# Quote Editor Edited
1 "Grab with the 'A', swing with the 'D' -HCJ " 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
2 I am an idiot 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
3 You could be an expert too for $69.69 an hour. 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
5 "Trees and I kiss on the daily" - HCjustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
6 "I'm just going to keep killing people til a hot lady comes in!" -HCJ 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
7 "It was so big it scared me" -Stakenborg 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
8 "This is literally my life outside of the internet - Man Mountains and R. Kelly" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
9 "I did not lick any dicks....today." -HCJ 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
10 "Focus on your A and your D. Work the A and the D." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
11 "It's a shame when the D doesn't cooperate." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
12 "If you think I'm wearing clothes, you are sooooorely mistaken." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
13 "We both win stapled dicks. To the back of our thighs." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
14 "The only times I've been in my pool this year have been without clothes on." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
15 "How many minutes are 420 minutes?" 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
16 "I'm going to turn the meat sounds up to 10... there should be an eleven..." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
17 "I'm a 6 just looking for that special 9 for my life" -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
18 "I have a fun BJ story that involves Downstairs Dave" -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
19 "Ah fuck I didn't want to fuck" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
20 "Every time I hear you having sex, I'm standing outside of your door with a noisemaker and confetti" HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
21 Let me spin the dick. Let me spin it!" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
22 "It's not the first time all my parts touched a dick." - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
23 "My current dick is completely ineffective... I'm gonna just rip it off" -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
24 "What was that show with DOUG?" - SlashSP. 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
25 "I like that I can just slide around as a dead goat, I don't like, need momentum." - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
26 "I'm very into gourmet e-juices" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
27 "I like when people want to play with me, it makes me feel good" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
28 "The only thing I hate is the baby...stick that thing into some snow and move on" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
29 "I'm gonna flip my desk, then I'm gonna flip out the window" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
30 "Gotta wait for the dick to settle? I never let it settle...full blast 24/7" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
31 "If I had my webcam I would have shown you this cool thing I did with my finger" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
32 "I'm gonna have to go with the boners of the elderly" - HCJ 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
33 "It's really up between ass-to-mouth and fisting. I wish I could do both." - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
34 "I like receiving tip. It's a nice feeling" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
35 "Back in three minutes while I take off all my clothes and put a pot over my head." -Justin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
36 "Spyd, you're a hunk, and, Deadbones, you're a twink. I'd be a bear." -Justine 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
37 "I make videos on the internet, and sometimes they get passionate" - Justin to his neighbor 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
38 "I feel like I am a white girl and a strong, angry black man under the surface of being a beardy white guy." -Justin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
