# Quote Editor Edited
1 "Surprise! Police Brutality!" elyessi 2015-10-24T02:46:28Z
2 "I've got two big ones!" - Elyessi elyessi 2015-10-28T01:21:02Z
3 "I have a hard time judging balls coming at my face." elyessi 2015-11-04T01:32:23Z
4 "I should really sell my drugs." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-10T18:16:57Z
5 "Brain fungus sounds delicious!" - Ely grasswing 2015-11-10T18:42:32Z
6 "Blocked. Oh no, I'm stuck! Not blocked." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-10T19:14:55Z
7 "Oh, I stole all that fruit.... oops." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-15T20:16:41Z
8 "I don't know how to initiate it with you." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-15T20:33:25Z
9 "You're just gonna lick my toes?" - Ely grasswing 2015-11-15T21:17:24Z
10 "I always feel bad when I kill people with names." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-15T21:25:57Z
11 "Nice double miss... stupid whore." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-16T03:15:25Z
12 "Show me the bluescreen." - Elyessi grasswing 2015-11-18T01:31:29Z
13 "If you want to watch the better builder, feel free to come hang out in my chat." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-18T01:42:46Z
14 "I can be mean to you in Justin's chat too." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-18T01:44:14Z
15 "I've realized that colour doesn't matter anymore." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-18T01:53:44Z
16 "I'm so ready for Ely to plug things." - Justin grasswing 2015-11-18T02:15:39Z
17 "People are dicks." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-18T02:30:50Z
18 "We shall never speak of this again." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-22T01:35:05Z
19 "I need better mods." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-22T01:47:48Z
20 "I could make drugs. I could probably sell drugs!" - Ely grasswing 2015-11-22T01:51:57Z
21 "You're the absolutely worst person I've ever met." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-22T01:58:22Z
22 "Wow! You're sexy!" - Ely grasswing 2015-11-22T02:25:03Z
23 "The drugs are always worth it." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-22T02:31:08Z
24 "The food is the only thing that matters." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-22T02:41:02Z
25 "Will you stop that downloading right now! You whore!" - Ely grasswing 2015-11-25T21:54:09Z
26 "You whore!" - Ely grasswing 2015-11-25T21:59:10Z
27 "Vagina eyes. I don't know how I feel about them." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-25T22:24:51Z
28 "If you spare everyone, you don't get any experience." - Ely grasswing 2015-11-25T22:38:44Z
29 "It should be smooth on the outside, And ribbed on the inside ;) " - Ely cptamazing98 2015-11-29T04:40:08Z
30 "I'm sitting on my floor, 'cause my room mate stole my desk." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-01T23:47:27Z
31 "And by room mate, I meant my mom." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-01T23:50:48Z
32 "Good thing I have pants on, right?" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-02T00:10:42Z
33 "There's got be a way to catch crabs." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-02T00:43:28Z
34 "What do I gotta do? Do I pull this out?" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-02T00:58:40Z
35 "I agree that I'm gonna suck at this game." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-02T01:06:10Z
36 "Sun damage is sexy!" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-02T01:11:50Z
37 "I'm the face. That's all I'm good for." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-02T01:22:25Z
38 "I'm so open to questions and comments and fun." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-06T22:22:29Z
39 "Let's make sure my mic isn't in a weird location." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-06T22:37:22Z
40 "If I want the tip to be fine, I'll have to lick it." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-06T23:00:59Z
41 "Hey, I wanna do something with you today." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-06T23:11:00Z
42 "Shut up, Eddie!" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-06T23:51:12Z
43 "Oh no, it's too thick! I knew it was too thick." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-06T23:56:24Z
44 "Shut up, Justin. Mister I wanna hang out with Ely, and then I sleep all day. 'Woooow'. I'm sure that's what you said." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-06T23:59:28Z
45 "We want it to stay wet." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-07T00:06:37Z
