# Quote Editor Edited
1 "Get gently rubbed on your behind my friend." endsgamer 2015-09-08T21:36:32Z
2 "The torch is water" taraforest 2015-09-08T23:52:03Z
3 "It's not the length of the pier, it's what you do with it! taraforest 2015-09-15T21:49:28Z
4 "If I know anything, it's ball physics" taraforest 2015-09-16T00:16:08Z
5 "I tried to do a jubble dump" taraforest 2015-09-16T00:20:45Z
6 "All you have to do is lose faith" taraforest 2015-09-29T21:55:10Z
7 "Welcome to Twitch Twusday and I need some pants" taraforest 2015-10-06T21:41:52Z
8 "Can you describe the breast?" taraforest 2015-11-03T21:01:28Z
9 "There's a party in my mouth, and everyone's invited" taraforest 2015-12-02T00:24:07Z
10 "Screw you and the bike you rode in on" taraforest 2015-12-09T00:32:21Z
11 "Get boned!" taraforest 2015-12-09T00:55:09Z
12 "A throne for my plushie!" draveresilvanus 2015-12-09T07:49:20Z
13 "Suck it friend!" draveresilvanus 2015-12-09T07:49:54Z
14 "Oh no, I can't find the hole." draveresilvanus 2015-12-22T22:40:26Z
15 "I just messed up your son!" draveresilvanus 2015-12-22T22:59:10Z
16 "Also useful for extracting eyeballs!" draveresilvanus 2016-01-05T23:30:30Z
17 "What holes to put our screws in." draveresilvanus 2016-01-05T23:58:14Z
18 "Got it in first try, ma'm." draveresilvanus 2016-01-06T00:26:01Z
19 "Screw until you hear the crack!" draveresilvanus 2016-01-06T00:40:19Z
20 "I'm in a conglomerate of taraforests." draveresilvanus 2016-01-12T22:30:58Z
21 "You picked up my lapis and my pants." draveresilvanus 2016-01-13T01:09:46Z
22 "Ah, I touched it wrong, I touched it wrong~~" draveresilvanus 2016-01-19T23:10:02Z
23 "You fricker on a face" taraforest 2016-01-20T00:35:10Z
24 "Good luck everyone, die in a fire." taraforest 2016-01-20T00:42:26Z
25 "Be moist you dang pigs!" draveresilvanus 2016-02-09T21:44:01Z
26 "Haha, suck on that, son of a bitch!" draveresilvanus 2016-02-16T23:51:26Z
27 "Baby zombie, screw you and the horse you rode in with!" draveresilvanus 2016-02-16T23:52:02Z
28 "I just sucked on that for a little bit." draveresilvanus 2016-02-17T00:14:50Z
29 "Screw bingo and the person who made it!" draveresilvanus 2016-02-23T21:48:54Z
30 "I'm moisturizing!" draveresilvanus 2016-02-24T00:54:48Z
31 "People try to correct me, but I never listen..." conedodger240 2016-03-02T22:12:26Z
32 "That's a good dangle distance" taraforest 2016-03-08T20:06:15Z
33 "Break it and get the balls." draveresilvanus 2016-03-08T20:53:01Z
34 "Oh my god, there is a guy with a guitar chasing me!" draveresilvanus 2016-03-09T22:11:12Z
35 "I can say names... I can read!" taraforest 2016-03-10T21:06:33Z
36 "Did I break my dog already?" draveresilvanus 2016-03-18T23:43:26Z
37 "I have weird relationships with my brain!" draveresilvanus 2016-03-19T00:53:08Z
38 "I'm allergic to the dangles" taraforest 2016-03-19T01:48:34Z
39 "There is a duck in my bed!" taraforest 2016-03-19T01:52:47Z
40 "Distance makes the heart grow … something" taraforest 2016-03-19T01:56:31Z
41 "Don't count your horses before they hatch." taraforest 2016-03-19T02:15:18Z
42 “See Coestar, you don’t have to have all these fancy pants CRT monitors and RGB to CRT to OPP to you-know-me stuff” taraforest 2016-03-19T02:18:12Z
43 "Oh no, she brought a priest!" draveresilvanus 2016-03-21T22:06:24Z
