Command Access Response Count Editor Edited
!bree Subs (_USER_) spanks Bree 1,000 times for being a brat! 104 nyphalia13 2020-11-05T06:28:42Z
!cringey Subs Cringey spanks (_USER_) 100 times! 2 nyphalia13 2020-11-05T06:25:48Z
!gourd Subs For the rest of the unforeseeable future, user LordCringey1 is NOW KNOWN AS GourdCringey1. Thank you. P.S 1 nyphalia13 2020-11-08T06:46:16Z
!sexy Subs SHALL NECARUS GET NAKED IF WE GET A BOUNTY!? 12 nyphalia13 2020-11-05T02:23:02Z
!superturtle Subs (_USER_) kisses Nyphalia's Turtle Ass 🐢 8 nyphalia13 2020-11-07T09:04:18Z
!turtle Subs (_USER_) and all of chat, whoops Lord Cringey's Turtle was 10 nyphalia13 2020-11-05T06:30:58Z