39 "I'm getting high on this darkness" - The Mountain 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
40 "I'll never look at a Tree's dick the same way" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
41 "I don't have any good dick tricks...." - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
42 "I'll shit my pants and then quit. In that order" -HCJ 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
43 "I just wanna go harder into space" - HCJustin, KSP 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
44 "My science rod is sticking out proudly!" -HCJustin KSP 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
45 "Tanzania is NOT a FUCKING REAL PLACE" - Justin playing Jeopardy 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
46 its a room full of buttholes or vaginas or whatever they're called 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
47 "Get out of my ass! You don't belong there...it's mine..." - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
48 "OMG I can literally stomp through shit...that's amazing" - HCJustin hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:55:08Z
49 "I'm not trying to be a dick...but odds are if I'm not answering...I am..." - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
50 "team justin - drinking in moderation and kicking dicks off" (New Years D&D) hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:54:47Z
51 "I don't think I pissed myself. I don't feel warm." hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:54:19Z
52 "I commend every last one of you for sticking around and watching this atrocity" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
53 "I remember everything ever." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
54 "I wanna ram someone with this thing so bad." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
55 "I like it when it's very loose" -HCJ 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
56 "It feels good when I mouthbreathe over my tongue" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
57 "shit, I might of just erased my sack" -Justin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
58 "I'm rubbing myself while I'm opening this crate it's really weird." -HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
59 "The reason I am not good, is because...I am not good." HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
60 "Sorry I'm quiet...I'm just here smiling and punching bears" - HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
61 "I feel like I'm stuck in a cloud of stupid." HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
62 "i'm trying to get into your crevasse but it ain't happening." HCJustin 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
63 "I''m balls deep in fear" - Pause "I'm balls deep inside of him too" - HCJ 2020-02-29T21:55:51Z
64 "It's like my very own Goatse monster." -Justin endsgamer 2015-02-09T23:41:28Z
65 "i'm sorry for giving you all the urge to pee and smoke." HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-02-10T00:21:07Z
66 "I don't want anyone to drink this bread. Drink this bread? I have the sneaking suspicion I am a dumb person right now." HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-02-12T23:38:35Z
67 "There are starving VCRs in Africa that could be eating this bread." HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-02-16T23:29:36Z
68 "You haven't lived until you've made toast with a hair dryer." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-02-17T01:34:41Z
69 "God gave us angry people to make angrier" -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-02-24T02:03:06Z
70 "Oh man, shit is wylin' out in Bum Jizz!" - HCJustin tanumb 2015-02-26T23:45:10Z
71 "Oh my god, that's two! That's more than one!" -HCJustin does math ladyonyxlp 2015-03-11T23:03:56Z
72 "I haven't had any sex dreams in a while, maybe sex nightmares with Slash." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-03-12T22:59:37Z
73 "I'm sorry that I'm dumb...no I'm not! I'm proud that I'm dumb. It's a nice trait." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-03-12T23:23:56Z
74 "I just flipped hilariously through the skies like a phoenix." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-03-19T00:03:51Z
75 "This makes me uncomfortable but in the right way." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-03-19T22:38:37Z