44 "This hand is dead to me." taraforest 2016-03-21T22:27:46Z
45 "How do I munch on your fruits?" taraforest 2016-03-21T23:00:50Z
46 "Everything we need is downstairs." taraforest 2016-03-22T23:13:34Z
47 "May the flesh melt off of your bones!" draveresilvanus 2016-03-22T23:22:43Z
48 "Back, forward, back, death" commandersealand 2016-03-29T00:22:14Z
49 "Almost missed the hole!" draveresilvanus 2016-03-29T21:46:14Z
50 "The music has returned, so we must be out of Canada." taraforest 2016-03-30T19:20:02Z
51 "We'll cook our meat when we're good and ready" commandersealand 2016-03-30T19:37:50Z
52 "I like a warm pink center...ayyy" conedodger240 2016-03-31T20:12:45Z
53 "Road to the dangle!" draveresilvanus 2016-04-01T00:24:52Z
54 "Don't start with your sass!" taraforest 2016-04-05T22:36:59Z
55 "I am the one who dunks!" deltawhiskey 2016-04-11T23:28:52Z
56 "Hold on, I have to lick my monitor." draveresilvanus 2016-04-12T20:58:56Z
57 "Aw pickles on my dickles" taraforest 2016-04-18T18:25:46Z
58 "Why does it have to have nipples?" taraforest 2016-07-03T20:27:17Z
59 "Use your lips, they have better traction than your feets!" draveresilvanus 2016-07-14T21:19:01Z
60 "Butt scratches!" draveresilvanus 2016-07-19T20:46:09Z
61 "You get sucked towards the guy." draveresilvanus 2016-07-19T22:00:02Z
62 "My gun doesn't shoot, I should see a doctor about that" -Kurtjmac commandersealand 2016-07-19T22:44:57Z
63 "I'm terraforming Taraforest!" draveresilvanus 2016-07-28T20:54:23Z
64 "Please, come and enjoy my skin!" taraforest 2016-07-28T22:03:46Z
65 "I do not enjoy things!" draveresilvanus 2016-10-14T21:09:33Z
66 "C'mon you tickle me elmo...!" conedodger240 2016-10-21T23:25:14Z
67 "Did the ​ass​ survive? Someone tells us if the ​ass​ survived!" draveresilvanus 2016-10-23T15:25:39Z
68 "We are very interested in finding about the ass!" draveresilvanus 2016-10-23T15:25:48Z
69 "Here's the plan: I don't have a plan." -Kurtjmac, 2016 deltawhiskey 2016-11-05T23:30:50Z
70 "I will punch the microphone with pride!" draveresilvanus 2016-11-05T23:47:12Z
71 "We need more fiddles with our bits!" draveresilvanus 2016-11-06T15:19:44Z
72 "We need to fiddle them bits!" draveresilvanus 2016-11-06T15:19:58Z
73 "You must know when your tingle dingles and your dingle dangles." draveresilvanus 2016-11-06T17:42:44Z
74 "Sprinkle me with your dividends." draveresilvanus 2016-11-07T22:44:31Z
75 "Call me SethBling and slap me in the face." xaviorpenguin 2016-11-09T04:49:48Z
76 "Yup that's the coco puffs!" conedodger240 2016-11-09T06:02:57Z
77 "How do you do pigs?" xaviorpenguin 2016-11-11T00:24:50Z
78 "Prepare to get milked" taraforest 2016-11-15T22:40:19Z
79 "Where can I do my 'Rubbing' challenge?" conedodger240 2016-11-17T04:12:05Z
80 "I lost my peas!" draveresilvanus 2016-11-25T01:06:52Z
81 "I hope you hit a tree and die! Happy Thanksgiving!" draveresilvanus 2016-11-25T01:48:12Z
82 "I did a double dog sproing, and then my clothes fell off. I hate when that happens." taraforest 2016-11-29T21:25:51Z
83 "Can I knob fiddle?" xaviorpenguin 2016-12-13T03:38:27Z
84 "I need moisture!" xaviorpenguin 2016-12-18T02:40:47Z
85 "You busted my noodle!" xaviorpenguin 2017-01-05T21:27:27Z
86 "I got the bucket and he can suck it" conedodger240 2017-01-12T02:47:22Z
87 "Balls on balls on balls." taraforest 2017-01-12T19:31:12Z
