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+brb Subs IlarianRose needs to get up for a moment or two. She will be right back to you!! <3 8 krob1n 2021-07-24T01:55:07Z
+break Subs IlarianRose needs to get up, stretch, hydrate, and Eat!! It will be several moments before her return. Thank you for understanding <3 <3 1 krob1n 2021-07-24T01:57:08Z
+call All IlarianRose is on a call and her response to chat may be delayed. She really appreciates you being patient during these times. 0 krob1n 2021-07-08T04:31:23Z
+hypixel All IlarianRose plays on from time to time. Often when she does, she is in a call so her responses may be slower than usual <3 0 krob1n 2021-07-08T04:28:02Z
+lurk All Thank you for the Lurk. Lurkers are life to a streamer <3 12 krob1n 2021-07-08T03:38:07Z
+raid Subs WELCOME, Raiders!! Thank you for hanging out o/ 0 krob1n 2021-07-24T01:58:34Z
+server All IlarianRose plays on a pay-to-play subscription-based Mincraft server owned by OMGchad. If you would like to subscribe, you should do so through: 1 krob1n 2021-07-08T04:25:48Z
+tfr All TFR stands for Twitch Family Robins. It is our household of adult (and semi-adult) gamers: "iJ" [ ijrobin ], "K" [ krob1n ], "IlarianRose," & "SkrillianVolt." 0 krob1n 2021-07-08T04:37:15Z
+wb Subs Welcome Back, IlarianRose. o/ 12 krob1n 2021-07-24T01:54:16Z