76 "I need to give you idiots water and shit." -Mayor Justin hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:52:18Z
77 "I'll get Taco Bell, it will be just like a real date" - HCJustin elyessi 2015-03-31T19:09:50Z
78 "Suck every dick on planet dick, you dick" HCJustin stakenborg 2015-04-03T18:14:33Z
79 "B is for baaaaad. It's gonna sound baaaaad." -HCJustin while tuning his guitar ladyonyxlp 2015-04-07T03:07:33Z
80 "I will say, shooting people in the head works pretty well." endsgamer 2015-04-14T00:05:56Z
81 "I like your Deadbones impression. You sound like a little orphan girl." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-04-15T05:52:22Z
82 "Can we get a fanart of Coe with a prolapsed anus?" endsgamer 2015-04-21T07:08:48Z
83 Downstairs_Dave: safebook will be face at least hcjustin 2015-04-28T02:17:20Z
84 "I found Jesus. He is 12. He plays CS:GO." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-05-05T02:36:40Z
85 "Sorry guys, I was tempted by a taco. Once again..." HCJustin endsgamer 2015-05-18T22:53:22Z
86 "There's a story in this game... but uh, it has a lot of words... So I don't read them." HCJustin endsgamer 2015-05-21T22:36:06Z
87 "Alright, we're gonna jam you up real good" - HCJustin elyessi 2015-05-25T22:18:07Z
88 "I'm looking for one person who wants to have mediocre sex on a consistent basis. Those are my prerequisites for a relationship." endsgamer 2015-05-26T00:44:48Z
89 "I'm not an asshole, but...I am an asshole, but for different reasons." -HCJustin hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:51:11Z
90 "I just want someone to call me a cheater because that's what gets my dick hard." - HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-06-03T22:47:31Z
91 "I finished off 4 guys. How nice of me. I made them all cum" -HCJ CSGO 2015 hcjustin 2015-06-03T23:32:43Z
92 "Boy, I love AIDS" - HCJustin elyessi 2015-06-09T01:41:41Z
93 "There's no way i should have been white. I have too much rhythm and soul in my body." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-06-09T01:43:26Z
94 "It's not my *best* dick. The balls are a little upsetting." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-06-09T23:39:58Z
95 "I knew it was the butthole. It's always the butthole." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-06-25T02:00:13Z
96 "I am honestly serious and real. That makes this sound less serious and real, but I want to emphasize how serious and real I am." elyessi 2015-06-25T22:50:36Z
97 "I wonder if my mom hears me in here yelling 'SPERM!', and moaning." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-06-26T01:41:01Z
98 "I have an unworkening brain. That's the exact name of the condition." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-06-30T03:34:38Z
99 "If I pull this off, I will pee and shit in my own face." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-07-01T23:21:23Z
100 "Next time I go to a comedy show I'm just gonna roll around on the floor laughing like it's normal and okay." -HCJustin ladyonyxlp 2015-07-01T23:36:48Z
101 "Let me ride this dick missile over here..." - HCJustin endsgamer 2015-07-14T03:13:10Z
102 "I like shittin' on myself." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-07-14T22:34:06Z
103 "Why are you screaming about words?" HCMomma elyessi 2015-07-23T22:45:34Z
104 "I've never heard a game use scat to say shit...this game is GROUNDBREAKING" - HCJustin elyessi 2015-07-24T00:58:03Z
105 "I wanna do something that makes me look like a dick." unrulybabs 2015-07-25T22:07:50Z
106 "All I wanna do in life is hide dicks in places." - HCJustin shichahn 2015-07-30T23:25:36Z
107 "Come on mom, all the other kids are rimming!" -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-08-05T05:38:54Z
108 "It's a real problem, all the dolphins that get caught in those peanut butter nets." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-08-09T02:50:55Z
109 "As you approach the speed of gay thoughts, things get a lot gayer." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-08-11T22:36:55Z
110 "My favorite class? I'd say lower-middle." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-08-11T22:48:48Z
111 "Man I'm really fixated on dick lately." endsgamer 2015-08-16T23:45:59Z
112 "When people watch, it's the only way I can get off." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-08-16T23:55:25Z
