# Quote Editor Edited
1 "I'm a huge pussy!" coestar 2017-09-10T18:11:57Z
2 "Aaw, I liked having coe as my wife" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:36:54Z
3 "satan gave me dick" - Guude "thats because you touch him downstairs" - Necomi ruddyrue 2018-02-22T04:16:15Z
4 "AAH sluts sluts sluts bugs!" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:36:38Z
5 "I don't need no man, what else would you say if you had a butt dick?" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:36:24Z
6 "Look uh between my legs, do it!" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:36:01Z
7 "Gay dad got me from behind, like they do" ruddyrue 2018-03-10T19:14:32Z
8 BARK BARK whine huff whine BARK -Niko cacob53 2018-03-12T02:15:40Z
9 "She could seriously put chips and salsa on her boobs, like maybe even her whole meal. She can totally stick a turkey leg down in there." cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:35:47Z
10 “How do you read again?” cacob53 2018-04-12T03:03:22Z
11 "I'm tired of sucking, can we not suck for a bit?" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:35:34Z
12 (error) cacob53 2018-05-13T04:03:34Z
13 "He's coming on my chest! He's coming on my chest! It's gonna get in my hair hurry!" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:23:51Z
14 "I'm not insane I swear, right?" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:24:10Z
15 "There's novelty in a grown ass man describing his cum as 'ooh you got some webbies on your face.'" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:24:56Z
16 “I wish they made pickled bloodworms.” cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:25:30Z
17 "Um, I have not been around because I have been obsessed with fucking fish." cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:26:23Z
18 “We'll be better people eventually, one day.” cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:27:00Z
19 "Be the one be the one I'm waiting foooor. yes fuck! lets find Willy" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:27:45Z
20 "WILLY!" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:28:02Z
21 "My character is going to have a baby delivered, we ordered it from Quiznos." cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:28:56Z
22 “Let’s go throw a baby!” cacob53 2018-09-14T21:51:01Z
23 "I've smelled more than one dick." cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:34:15Z
24 “Shiver me motherfucking timbers yo” cacob53 2018-09-29T03:16:52Z
25 “I’m becoming too hot to live” cacob53 2018-10-07T03:14:22Z
26 “Let’s go find a willy, not just any willy.” cacob53 2018-11-03T01:56:40Z
27 “Sorry for that really loud sneeze, but I didn’t want to die.” cacob53 2018-11-03T03:16:30Z
28 "Now you guys know what my co-worker had for lunch, so, grats now you can carry that with you for the rest of your lives" cacob53 2019-03-14T01:07:13Z
29 “CAT!” cacob53 2019-04-04T01:09:37Z
30 "Also, I've decided that I like the peanut butter more, the peanut butter, the peanut butter actually in the peanut butter is too much peanut butter." cacob53 2019-05-02T03:29:13Z
31 “OW! Will you stop walking on my tit!” cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:35:05Z
32 "They are melons with a different texture, watermelons." cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:34:31Z
33 "Now we need to crumb coat this bitch." cacob53 2019-05-26T23:58:14Z
34 "I don't know dick well enough to-" cacob53_ 2020-05-02T14:34:43Z
35 “Plant cum.” cacob53 2019-06-20T03:40:26Z
36 "This really is the last one." cacob53 2019-07-03T05:08:43Z
37 "I can hide in your dress." cacob53 2019-07-24T03:52:31Z
38 “Your mom has the ability to cross the void!” cacob53 2019-08-20T02:30:11Z
39 “Would you like to come inside my burrito?” cacob53 2019-08-20T03:00:14Z
40 " Sorry, I totally just like jacked it into that." cacob53_superlongfun_name 2020-01-09T03:12:09Z
41 "I GOT THE NUUUT!" ruddyrue 2020-01-09T03:34:36Z
42 "I mean, you only put pies in a candle if you're drunk." ruddyrue 2020-04-16T07:36:38Z