46 "I got distracted too, but I managed to finish." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-07T23:55:37Z
47 "Let's do the Jew thing." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-08T23:46:53Z
48 "This is not the fine tip that I need." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-09T00:05:55Z
49 "What is HCLameston doing?" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-09T00:18:31Z
50 "HCTerribleFriend is playing don't starve?" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-09T00:18:39Z
51 "I don't know how I have 60 quotes, but I'm sure they're all terrible... and not in a good way." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-09T00:21:36Z
52 "I do abuse Eddie. Quite frequently." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-09T00:24:08Z
53 "FU, chat! I didn't want to see you anyway!" grasswing 2015-12-09T00:31:01Z
54 "I'm so white!" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-09T00:36:37Z
55 "Now I can pick my nose and no one will know." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-09T00:41:32Z
56 "That mod wall is intense." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-12T23:46:58Z
57 "there you go, put it, put it in" - Ely cptamazing98 2015-12-15T02:37:50Z
58 "Everyone jizzes." -Elyessi fischurr 2015-12-15T03:36:27Z
59 "So even with no balls you can still give a bish a facial." fischurr 2015-12-15T03:39:26Z
60 "That's the only thing he's good at" fischurr 2015-12-15T03:41:29Z
61 Ely is so huge fischurr 2015-12-15T03:42:14Z
62 "Damn your beautiful eyes." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-18T01:44:49Z
63 "I get that you're attracted to me. I'm an attractive person." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-18T01:47:20Z
64 "Can you die already, can you die already. Jesus Christ" - Ely cptamazing98 2015-12-19T02:02:34Z
65 "There's no reason to kill him...but I will anyways" - Elyessi cptamazing98 2015-12-24T03:42:33Z
66 "I'll throb your cherry." - Ely grasswing 2015-12-27T23:55:31Z
67 "Take it, you whore!" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-27T23:57:56Z
68 "Our bodies are fucking weird!" - Ely grasswing 2015-12-28T01:29:03Z
69 "I keep getting face pounded." - Ely grasswing 2016-01-03T20:35:25Z
70 "I don't got anyone underneath me" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-01-04T01:40:47Z
71 "yeaahhhh smokin' pot" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-01-04T01:43:39Z
72 "Yes lick my toes" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-01-04T01:58:58Z
73 "Autoslaves? That's an issue." - Ely grasswing 2016-01-08T00:17:21Z
74 "My driving kills you? Well, I'm a woman. I can't help it." - Ely grasswing 2016-01-08T00:50:43Z
75 "Got some good ol' sawmill weed" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-01-10T03:12:24Z
76 "I only go in dry" - Troy cptamazing98 2016-01-10T05:27:27Z
77 "He needs to at least be 7. Personal preference" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-01-10T05:29:54Z
78 "Look out for that prostitute she looks suspicious." - Elyessi elyessi 2016-01-27T01:33:18Z
79 "I'm pretty close, I can take this one too" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-02-04T02:28:40Z
80 "They're all skeletons, that's adorable" -Ely, 2016 ohpuck 2016-02-15T03:19:19Z
81 "Don't eat me, I don't have brains!" - Ely elyessi 2016-02-28T02:43:22Z
82 "Ass sweat is a natural occurrence and happens to everyone" - Ely iamthevoice 2016-03-06T01:32:47Z
83 "Hey Fabio, What do you do for a living? I'd do you for a living" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-03-06T03:54:25Z
84 "Hey Justin if you burned out on the Wii U should they call it the Wiid U?" - Elyessi cptamazing98 2016-04-09T01:46:35Z
85 "You don't want to go in the front. You want to go in the back" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-04-09T03:09:30Z
86 "Fairy you better be a good fairy or I will find you and smack your ass!" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-04-15T03:00:16Z
87 "It was like a good inch long. It was thin, but it wasn't terribly thin" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-04-16T03:35:42Z
88 "My balls are egg shaped" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-04-17T02:22:53Z
89 "You should just go back to your memes, Cpt" - Elyessi grasswing 2016-05-07T22:29:32Z
90 "I am, if anything, and absolute pushover." - Ely grasswing 2016-05-07T23:16:07Z
91 "I'm not good at understanding where things go." - Ely grasswing 2016-05-07T23:21:34Z
92 "Luke is a brawlwhora" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-05-13T00:48:20Z
93 "I got crabzz" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-05-13T00:59:27Z