113 "I've only ever touched myself... I mean that's all I ever do... I've never done anything else." -Justin hcjustin 2015-08-24T06:07:45Z
114 "Aww man, why did I save so many pictures of naked dudes..." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-09-01T23:17:34Z
115 "I wish I had a mouth in my butt. I'd suck dudes' dicks all day." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-09-02T00:04:36Z
116 "You need to try drugs. I think you'd like them." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-09-06T20:41:02Z
117 "You can inject weed if you really wanted." endsgamer 2015-09-06T20:47:03Z
118 "I don't know what I said, but yah. you can quote it. " hcjustin 2015-09-09T19:41:00Z
119 "Yeah, I was fucking in the laundry room, then I got stabbed" - HcJustin hcjustin 2015-09-09T20:07:40Z
120 "What do I do? Do I put it in my mouth?" - PauseUnPause 2015 elyessi 2015-09-10T03:37:58Z
121 "I'm so soft and handsome" -HCJustin hcjustin 2015-09-11T01:08:00Z
122 "I can't cum without my library card." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-09-23T07:53:23Z
123 "If i ever win the lottery, everyone who is a sub gets flown to New York. Anyone who's ever been a sub or tipped, they come to New York for free." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-09-25T19:10:03Z
124 "They're gonna need a crowbar to unclench this asshole." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-10-01T06:41:58Z
125 "That kid learned what Viagra and Cialis were that night." endsgamer 2015-10-09T00:11:59Z
126 "I'm like a wounded puppy, but really I wanna be this sex goddess..." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-10-17T10:00:56Z
127 "Juggalos are rare around these parts...they are a delicacy." - HCJustin elyessi 2015-10-18T07:33:37Z
128 "I had to get up and untie my balls." hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:47:45Z
129 "It's around my birthday so I'm gonna be gay" - HCJustin elyessi 2015-10-19T01:12:05Z
130 I know Arkas now, I will fuck him in all holes hcjustin 2015-10-19T04:05:55Z
131 "I've got no shortage of dude nudes in my life." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-10-22T09:38:54Z
132 "Your pug moans like a fucking porn star?" - President of Frags Justin kohtalon_ 2015-10-25T03:10:52Z
133 "I came here to eat ass and wear v-necks, and I'm all out of v-necks" hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:46:12Z
134 "The only amount of this game I saw was that there were cool big dicks on it." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-10-30T05:20:23Z
135 "I'm really sad that I can't have hot pants." - HCJustin hlbms567 2015-11-16T06:40:23Z
136 "Please get out of my hole! I don't want you in my hole anymore!" - HCJustin kohtalon_ 2015-11-17T07:31:42Z
137 "I feel like my meat is a little stuck." -HCJustin hlbms567 2015-11-19T23:22:42Z
138 "I'm gonna take my dick off and frame it." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-11-20T06:53:20Z
139 "My area is very juicy." -HCJustin hlbms567 2015-11-24T06:45:13Z
140 "You know what? I like overusing my mouth." - HCJustin 2015 shichahn 2015-11-25T04:02:13Z
141 "I don't need lube anymore, I got surgery" - HCJustin 2015 shichahn 2015-12-01T03:17:35Z
142 "If you ever hear me talking bad about someone, even if I dont name names, you can be certain it is Elyessi" - HCJustin elyessi 2015-12-10T00:20:29Z
143 "I've got a boner even though I haven't done anything yet." - HCJustin kohtalon_ 2015-12-25T06:18:59Z
145 "My butthole could crush your fuckin' fist right now." -HCJustin endsgamer 2015-12-29T07:46:57Z
146 "Take a selfie of your butthole and put it on your shirt" - HCJustin elyessi 2016-01-03T03:23:23Z
147 "Where did you learn how to drive? Toilet School?" endsgamer 2016-01-24T02:02:43Z
148 "Can you exploit gross old man dick?" endsgamer 2016-02-02T02:03:10Z
149 "SOOOO close to choking it!" -HCJ 2016 (Rogue Legacy) unrulybabs 2016-02-03T04:17:54Z
150 "I hope all these shiny happy people are DEAD." -HCJustin on REM (Guitar Hero) hcjustin 2016-11-04T14:44:31Z
151 "What is this? Bomb it! That's my policy." - HCJustin hlbms567 2016-02-10T00:32:42Z
152 "Oh Jesus Christ, that's a big one." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-02-21T08:28:35Z
153 "This is my last game swear to god Haley I promise" -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-03-18T04:01:41Z
