Bromaeda" 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:55:40Z
32 "IT'S FUCKIN DIS!" -Everyone 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:57:22Z
33 "EAT WELL! SHIT WELL!" -Minimaru 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:56:32Z
34 "I'm cool playing second banana." -Yosuke 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:56:47Z
35 "God, just let me in the hole!" -Evan 2016 randomcows 2016-06-06T22:02:32Z
36 "Make animes, not enemies." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:57:02Z
37 "Your name is baby and I'm putting you in the corner, now get the fuck in the closet." -Andrew 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:57:42Z
38 "Yeah actually, that crossed my mind when I was humping the wall." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:58:36Z
39 "MAXIMUM EMOTION EXPLOSIONS!" -Weeaboo Tarantino 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:59:17Z
40 "Neither a Fletchling." eatur 2016-08-06T22:58:48Z
41 "ARE YOU EATING MY POTATOES YOU BIG ASSHOLE!?" -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:02:37Z
42 "CHECK OUT THE PYRAMIDS ON THIS BROAD." -Adam 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:03:49Z
43 "Duck Savagery is for the birds, I'm more into large mammal savagery these days." -Mitch 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:23:32Z
44 "What the fucking fucking FUCKING FUCK IS THAT?!" -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:25:49Z
45 "I'm good at run." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:26:14Z
46 <No one likes a sticky dicky- Evan 2016> milhousemcmuffin 2016-08-27T01:37:52Z
47 "Corn's not a berry, it's a fruit!" -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:34:42Z
48 "Old people and square pizzas go hand-in-hand. 'Cuz they're both... awful." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:35:52Z
49 "Yerrp." -Egg 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:38:50Z
50 "I'm a small, precious cinnamon roll." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:39:40Z
51 "MY question is... Fuck." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:40:23Z
52 "Budebedueh." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:40:44Z
53 "A termite in the wood will fuck you up good." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:41:04Z
54 "When the engine nuts but you keep spanning." -Evan 2016 PogChamp http://prnt.sc/cyi7un PogChamp cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:41:56Z
55 "Yo, I'm a fart." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:42:50Z
56 "You are a penis unicorn." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:43:24Z
57 "NO! MY ARMCHAIR!" -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:44:37Z
58 "So they have prostitutes and tornadoes? Sounds like Oklahoma really blows." -supervirtualboyshow 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T21:45:12Z
59 "Don't dance with scarecrows. I once danced with a scarecrow and the moon killed me." -Egg 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:14:35Z
60 "You got to look at food and say yea that's foood." -Egg 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:14:59Z
61 "George Washington, Adolf Hitler, and Han Solo sit around playing D&D. The DM goes "Roll initiative to see if you shoot first." -Caterpie’s Dream & Adam 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:15:51Z
62 "Cows notices the ground bulging then goes "OwO what's dis?" -Caterpie 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:17:40Z
63 "Man, we suck-- Comna Sword sucks." -Evan 2016 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:20:19Z
64 "How do I know if I'm standing up, if I've never eaten lobster?" -Adam 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:21:02Z
65 "One time at bandcamp, we re-enacted Danganronpa. By the way, I'm gonna have to leave early tonight for some sleep. My best friend's funeral anniversary is tomorrow" - MultiSoulZero 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-01-07T00:52:22Z
66 "wait...I Probably should have pulled out" - Randomcows 2017 goblinsteve 2017-01-07T22:45:49Z
67 "TASTE MY WEEEEEEIIIIIIINNNNNNEEEERRRRRRR" - Mama Flasky 2017 eatur 2017-01-09T03:10:57Z
68 "Burning this forest is sounding better and better." - Ruincape 2017 randomcows 2017-01-14T01:56:21Z
69 If I want to watch Netflix then I'll bring out my toaster - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-01-21T22:37:27Z