88 "Burps to you my friend." xaviorpenguin 2017-01-20T22:02:57Z
89 "I should not be fiddling with my bits in this regard." xaviorpenguin 2017-01-25T23:46:55Z
90 "It's so small, that ain't right." xaviorpenguin 2017-01-28T23:24:33Z
91 "I am going to swear like a tired pirate." xaviorpenguin 2017-02-03T03:16:08Z
92 "I'm all about those first touches." xaviorpenguin 2017-02-06T03:02:22Z
93 "Is that a guy? No! It is a bag of trash - close enough." draveresilvanus 2017-04-01T22:41:56Z
94 "Where do I place the thing that I want to die?" xaviorpenguin 2017-04-02T02:02:27Z
95 "Oooo! Sweaty palms! Look at my leg." xaviorpenguin 2017-04-02T02:21:38Z
96 "We're giving our moon hole a big crack!" -KurtJMac conedodger240 2017-04-04T22:40:49Z
97 "Wooo! Almost got that in the butt." xaviorpenguin 2017-04-10T22:24:16Z
98 "Lick the life, taste the rainbow." xaviorpenguin 2017-04-14T01:19:29Z
99 "Put that in your pipe and suck on it, for the kids!" draveresilvanus 2017-04-15T21:20:27Z
100 "You were the best anvil there ever was!" draveresilvanus 2017-04-15T22:10:20Z
101 "RIPPED FROM THIS EARTH!!" xaviorpenguin 2017-04-19T06:40:12Z
102 "Chase the tip, just the tip." xaviorpenguin 2017-04-21T01:06:38Z
103 "I am an EXPERT at fitting large things through tight spaces. An expert I tell ya." xaviorpenguin 2017-04-21T01:15:49Z
104 "I just wanna collect more balls!" draveresilvanus 2017-04-21T22:57:35Z
105 "It's more just like a dirt patch upon a pile of logs, which is how they describe me in my high school yearbook." draveresilvanus 2017-04-22T00:55:23Z
106 "There are rats all over the place! They're in my hair..." draveresilvanus 2017-04-25T22:56:49Z
107 "Kangaroos are dolphins!" draveresilvanus 2017-04-27T22:03:39Z
108 "God bless america! It is a rat!" draveresilvanus 2017-04-27T22:30:33Z
109 "Running away with my peach!" draveresilvanus 2017-04-27T22:31:39Z
110 "I have plenty of experience holding on to sticks." xaviorpenguin 2017-04-29T01:59:55Z
111 "Do you know the humping strategy?" draveresilvanus 2017-05-03T21:09:34Z
112 "That door is now a tree." draveresilvanus 2017-05-13T07:16:39Z
113 "And it splits open like a can of tuna!" draveresilvanus 2017-05-13T07:58:46Z
114 "There is a vest in this destructible shit shack." draveresilvanus 2017-07-15T21:53:59Z
115 "My son has a lot of brains." xaviorpenguin 2017-07-25T21:48:57Z
116 "Mother fire truck!" draveresilvanus 2017-07-25T22:50:24Z
117 "Let's just fall, let's just fall, let's just fall!" draveresilvanus 2017-07-25T23:54:47Z
118 "Shooting the tires out of the gun!" draveresilvanus 2017-07-29T22:13:21Z
119 "Stop! I wanna do weird and crazy things to ya!" xaviorpenguin 2017-08-07T00:04:25Z
120 "Hi" - Kurtjmac conedodger240 2017-09-12T02:47:51Z
121 "Oh gawd...potato!" xaviorpenguin 2017-09-19T02:13:22Z
122 "Nice try jumpy pants!" draveresilvanus 2017-09-22T23:16:51Z
123 "Oh that tree you can hit!" draveresilvanus 2017-09-23T00:31:19Z
124 "We're doing well, up until the point we die." xaviorpenguin 2017-09-30T02:39:38Z
125 "That sign is not erected." draveresilvanus 2017-10-03T22:00:02Z
126 "My health is dead!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-03T22:12:06Z
127 "We gotta waggle our stick, everybody!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-05T23:57:17Z