154 "I just bit that dick clean off." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-03-24T23:01:25Z
155 "I want to finger a panda, how do I finger a panda." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-03-25T00:48:55Z
156 "if I die right now, *cough* make sure my last words are *cough* "fuck everyone"" - Justin hcjustin 2016-11-04T18:31:45Z
157 "I don't want you to come while i'm sucking." HCCull 2016 unrulybabs 2016-03-31T03:29:17Z
158 "Hey boys it's me, fucking blow me!" -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-04-04T01:23:53Z
159 "I hope you have a lot of tumors dude." - Coe "Yeah, me too" - Justin tanumb 2016-05-11T06:03:45Z
160 "I think I hear the pitter-patter of boy joy in this direction..." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-05-13T02:04:02Z
161 "My mom and grandma apparently just went Sausage Crazy!" - Justin tanumb 2016-05-16T06:17:54Z
162 "If I was on the price is right I'd be chokin' Drew out." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-06-06T06:43:30Z
163 "That's how I pretty much live my life, I avoid all holes." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-06-06T06:47:24Z
164 "At the end of the day words are just pictures of letters." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-06-19T03:42:10Z
165 "I come out of the closet and you do THAT?!" -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-06-27T05:44:10Z
166 "I have a feeling this is going to involve a lot of blowing." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-06-30T00:24:59Z
167 "Pause, I got this really good idea. We both blindfold each other and then suck each others dicks. Then we paint each others dicks from memory - from mouth memory." -HCJustin endsgamer 2016-09-27T23:39:01Z
168 "Actually my retirement plan is to be a juggalo." -HCJustin endsgamer 2016-08-18T01:57:39Z
169 "I feel dirty, but dirty boys win games" -HCjustin endsgamer 2016-09-28T00:24:53Z
170 "My life is an on-going cum joke." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-10-04T23:53:34Z
171 "I'm the dom, and you are all my subs." - HCJustin 2016 shichahn 2016-10-06T23:46:49Z
172 "I'm being rammed! I'm being rammed by everyone!" - HCJustin 2016 shichahn 2016-10-10T05:06:59Z
173 "That might be the hardest I fucked a guy, ever." -HCJustin endsgamer 2016-10-20T04:05:26Z
174 "It's all fun and games until you're doing coke out of your butthole." - HCJustin 2016 shichahn 2016-10-31T03:46:17Z
175 "I'm not a brave boy, I'm not a brave boy, I hate it, I hate it, this better... This is garbage, I hate it." - HCJustin being a brave boy tanumb 2016-10-31T23:04:31Z
176 "It's only gay if it's day time." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-11-03T23:11:08Z
177 "I feel like I've got a long line of dudes waiting to gay marry me. Gotta put you on the list" -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-11-04T00:18:08Z
178 "Can we get rid of this shirt and let me fuck with my nipples, please?" -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-11-07T23:59:35Z
179 "My anaconda don't want none unless you've got...a dick. Bro" -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-11-21T06:20:31Z
180 "I don't want to hear about my friends." - HCJustin tanumb 2016-11-21T23:21:34Z
181 "Just whisper sweet nothings into my butthole please" - Justin tanumb 2016-11-28T00:29:00Z
182 "Let's start Fuckin' rocks!" - HCJustin tanumb 2016-12-08T05:59:40Z
183 "I'll let earth clean this shit up." -HCJustin hlbms567 2016-12-12T05:07:01Z
184 "AH! GRABBY HANDS!" - HCJustin tanumb 2017-01-04T23:35:16Z
185 "You wanna fuckin' do it?" - Fjord Sweater, 2016 tanumb 2017-01-09T23:54:26Z
186 "Thats the only way i can get off, if you blow kisses at my little dick" - HCJ 2017 tanumb 2017-01-16T06:14:34Z
187 "I really want that nice cock." -SlashSP hlbms567 2017-01-19T01:29:13Z
188 "I think the best thing is just getting a good rub" -HCJustin hlbms567 2017-01-20T00:39:35Z
189 "Are those not little wall nipples I can grab?" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-01-27T00:56:14Z
190 "I feel like everyone knows about gloryholes." -HCJustin hlbms567 2017-01-29T04:12:48Z
191 "I have the biggest, blackest dick I have ever seen" - Guude biggunnlp 2017-02-04T04:34:34Z
192 "I would also like to go peepee" - HCJustin haley56 2017-03-25T03:37:38Z