70 "OHHHHHHHHHHH MAAAARRRIIIAAAAAAAA" - Guy Who Sings Song 2017 eatur 2017-01-24T04:23:41Z
71 My house is still on fire but look.... I've been busy!" - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-01-29T03:57:47Z
72 Was I a tentacle monster the whole time?! -Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-01-29T04:03:28Z
73 It looks like shit with corn in it! - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-02-06T01:00:05Z
74 I have a new dream, one day I am going to stream while having a plethora of beautiful women feed me doughnuts - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-02-07T02:55:22Z
75 "soundboard was banned." - CoeBot 2017 eatur 2017-02-12T01:26:01Z
76 " !quote 76 " - !quote 76 2017 eatur 2017-02-12T01:32:46Z
77 " !ban energenicgamer " eatur 2017-02-12T01:38:29Z
78 "Marbled Beef: The marbled part is the locus of its power." - Digimon 2017 eatur 2017-02-12T03:20:06Z
79 "He has an EYEBALL for a PENIS. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't take him seriously. I can't - am I supposed to be scared? All I can look at is his eyeball-dick. He says "look me in the eyes" and I dunno where to look I stare at his junk." - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-02-18T22:47:22Z
80 "I'm a fucking mistake" - rnultisoulzero 2017 goblinsteve 2017-02-26T03:37:05Z
81 bullets are sorta like penises. very high velocity penises - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-02-27T01:34:28Z
82 "Toil, Shrew." - Britney Spears 2013 eatur 2017-03-07T04:24:46Z
83 I always swallow - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-03-11T00:55:18Z
84 I guess cults are supposed to be secret- Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-03-12T04:48:01Z
85 Take my large blue ball sack... it will make you happy - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-03-18T21:00:43Z
86 "Hermes, herpes, whatever." - Santa 2017 eatur 2017-03-25T02:27:37Z
87 "Unfortunately, that's the wrong answer. Actually... I'm Santa." Junpei "Jumpy" Santa, 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-03-27T03:20:27Z
88 9- Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-03-28T04:50:55Z
89 "His penis is so big it's coming through the window" - Randomcows 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-04-07T23:08:41Z
90 "Cheese." - Carlos 2017 eatur 2017-04-17T21:50:47Z
91 "Enjoy my ass." - Junpei 2017 eatur 2017-04-21T21:08:41Z
92 "All I had to do was look, and not be stupid." - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-04-29T03:53:00Z
93 "I need help" - Randomcows 2017 goblinsteve 2017-05-01T01:16:21Z
94 "Deploy the ball sack" - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-05-01T03:45:48Z
95 "I'm sorry, I'm constantly farting okay?" -Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-05-13T03:07:04Z
96 "Is it weird that I like to occasionally flip my dog off?"-Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-05-22T00:38:51Z
97 "You remind me of the babe.What babe? Babe with the power.What power? Power of voodoo.Who do? You do.Do what? Remind me of the babe." - David Bowie 1986 eatur 2017-05-22T21:10:44Z
98 "Can you get out from inside me? I wanna talk to this girl but you're inside of me." - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-05-22T23:52:02Z
99 "I've never been defeated by a helmet wearing bug in my life and I never will be" - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-06-24T23:05:42Z
100 "Can I have quote 100? I still don't have a quote"- Mily 2017 eatur 2017-06-25T23:11:53Z
101 "The three pillars of humanity- porn, fried chicken, and manga" Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-07-01T23:35:01Z
102 "I don't pick who I die to, they just kill me" -Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-07-15T02:47:42Z
103 "Life is just a series of cock-blocks" -Evan 2017 randomcows 2017-07-16T02:46:18Z
104 "I'm gay but I have EYES, Evan." - Medly 2017, in reference to the one known as "David Tennant". eatur 2017-07-16T21:49:04Z
105 "I don't wanna piss myself while screaming cuz a wanker beat me in combat." - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-07-25T01:42:44Z
106 "AHHH FLYS *Burp* FUCK I SURPRISE BURPED" - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-07-31T00:31:45Z
107 "Consume whoop ass!" -Evan 2017 randomcows 2017-08-04T23:32:34Z
108 "NO I GOT DISTRACTED BY VORE DAY" - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-08-11T22:36:12Z
