Name Value
botw Upgrade fire-armour, refill arrows, make money for 3rd piece of fire armour
chrono One chest to get in Blackbird with Marle's equipment.
GTA stock on franklin = sell
help To take a note, use "+takenote " followed by the name of the note (you'll want to remember this value), a semicolon, then the note itself. To call a previously added note, use "+readnote " followed by the name of the note.
skyrim "I am sworn to carry your burdens, my thane."
strandeddeep Home due North, Trouble is West, tires and barrels before leaving. Purple Prickly Bastard near the damn tires and barrels.
test This is a triumph! I'm making a note here, 'huge success'.
WhyBlessedDoesntHaveFaceCam 1