193 "I dropped my little condom" - HCJustin tanumb 2017-03-07T00:33:00Z
194 "How do arms work?" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-03-07T00:34:59Z
195 "I have an ant dick, it can lift 100 times it's own weight." -HCJustin haley56 2017-03-30T00:29:50Z
196 "Guy there's a Pete above you." - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-03-13T08:07:47Z
197 "I think I'm stuck in Monsta." -HCJustin haley56 2017-03-26T02:05:41Z
198 "Butt Violence puts a bad taste in your mouth" -- PauseUnpause biggunnlp 2017-03-28T01:25:30Z
199 "You would have to titty-fuck my butt cheeks" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-04-02T03:01:58Z
200 "I like to use big words so people think I'm smart." -HCJustin haley56 2017-04-25T22:34:45Z
201 "Are you going to eat your shit?" - Coestar biggunnlp 2017-05-13T03:23:12Z
202 "I do like a good circlejerk, don't get me wrong. I just don't like hosting it." - Justin biggunnlp 2017-05-14T06:44:38Z
203 "I'm a staunch believer of blowies are blowies. Not even saying I'd go catch a BJ from a rando on the street but Clinton was that kind of guy." - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-05-21T03:36:42Z
204 "I just shot a guy right in the weeeeeee-ner." - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-05-22T00:05:26Z
205 "Stop ramming me in my ass!!!" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-05-22T03:50:32Z
206 "It was too big for my tiny mouth. I have a whole new perspective on people who suck dick" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-05-22T04:26:54Z
207 "I never wanna drink pee, but I bet a pretty lady could convince me to drink her pee" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-06-02T04:27:48Z
208 "You fuck fucking fuck!" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-06-06T03:05:03Z
209 "I mainly fucked with balloon animals" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-06-14T01:27:37Z
210 "Oh no! I suck dick! I am the dick boy!" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-06-16T02:21:51Z
211 "You don't have to penetrate to love." -PauseUnpause biggunnlp 2017-06-16T04:46:59Z
212 "When ISIS comes to take my dick, I'll still have plenty of cum." -HCJustin endsgamer 2017-06-19T19:15:10Z
213 "All the poop got sucked back up from that game" - Austin biggunnlp 2017-06-20T02:25:18Z
214 "Sorry if I peed on you!" - Justin biggunnlp 2017-07-10T07:41:41Z
215 "Suck a ball's dick!" - jaaski biggunnlp 2017-07-14T21:36:20Z
216 "Why am I so hard?" -HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-07-14T21:50:54Z
217 "It didn't go in the hole, but it felt good." peiw 2017-07-21T21:22:40Z
218 "Its been a fantasy of mine to blow a friend in a cave" - HCJustin 7/21/17 peiw 2017-07-21T21:23:58Z
219 "I'm gonna spread my legs so you can jump on this hawwwwwwg" - Pause biggunnlp 2017-07-28T00:21:28Z
220 "If either of you were here I'd gently jerk you off." -HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-07-28T02:44:33Z
221 "I wish there were like.... more drugs" - Justin biggunnlp 2017-07-28T23:13:22Z
222 "God is punishing me. I got too many boners in my life." -Justin 2017 biggunnlp 2017-08-08T02:05:34Z
223 "You know what my clown name was? Jolly Justin." - Justin 2017 biggunnlp 2017-09-02T04:58:05Z
224 "My butthole has never been happier" -HCJustin 2017 biggunnlp 2017-09-23T19:47:04Z
225 "I feel like a highly efficient shit master right now" - HCJustin 2017 biggunnlp 2017-09-23T20:48:54Z
226 "Dude, I would love to fuck!" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-10-05T03:12:52Z
227 "You could eat dinner out of my butthole" - HCJustin biggunnlp 2017-10-06T05:50:06Z
228 "Fish are just bugs" - Justin big_gunn 2017-10-26T03:50:08Z
229 "Someone just hit me in my butt and I think they fucked me!" - HCJustin big_gunn 2017-11-06T06:25:47Z
230 "Boom. Science, motherfucker!" - Coestar big_gunn 2017-11-08T04:47:38Z
231 "How many times do I gotta shoot you in your dick parts?!" - Justin big_gunn 2017-11-19T20:19:29Z
232 "There's nothing funny about a big, meaty dick." - Justin big_gunn 2017-11-24T20:27:27Z
233 "Maybe I should just fuck with DP" - Justin big_gunn 2017-11-28T03:18:19Z
234 "I don't like fruit on my warm stuff" - Justin big_gunn 2017-11-29T03:50:19Z
235 "Space is tight as fuck." - HCJustin big_gunn 2017-12-18T03:19:27Z
236 "If I took my shirt off, this would be so much easier" - HCJustin unrulybabs 2017-12-29T21:03:52Z