109 "it" goblinsteve 2017-08-13T21:57:58Z
110 "It's going in the volcano!" - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-08-18T23:28:59Z
111 "This RNG sucks my dick, and not in a good way." - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-08-20T01:30:30Z
112 "im 11 and henry pls sho me ur vegita" - multisoulzero 2017 eatur 2017-08-21T21:06:07Z
113 "Put a sign above your dick that says shop! FUCK YOU!" - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-08-21T21:07:49Z
114 "Eat Taco Bell, rob a bank." - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-09-02T02:01:53Z
115 "I slammed a penguin in there and never came 'til it was 69." -Evan 2017 randomcows 2017-09-09T02:49:00Z
116 "This game is a bunch of poopy butts!" - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-09-10T23:47:44Z
117 "CoeBot: coeBot throws a tomato at Evan... SPLAT!" RIP 2016-2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-09-19T01:36:49Z
118 "One who knows nothing can understand nothing." - Evan's favorite videogame 2002 eatur 2017-09-19T02:24:28Z
119 "The game is slapping me square in the dick right now" - Evan 2017 randomcows 2017-09-24T01:39:28Z
120 Fred's not a crusader, he's a abomination and i stand by that - Evan 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-09-25T03:19:42Z
121 "You place the potato firmly onto your penis, and that's the government of my stream." - Evan 2017 randomcows 2017-09-25T21:34:50Z
122 "Kids are bad, drugs. Eat your school. Vegetables to work. And go to learn." -Cyberradiation99 2017 randomcows 2017-09-26T01:12:39Z
123 "Rolling around at the speed of fast! Going fast! Touch my ass!" - Evan 2017 eatur 2017-09-29T23:21:57Z
124 "From PogChamp to ResidentSleeper in 2.8 seconds" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-09-30T17:42:46Z
125 "These dingusses being all like HYMMUMNNINMMAM" milhousemcmuffin 2017-10-02T23:40:09Z
126 Only murderers grow out creepy facial hair like mustaches and goatees - Kokichi "King" Oma milhousemcmuffin 2017-10-03T00:22:24Z
127 "Gentlemen not chuck dead bodies!" -Gonta 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-03T01:20:47Z
128 "Don't make Daddy maddy!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-03T02:09:41Z
129 "Grandmas...are nice..." - Gonta 2017 milhousemcmuffin 2017-10-07T00:06:00Z
130 "Nope, don't quote this. I swear to God." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-07T22:28:17Z
131 "What if uhhh... Evil, what if everyone Evil?!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-08T00:51:34Z
132 "!quate add" NotLikeThis -Cyber 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-08T00:52:34Z
133 "Quit talking about your poop! No one cares!" -Himiko the teenage witch 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-08T02:11:12Z
134 "I have Kappa s for eyeballs!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-08T22:41:15Z
135 "The lettuce! The lettuce is missing! Now there's only bacon and tomato!!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-09T22:12:53Z
136 "MAKI." eatur 2017-10-10T03:14:03Z
137 "I wanna stroke my e-peen." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-15T02:26:00Z
138 "If your kids are cute, put a bomb inside them!" -Monokuma 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-16T00:54:13Z
139 "DanganRonpa HD 5.3 Final Chapter Prologue 0.2: Death By Bears" - MedleyDelta 2017 eatur 2017-10-16T03:46:58Z
140 "Despair and Madness? Gahhh... Just let me go bang my friends!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-16T23:53:38Z
141 "Fuck you I wanna have a terrible time! Eat my balls!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-16T23:55:43Z
142 "Time to look up all 0 of my quotes" -Like 90% of chat at all times (No regrets) 2017 Kappa cyberradiation99 2017-10-17T00:06:38Z
143 "You know what they say about big hands.... Don't fuck your sister!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-17T02:28:57Z
144 "Fuck-a-lee duck-a-lee, and not in a good way." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-17T02:34:14Z
145 "Hey guuuurl, are your tits hamburgers? 'Cuz they look delicious." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-17T03:06:20Z
146 "It takes me away to a happy place of waifus and gambling... for waifus." -Cyber 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-10-28T21:34:39Z
147 "It's Magic!" - Himiko 2017 eatur 2017-10-30T01:28:37Z