128 "It is distinctly lacking in flap." draveresilvanus 2017-10-06T00:57:13Z
129 "My car is older than you and your grandpa!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-06T23:59:41Z
130 Sweet mercy and the pickles! - kurtjmac, Oct 15 2017 stinusmeret 2017-10-15T17:42:33Z
131 "It got a sticky nob." draveresilvanus 2017-10-18T00:10:53Z
132 "Giving it a nice twirling, if you will." draveresilvanus 2017-10-18T00:11:40Z
133 "Oh, you can see my pole." draveresilvanus 2017-10-20T21:51:32Z
134 "I am in the death place right now." xaviorpenguin 2017-10-21T01:53:06Z
135 "Don't show me your crevice and not let me peek!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-22T00:40:39Z
136 "Yolay is still thinking about that teeth wielding deer?" draveresilvanus 2017-10-22T01:35:08Z
137 "Six months later? I just dropped my almonds!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-22T01:48:13Z
138 "I am in Busto!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-22T22:27:04Z
139 "Futuremans spine is going out of his ass!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-23T02:43:42Z
140 "Are those nuts I hear?" -Jamie conedodger240 2017-10-26T00:58:29Z
141 "I muted myself cause I was reading the ingredients of my nuts." draveresilvanus 2017-10-27T20:21:24Z
142 "There's the house, thank god, it's still burning" -KurtJMac conedodger240 2017-10-29T03:43:08Z
143 "I need those..to piston things" - KurtJMac conedodger240 2017-10-30T01:43:52Z
144 These dang tires are made out of ... condoms - KurtJMac commandersealand 2017-10-30T03:18:55Z
145 "I was making love to the camera!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-30T17:55:39Z
146 "That is a tree that doesn't move!" draveresilvanus 2017-10-30T22:21:15Z
147 "I took that right to the nipples" xaviorpenguin 2017-11-02T02:00:08Z
148 "they don't exist in the air, they have to exist on paper so I can touch constellations and stars" conedodger240 2017-11-09T18:47:51Z
149 "this whole world and universe of astronomy and numbers has unfolded before me" conedodger240 2017-11-09T18:48:26Z
150 "I've gotta eat and you gotta poop." xaviorpenguin 2017-11-11T04:05:05Z
151 "Is the penis still there?" draveresilvanus 2017-11-17T23:54:38Z
152 "Now you can see my pole!" draveresilvanus 2017-11-18T00:41:09Z
153 "Well I'm gonna die here anyway, I have a dog in my lap!" draveresilvanus 2017-11-22T00:37:21Z
154 "I'll lick it if you buy it." xaviorpenguin 2017-11-27T23:36:48Z
155 "Accept my beam of knowledge!" xaviorpenguin 2017-12-01T22:26:01Z
156 "I just want to study that long-legged situation." xaviorpenguin 2017-12-01T23:08:02Z
157 "Cone is busy building his house right now." draveresilvanus 2017-12-14T23:45:52Z
158 "Teeth have skin?" xaviorpenguin 2017-12-16T03:47:19Z
159 "Praise Blosus and his 10 Bananaments!" xaviorpenguin 2017-12-16T04:44:03Z
160 "You suck the suckiest suck that ever sucked." xaviorpenguin 2017-12-18T02:52:09Z
161 "Get sucked!" draveresilvanus 2017-12-21T01:06:40Z
162 "She always had kind of a curved front section to her spaceship." draveresilvanus 2017-12-21T02:16:03Z
163 "BRB I really gotta pee!" draveresilvanus 2017-12-21T02:24:22Z
164 "I like to think of myself as a dim lamp!" draveresilvanus 2018-01-02T17:53:48Z
165 "Why would you put your finger in the hole?" draveresilvanus 2018-01-02T18:40:30Z