237 "Every time I'm in a sexual situation now, I think of Richard." - Justin big_gunn 2018-02-01T00:31:13Z
238 "Ahhhh, I'm gonna do something cool with the balls!" - Justin big_gunn 2018-02-01T04:26:31Z
239 "Stick the pole up my butt!" - Justin big_gunn 2018-02-08T04:14:36Z
240 "be careful no one comes up ur butt" - Babs, 2018 big_gunn 2018-02-18T05:11:28Z
241 "What if I just paint my dick green and jerk off?" - Justin, 2018 big_gunn 2018-02-23T21:35:37Z
242 "Oh my god, I've never killed that many people in my life!" - Chiblee, 2018 big_gunn 2018-02-25T07:57:02Z
243 "Suck's different than licking!" - Justin, 2018 big_gunn 2018-03-02T02:19:27Z
244 "I'm not into anything I have to like... lick." - Justin, 2018 big_gunn 2018-03-02T02:20:52Z
245 "Scissors are just knives, but two of em!" - Justin, 2018 big_gunn 2018-03-03T19:01:52Z
246 "Call me crazy, but I don't think she goes that deep" - Justin, 2018 big_gunn 2018-03-13T22:19:01Z
247 "All I want out of life is to make my bros horny" - HCJustin 2018 big_gunn 2018-03-22T04:28:42Z
248 "Oh shit, you drinkin that peepee?!" - Justin, 2018 big_gunn 2018-03-30T02:51:37Z
249 "It's alright, second is, like, one worse than first." - HCJustin 2018 tanumb 2018-04-05T03:38:08Z
250 "Lemme sniff yo dick, it's the only way" - Justin, 2018 big_gunn 2018-04-06T03:04:58Z
251 "Fight me in my nut!" - Justin big_gunn 2018-04-17T02:07:51Z
252 "They patched the nut!" - Justin big_gunn 2018-04-17T02:08:24Z
253 "I'm coming... the DANGEROUS way" -HCJustin big_gunn 2018-04-28T03:24:53Z
254 "Does that mean we're fuckin'?" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-05-14T05:11:32Z
255 "I'm trying to eat mango, you piece of shit!" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-05-15T01:21:48Z
256 "I turned into a spider and now I've got hundreds of eyes" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-05-28T04:19:13Z
257 "Alright, so just collect coins and try not to fuck each other." - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-06-04T17:21:36Z
258 "I will never remember anything and don't you fuckin dare make me try to" - Justin big_gunn 2018-06-16T01:09:52Z
259 "I'm a furry now. I accidentally came as I made eye contact with a cat" - Richard, 2018 big_gunn 2018-06-28T05:09:28Z
260 "I ain't gonna let no game get me pissed." - HCJustin big_gunn 2018-08-06T19:39:47Z
261 "I died doing what I loved. Vaping my own semen." -HCJustin hcjustin 2018-08-31T01:49:01Z
262 "I've talked about my dick before a wide audience many times" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-09-03T00:44:15Z
263 "I shouldn't have came!" - Justin big_gunn 2018-09-16T00:05:10Z
264 "I've never been mad. I've never been angry in my whole life." - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-09-24T17:20:56Z
265 "Did you say you rimmed the whole Milbee?" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-09-24T17:34:06Z
266 "It's hard to make hands you wanna make" - Justin big_gunn 2018-10-01T01:28:03Z
267 "How do I go inside of you?" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-10-01T06:04:21Z
268 "I love this. No wait I hate this. No wait I love this." - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-11-05T07:55:07Z
269 "I'm gonna get fucked in my butt" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-11-05T07:59:59Z
270 "I'll never stop sweating" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-11-09T17:52:37Z
271 "Isn't a porpoise like a turtle" - Justin big_gunn 2018-11-11T03:34:08Z
272 "My butt hurts" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-11-12T03:51:45Z
273 "All juggalos are clowns, but not all clowns are juggalos." - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-11-12T04:32:03Z
274 "I want Handsome Dracula to eat my ass" - Justin big_gunn 2018-11-23T08:00:09Z
275 "Twitter's a good place" - HCJustin, December 6th, 2018 12:05 AM tanumb 2018-12-07T05:05:39Z
276 "syke" - HCJustin, December 6th, 12:06 AM tanumb 2018-12-07T05:06:08Z
277 "I'd rather be a bad coward" - HCJustin, 2018 tanumb 2018-12-20T18:22:38Z
278 "Don't look at my butt!" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-12-22T22:54:43Z
279 "If it's a thing, it gets burned - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-12-29T05:34:51Z
280 "I'm gonna come in the butt" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-12-29T05:49:24Z