148 "WOMEN ARE SCARY, DUDE! I shouldn't be dating. I shouldn't be dating. I shouldn't be dating. I shouldn't be dating." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-11-04T23:33:05Z
149 "That's the only kind of ass sucking that I am okay with." -Evan 2017 eatur 2017-11-07T00:24:53Z
150 "Once one person gets a boner everyone gets a boner." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-11-13T00:20:05Z
151 "Do you wanna go in through the butt? I feel like you should. I feel like you should go in through the butt." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-11-20T03:00:21Z
152 "I get to fuck while I'm inside a fish. This is all I've ever wanted" - CyberRadiation99 2017 goblinsteve 2017-11-20T03:20:13Z
153 "I don't know what I'm fucking doing" - Mily 2017 goblinsteve 2017-11-20T03:20:41Z
154 "I'M PLAYING VIDEOGAMES I CAN'T ADD QUOTES ALL DAY DAMMIT!" -Adam 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-11-20T03:22:48Z
155 "Protect your kingdom." -P Diddy 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-12-09T20:27:13Z
156 "Byorf" -The Derpy Cat Staring Emote 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-12-19T00:07:32Z
157 "Imma break everything." -Cyber 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-12-24T03:12:49Z
158 "We're on a first name basis 'cause I've been putting my dick in her for 12 years!" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-12-26T01:40:37Z
159 "WHAT'S UP JAMES BOND!? YOU WANT SOME PUBES!?" -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-12-26T02:53:06Z
160 "THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME!?" - JRPG Guards 2017 eatur 2017-12-30T02:55:57Z
161 "Byorf number one is obvious. It's the big byorf." -Evan 2017 cyberradiation99 2017-12-31T01:53:48Z
162 "Blah li bleh! Bloop grah grong!" -Falala the Nopon 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-01-09T02:25:49Z
163 "I'M REALLY FEELING IT!" - Shulk 2011 eatur 2018-01-06T22:58:56Z
164 "I need to focus on today's goal: Acquire new waifu." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-01-09T02:26:31Z
165 "Alright well, I guess I'll just have to continue hating you then." -Evan 2018 (Directed towards Cyber) cyberradiation99 2018-01-09T02:26:54Z
166 "Friend is big dumdum." -Rododo 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-01-09T02:24:39Z
167 "I'm very digilent." - Evan 2018 eatur 2018-01-15T22:35:23Z
168 "Just try and fucking stop me chat. I'll stick my dick in a lemon if I want to!" -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-01-15T23:27:12Z
169 "I shouldn't have licked the crusty on my hand. There's no going back now." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-01-21T01:45:35Z
170 "TRULY AWESOME." - Jin 2018 eatur 2018-01-28T02:21:16Z
171 "I just spent all of my stamina humping the ground." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-01-30T01:11:43Z
172 "Sometimes you forget your balls. Sometimes your balls forget you." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-11T02:51:24Z
173 "It's what's on the inside that counts right? Because on the outside I look like an alien dominatrix." - Evan 2018 eatur 2018-02-12T23:50:58Z
174 "Who's a good boy? Not you! You're a horrifying monstrosity!" -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-16T21:51:20Z
175 "Only one side of the coin can be flipped." -Child from Pokemon Order and Chaos 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-19T21:22:34Z
176 "TYPE IS CLOWN??" -Evan 2018 eatur 2018-02-19T21:54:04Z
177 "THIS MONTH, WE HAVE INCREASED THE ECONMY!" -Pokemon Order/Chaos 2018 eatur 2018-02-20T01:09:55Z
178 "My daughter should be real." -Subway man from Pokemon Order and Chaos 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-20T23:47:48Z
179 "My dingers aren't that sausage. Duck. Shit." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-21T00:10:00Z
180 "I didn't fuck up. I LEARNED." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-24T00:37:45Z
181 "I would love to be smeared in cold yogurt right now. I probably shouldn't have said that. Chat, can you smear me in cold yogurt?" -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-24T04:02:04Z
182 "Nope, I'm dumb. Don't listen to me." -Mitch 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-02-27T02:24:24Z
183 "That's not nothing. That is some powerful and quality air humping." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-03T01:35:50Z
184 "You wanna buy some FUCKING COW JIZZ? You kids want some cow jizz? Two thousand dollars." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-04T16:14:50Z