166 "Ah, but I wanted to keep touching the nipples!" draveresilvanus 2018-01-02T19:34:44Z
167 "Could I have saved Carl if I hadn't touched the nipple?" draveresilvanus 2018-01-02T19:36:36Z
168 "It is only there for a nipple fiddling." draveresilvanus 2018-01-02T20:35:42Z
169 "It's lit fam" - KurtJMac 2018 conedodger240 2018-01-19T02:16:06Z
170 "Remember kids, if you want to have full life experiences, touch alien butts" conedodger240 2018-01-20T01:17:12Z
171 "This is a motion I am very good at, I tell you what." xaviorpenguin 2018-01-23T02:17:24Z
172 "Ooh, use you're inhaler, you'll be fine!" draveresilvanus 2018-01-23T13:33:43Z
173 "Is he peeing right on me now?" conedodger240 2018-02-04T23:23:59Z
174 "Ooh, right in the nuts!" draveresilvanus 2018-02-12T00:12:58Z
175 "Don't become a bird! We are not trying to impress them!" draveresilvanus 2018-02-17T22:57:35Z
176 "Everything ends up in 'P'." xaviorpenguin 2018-02-26T02:02:07Z
177 "That cone just impaled an audience member!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-01T00:10:05Z
178 "I would like them in my mouth please!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-01T00:11:39Z
179 "I landed on a guy and smushed him once again!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-01T00:15:08Z
180 "I got a Cone on my face!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-13T21:36:22Z
181 "France is a mess!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-14T00:28:20Z
182 "It is the never ending hose!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-16T00:24:40Z
183 "Oh, I didn't moisten the inside!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-16T00:27:20Z
184 "I need that 'D'." xaviorpenguin 2018-03-16T02:07:17Z
185 "The brain doesn't behave!" draveresilvanus 2018-03-16T23:31:12Z
186 "People like to see their bits on stream. I guess that is why mirrors are so popular." xaviorpenguin 2018-03-23T04:42:25Z
187 "I take a long time don't I..." conedodger240 2018-04-01T00:01:56Z
188 "He is sparking from the crotch!" draveresilvanus 2018-04-08T20:15:51Z
189 "So apparently I might be draining my meat wrong.." - Kurt 5/2/18 conedodger240 2018-05-03T01:40:20Z
190 "I'm hitting a dead guy." xaviorpenguin 2018-05-17T02:19:44Z
191 "I wish the muff wasn't this big." conedodger240 2018-05-18T23:13:23Z
192 "OH GOD! I fell out again!" xaviorpenguin 2018-05-21T01:52:31Z
193 "Ow! My blood! It's leaving!" kurtjmac 2018-06-13T02:39:30Z
194 "I've already got into an accident, what possibly could go wrong?" draveresilvanus 2018-06-18T00:37:15Z
195 "I could mess with some repo men" conedodger240 2018-06-27T04:37:35Z
196 "It's not my fault officer, I was asleep!" -Kurt 2018 conedodger240 2018-07-01T23:39:30Z
197 "Something is broken in my mouth brain!" draveresilvanus 2018-07-10T23:25:00Z
198 "If I go too far, it turns to brown" draveresilvanus 2018-07-14T00:30:00Z
199 "Let's not forget how much poop we collected...and purchased." xaviorpenguin 2018-08-06T03:37:34Z
200 "Can I touch your cube real quick? Thanks!" xaviorpenguin 2018-08-10T01:52:55Z
201 "I'm here to steal your secrets...and your balls." xaviorpenguin 2018-08-26T21:38:28Z
202 "I am trapped in a concrete case of emotions" xaviorpenguin 2018-10-04T01:39:27Z