281 Justin: "What are you grabbing?" Babs: "Your mom's big fat dick." - 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-12-29T06:17:29Z
282 "How do I get to the bad hole?" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2018-12-29T07:12:25Z
283 "When did I eat shit?" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-01-24T17:23:51Z
284 "Oh my god, Austin punished my meat" - Justin big_gunn 2019-01-26T03:28:02Z
285 "I don't know what the pp stands for" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-01-31T20:19:30Z
286 "I'ma succ ya, Sonic!" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-02-02T20:52:44Z
287 "Please let me succ you, Ryu." - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-02-02T21:09:44Z
288 "Can I suck him?! Cause I will!" - Justin, 2019 big_gunn 2019-02-02T23:30:58Z
289 "I was not facing the right way to suck him." - Justin, 2019 big_gunn 2019-02-02T23:31:27Z
290 "I don't even know if green is in the fucking rainbow now" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-02-14T04:58:20Z
291 "Mountains are triangles" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-02-14T05:07:49Z
292 "Hold that baby, let me punch him!!" - Justin big_gunn 2019-02-21T03:25:05Z
293 "I wish my balls didn't hurt" - Justin, 2019 big_gunn 2019-04-13T01:24:17Z
294 "Well fuck my ass!" - Justin, 2018 reedaretheunion 2019-05-06T06:18:22Z
295 “I don’t have a foggy fucking clue how to do this” - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-05-24T02:17:57Z
296 “I feel like my mind’s eye is usually dope, but it sucks ass right now.” - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-05-24T02:26:41Z
297 "There's several people up my butt!" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-05-27T03:48:23Z
298 "Mine's not very big, but it is red" - Justin 2019 big_gunn 2019-05-31T22:35:53Z
299 "You can kinda taste the nut" -Justin 2019 big_gunn 2019-06-14T23:19:04Z
300 "For 5000 subs, I would get a 311 tattoo." - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-06-17T05:05:10Z
301 "WHY I SUCK?!" - Justin big_gunn 2019-06-27T01:02:37Z
302 "Let me go get all hard" - HCJustin big_gunn 2019-06-28T02:38:29Z
303 "I need to suckle some of your orbs" - HCJustin 2019 big_gunn 2019-07-01T05:30:40Z
304 "You could suck a ball then pinch it" - Justin, 2019 big_gunn 2019-07-05T07:43:15Z
305 "I'm covered in wires!" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-07-06T23:45:37Z
306 "Have I fucked?" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-07-15T03:32:20Z
307 "You win some, you dim sum." - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-07-15T05:01:02Z
308 "My name's Mario, and I'vegottheMOOOOOOOOOOVES" - Justin (Not MArio) 2019 tanumb 2019-07-15T05:02:23Z
309 "I'm loud as FUCK, dude!" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-07-15T05:03:47Z
310 "Fuck, I'm such a dumb dick idiot piece of shit!" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-07-15T05:10:15Z
311 "I have a mint butthole" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-08-01T02:38:43Z
312 "Applebees is dead to me" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-09-02T17:08:14Z
313 "So many wasted strokes aiming at the wrong hole" - Justin, 2019 reedaretheunion 2019-11-11T05:03:02Z
314 "I've never been high enough" - HCJustin big_gunn 2019-11-22T03:35:00Z
315 "I roasted my own nuts for the first time last night" - HCJustin big_gunn 2019-12-22T00:09:18Z
316 "Why is my nipple so hard?!" - Justin big_gunn 2019-12-23T03:27:01Z
317 "Can you hold a shit ton of boys inside you?!" - Coe, 2020 big_gunn 2020-01-14T01:34:41Z
318 "We fuckin' and you can all watch" - Justin, 2020 big_gunn 2020-02-14T02:31:29Z
319 "A lot of boys just came up my butt" - Justin big_gunn 2020-02-24T04:25:17Z
320 "i've been loving watching, uh, fuckin'..."- Justin, 2020 reedaretheunion 2020-04-14T02:44:20Z
321 "It'd be cool if you died" - HCJustin big_gunn 2020-06-01T05:20:22Z
322 "I had a banana shoved up my ass" - Justin, 2020 reedwolcott 2020-06-01T17:42:23Z
323 "I can't stop thinking about cock" - chiblee, 2020 big_gunn 2020-10-06T01:45:35Z
324 "I can't find myself dude!" - Justin big_gunn 2020-11-13T02:28:10Z
325 "I don't think I'll ever get enough balls" - HCJustin, 2021 big_gunn 2021-01-04T19:07:05Z
326 enjoy watching your big mommy milkers!! :) limegrove 2022-08-01T01:49:26Z