185 "It's not crusty, it's just mysterious." -Evan 2018 eatur 2018-03-04T22:23:08Z
186 "Yeah dude it's 1028." -Cyber 1028 cyberradiation99 2018-03-04T22:23:37Z
187 "Stop jizzing in the corner and let me through! Are you really doing this right now? Augh, AUGH." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-05T03:10:16Z
188 "This game just. It just. Yup." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-07T01:35:26Z
189 "I'm feeling as if large penis right now." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-10T02:20:59Z
190 "I am going to lick this man's mother." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-10T03:28:41Z
191 "We've even never seen those Dark Works here." - Pokemon MEGA POWER 2018 eatur 2018-03-16T21:02:33Z
192 "I still have to bring these idiots home and feed them delicious candy so that they can become not useless." -Evan 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-17T20:38:35Z
193 "I'm just fapping this guy to death." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-19T22:33:56Z
194 "Stick your head up in his butt! Headbutt! Stick your butt up in his head! Butthead!" -Evan singing a somewhat angry song 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-20T01:53:06Z
195 “Nyah! I lost! But my neck is still longer than your dick!” -Romhack Bishie 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-03-20T02:02:03Z
196 "just do a big SNIIIIIIFGHHHHHHHH and just slurp it all out" -Egg 2018 randomcows 2018-03-21T02:38:07Z
197 "I CAN BE USESFUL!" -Mily 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-04-08T01:53:42Z
198 "lets get hacking." -Adam 2018 as he planted a C4 on the device cyberradiation99 2018-04-08T01:56:14Z
199 "There's enough of my ass for everyone, don't fret." -SydSavage 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-04-10T01:52:54Z
200 "Wait a minute! What if we play with our huge balls?" -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-04-20T22:43:37Z
201 "How hard was the porn?" - Adam 2018 milhousemcmuffin 2018-05-05T20:14:28Z
202 "I'm not a people, I'm an anime!" -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-05-06T00:33:43Z
203 "I don't wanna blow $6,000 on drugs if it isn't gonna kill me." -Adam, 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-05-08T23:20:36Z
204 "Don't you try and wiener me! Stop that!" -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-05-12T00:19:32Z
205 "Instead of a badass he's a badbutt." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-05-14T02:30:51Z
206 "I hope you all are prepared to feel the wrath of the Buttmunch." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-06-01T23:36:32Z
207 "I am getting so Todd-blocked right now." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-07-04T23:49:03Z
208 "Devil Anus hands!" - Complicated_Miya 2018 milhousemcmuffin 2018-07-13T01:30:00Z
209 "I murder people all the time. As long as you have enough money you can get away with it." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-07-27T22:56:29Z
210 "It's dead, Jim" - Dr. McCoy (1965) 2018 milhousemcmuffin 2018-08-07T23:16:58Z
211 "I love being dumped on, I have to say." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-08-07T23:32:25Z
212 "While the streamer did try his best, It was quite a tedious one, this quest, To guide this big bug, About as dumb as a rug, And the door was being quite a pest." - Lord Hazeo 2018 milhousemcmuffin 2018-08-24T01:10:53Z
213 "He's aggravated the cheese, run!" - Adam 2018 milhousemcmuffin 2018-08-31T21:59:21Z
214 "I have a strong opinion. It's that no one should be a dick to anyone else, especially because no one knows what others are going through." -Cyber 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-09-06T21:13:43Z
215 "I feel like everybody should just listen to me all the time. The world would be a better place if I was just in charge of all of it." -Adam 2018 cyberradiation99 2018-09-19T23:18:48Z
216 "Yo. What's the lore behind this guy? Like how did he die like this? What was he doing? Where did his pants go? Did he have any to begin with?" -Adam 2018 randomcows 2018-09-21T00:10:47Z
217 "I'm all for risking my life, but I'm a little sensitive about my asshole" - Little Buster 2018 milhousemcmuffin 2018-10-11T23:10:15Z
218 *puts on the best fake knightly voice* " I feel it tis a natural sight to see a Paladin with sword." -RuinPaladin 2018 ruinpaladin 2018-10-11T23:40:02Z