203 "I don't mean to be like this" conedodger240 2018-11-04T00:06:45Z
204 "I've got this weird face on my face" draveresilvanus 2018-11-19T01:02:40Z
205 "Hold on to your underwear, ladies and gentlemen, we are about to drop a log!" draveresilvanus 2018-11-27T00:32:07Z
206 "Horny old people." draveresilvanus 2018-12-13T01:40:59Z
207 "I just want to touch this man and then he's dead." xaviorpenguin 2018-12-17T00:25:36Z
208 "....pull down not out, that's the problem i'm running into" - Kurtjmac 2019 conedodger240 2019-01-14T01:04:45Z
209 "..oh, I hope there is a pile of bodies" conedodger240 2019-02-03T03:06:00Z
210 "YouTube is circling the toilet once more." draveresilvanus 2019-02-22T22:00:31Z
211 "That's the sex number, right?" xaviorpenguin 2019-03-11T02:03:54Z
212 "It's funny...because dick." xaviorpenguin 2019-04-06T03:58:17Z
213 "You came at the end...which is the best time to do that." xaviorpenguin 2019-04-26T02:59:48Z
214 "I did not know this was a furry game." kaeli042 2019-06-16T00:15:35Z
215 "My structural melon has fallen off." kaeli042 2019-08-10T21:26:09Z
216 "Good thing I didn't jump off the roof." kaeli042 2019-09-13T22:42:51Z
217 "I'm bringing an insurance carrot." kaeli042 2019-09-21T23:53:26Z
218 "I have to fully unzip them, though." kaeli042 2019-09-26T23:53:29Z
219 "Oh, I'm the hole" conedodger240 2019-10-01T22:43:20Z
220 "I myself am optimally exposed." kaeli042 2019-10-06T03:01:16Z
221 "A swan is just a fancy type of goose." kaeli042 2019-10-12T01:54:34Z
222 “I like the big fat ones.” kaeli042 2019-10-31T23:31:20Z
223 "Gotta get off the suck." - KurtJMac xaviorpenguin 2019-11-14T02:13:17Z
224 "You can't fail if you don't play!" kaeli042 2019-11-30T03:58:18Z
225 "Don't you want to toast your bread before you jam it?" kaeli042 2019-12-20T23:12:38Z
226 "Spoil me rotten, daddy." kaeli042 2019-12-24T01:03:29Z
227 "Are the eggs real?" kaeli042 2020-01-18T02:17:24Z
228 "There's a lot of space in space." kaeli042 2020-01-29T23:35:57Z
229 "Delete the wheat." kaeli042 2020-02-08T03:46:27Z
230 "Well, my potatoes are probably burning." kaeli042 2020-02-14T04:44:27Z
231 “Birds have cloacas.” kaeli042 2020-02-16T00:34:58Z
232 "Our destination is hype." kaeli042 2020-03-03T21:59:09Z
233 "I should just bend over and swipe him with my package." kaeli042 2020-03-07T01:18:01Z
234 "I pulled it out before it even had a chance to go in!" kaeli042 2020-03-12T22:01:00Z
235 "You're essentially just milking your water." kaeli042 2020-03-19T22:45:41Z
236 "You ass face monkey header!" draveresilvanus 2020-03-27T00:03:12Z
237 "We came from Sex." kaeli042 2020-03-28T02:11:39Z
238 "AAAAH CHEESE!" kaeli042 2020-04-04T23:08:01Z
239 "I need to get a brain." kaeli042 2020-04-15T00:43:41Z
240 "Of course we're gonna jump in the hole." kaeli042 2020-04-27T21:34:58Z
241 "Is this a vape?" kaeli042 2020-04-30T22:32:27Z
242 "I touched the wood....momentarily." - ConeDodger240 kaeli042 2020-05-02T22:11:41Z
243 "I am a dumpster." kaeli042 2020-05-09T01:56:27Z
244 "I'm a Hellblade." kaeli042 2020-05-09T22:54:55Z
245 "Robots don't poop." kaeli042 2020-05-14T02:19:09Z
246 "Screw you, tunnel!" - ConeDodger240 kaeli042 2020-05-15T22:52:20Z
247 "Man, I wish you could see my pipe." - ConeDodger240 kaeli042 2020-05-29T21:59:31Z
248 "Maybe I don't understand shirts." kaeli042 2020-05-31T00:12:21Z