94 "It's true that I'm overbearing, but I also make food." - Ely grasswing 2016-05-15T19:49:29Z
95 "You're all jerks. I love you so much." - Ely grasswing 2016-05-15T19:59:21Z
96 "I really need to upgrade my memory board." - Ely grasswing 2016-05-15T20:00:59Z
97 "Fight for my entertainment, moderators." - Ely grasswing 2016-05-15T22:50:20Z
98 "Can you enter through the rear?" - Alex cptamazing98 2016-05-21T02:36:00Z
99 "My computer is exploding, and it's the worst thing in the world." - Elyessi grasswing 2016-05-22T23:06:51Z
100 "I feel so dirty. But in a good way." - Ely grasswing 2016-05-22T23:39:56Z
101 "Let me get all up in here." - Elyessi grasswing 2016-05-24T22:18:32Z
102 "Real people scare me." - Elyessi grasswing 2016-05-24T22:39:35Z
103 "Why are the police calling aliens?" - Elyessi grasswing 2016-05-29T23:29:55Z
104 "I don't like playing with dicks" -Ely iamthevoice 2016-05-30T03:43:03Z
105 "They dead! They really really dead!" - Elyessi grasswing 2016-06-04T00:03:56Z
106 "I'm sorry I'm not a beautiful ballerina of the skies." - Elyessi grasswing 2016-06-08T23:29:06Z
107 "Stop throwing up on me" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-07-11T02:52:42Z
108 "Just rub his body all over everything shall we Sarah?" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-07-23T02:14:38Z
109 "Oh my gosh. I just got double teamed and it was NOT in a good way" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-07-23T02:47:10Z
110 "I have a tool. I'm a tool." - Ely grasswing 2016-08-09T22:14:09Z
111 "It's a little late for religion for me." - Elyessi grasswing 2016-08-21T20:37:49Z
112 "Is that what the Brits are known for; pulling out?" - Elyessi grasswing 2016-10-09T22:37:59Z
113 "Ohh, it looks like a vagina." - Elyessi grasswing 2016-10-16T19:09:02Z
114 "I got another vagina flower" - Ely (Dragon Quest Builders) cptamazing98 2016-10-22T03:58:36Z
115 "Why are our balls not lit up?" - Ely cptamazing98 2016-11-06T23:06:38Z
116 "I just got poked I just got poked. Feels so good" - Ely (Smite) cptamazing98 2017-01-26T02:28:30Z
117 "She's got pretty good tits for someone who's old." - Elyessi grasswing 2017-03-12T23:05:16Z
118 "I'm a whore for copper ore!" iamthevoice 2017-06-07T00:11:51Z
119 "I'm level one. I can't survive a guy riding my butt!" - Ely drpubbles 2017-09-07T23:52:24Z
120 "My stomach is just like... Bubbly" - Ely drpubbles 2017-09-19T01:12:54Z
121 "Whatever! Girls fart too." - Ely drpubbles 2017-09-19T01:14:06Z
122 "I don't know if I want to start my perfect day pooping." - Ely. drpubbles 2017-09-19T01:15:44Z
123 "You guys are sweet. I wasn't fishing for compliments but I will take them." - Ely; while over heated & looking super attractive. drpubbles 2017-09-22T03:58:31Z
124 "She just octopussed all over us!" - Ely. drpubbles 2017-09-26T00:26:29Z
125 "I'm eating away my pain." - Ely, 1st LttP playthrough. drpubbles 2017-10-03T23:29:59Z
126 "Ow! Rocks are hard." - Ely, Zelda LttP. drpubbles 2017-10-06T22:37:19Z
127 "My hair looks super cute todaaaay!" - Ely, while her hair was super cute. drpubbles 2017-10-13T22:16:58Z
128 "I can't help the poop that comes out of my butt. It just happens." Ely, South Park The Fractured But Whole. drpubbles 2017-10-17T22:52:03Z
129 "race and ethnicity, lets go" - ely drpubbles 2017-10-22T21:28:33Z
130 "75% of the time my underwear is on inside out." Ely, Mario Odyssey. drpubbles 2017-11-13T00:45:55Z
131 "I definitely need to spray it with my butt." Ely, Mario Odyssey drpubbles 2017-11-13T05:42:12Z
132 "I look like a penis and I'm angry about it." Ely, Mario Odyssey. drpubbles 2017-11-15T23:50:21Z
133 "Why is it so slippery?" - Ely, Mario Odyssey. drpubbles 2017-11-21T01:36:51Z
134 "Break the law, Kids!. It'll work out!" - Nick Dolce drpubbles 2017-12-05T01:23:10Z
135 "The secret to streaming... Pyjama Pants!" drpubbles 2018-01-09T23:48:07Z
136 If you're going to sit on my lap, you're going to chew on something! drpubbles 2018-02-25T18:08:31Z
137 "Why are you bi- OUCH! Why are you biting me? Ouch ouch oUCH!" - Ely to Aria the puppy. drpubbles 2018-03-02T01:32:34Z
138 "Rar rar rar! You con't stop me! I'm super Aria! Rar rar rar!" - Ely with a puppy on her face. drpubbles 2018-03-02T01:33:20Z
139 "You didn't even come near my body." Ely to Nick during WoW, Apr 2018. drpubbles 2018-04-13T01:35:55Z
140 "You've got moon boobs" - Elyessi, WoW drpubbles 2018-04-18T01:09:44Z
141 "You could have dick bullets." - Elyessi, WoW drpubbles 2018-04-18T01:22:11Z
142 "Look at all that blood! Yum!" - Ely (Assassin's Creed) cptamazing98 2018-12-02T18:47:33Z
143 "Really? God Damn it France." - Ely cptamazing98 2019-01-02T01:44:32Z