# Quote Editor Edited
1 "That was sad, I guess." breonnagy 2017-09-08T17:28:27Z
2 "X_eroz you're a genius!" breonnagy 2017-09-08T17:27:55Z
3 "My undies are wet." breonnagy 2017-09-08T17:27:36Z
4 "Show me your hole next time." xryuskix 2017-08-25T04:43:47Z
5 "The cocaine is for me." xryuskix 2017-09-08T00:55:50Z
6 "I like your spicy moves." xryuskix 2017-09-08T02:49:59Z
7 "Cumskies is the answer, I'm telling ya." xryuskix 2017-09-13T04:03:26Z
8 "Why don't you meet me upstairs and we can spread." xryuskix 2017-09-15T01:26:33Z
9 "The age old game of gangsta rap or Austin Powers." xryuskix 2017-09-17T04:00:45Z
10 "You put that tootsie in your mouth." xryuskix 2017-10-18T02:32:52Z
11 "Is losing blood dehydrating?" xryuskix 2017-10-23T04:50:53Z
12 "I had a kid out of my penis." xryuskix 2017-10-27T04:28:45Z
13 "Now I have a penis for a truck." ryuskitv 2017-11-06T03:26:06Z
14 "Please come fist me while I lay here." ryuskitv 2017-11-08T03:28:40Z
15 "Are my balls smooth? " ryuski 2017-11-18T07:35:03Z
16 "I'm gonna go cook my piss." ryuski 2017-11-18T07:44:25Z
17 "Can you fill all the holes? We have extra holes tonight." ryuski 2017-11-20T06:08:30Z
18 "You see, I wear diapers cuz it feels right." ryuski 2017-11-23T06:37:52Z
19 "Literally fucking snakes." ryuski 2017-11-23T08:22:21Z
20 "Am I the jizz in this scenario?" ryuski 2018-02-09T04:14:14Z