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!amigos All Here's a list of my amigos that you should show some love to: | | | | | | | 17 americanasheck 2022-02-13T20:20:03Z
!beard All If you want some badass beard products, check out and use discount code AAHNATER15 for 15 % off your entire order! 3 americanasheck 2022-01-05T01:22:09Z
!bigbro All Vkw_Ragnar is my big brother. Show him some love. He's the best brother anybody could ask for! Drop a follow and if you'd like to further support the dude, venmo is the way to go! @Vkw_Ragnar 7 americanasheck 2022-02-13T20:01:12Z
!brb Mods Everyone needs to go to the bathroom or accept a call. i will be right back. please be patinent. (: 17 americanasheck 2021-11-21T07:28:41Z
!crabtime Mods Turkey slider anybody? 5 americanasheck 2021-11-16T02:10:01Z
!discord All Join my discord, if you'd like! 3780 americanasheck 2021-11-14T08:49:30Z
!dono Mods If you'd like to support me on the DL, it is NOT necessary, but very much appreciated. $wiscored for CashApp, @NaterAbreu91 on Venmo. For paypal, DM me (: 2 americanasheck 2022-04-30T21:37:20Z
!feedsammy All GODDAMN TATER SAMMY NEEDS HER F'N BREAD BRO 2 americanasheck 2022-01-15T03:49:15Z
!friendhell Mods I'm loved and hated 8 americanasheck 2021-11-15T03:52:20Z
!ftg All #FTG #F2G #fucktwograins 1 americanasheck 2022-06-05T19:58:31Z
!fur All furfurstrode is one epic dude. If you've got him in your corner, you're a winner already. Not to mention, me makes some mean ass sauces. Drop him a follow! 23 americanasheck 2021-11-16T02:53:08Z
!hugs All (_P_1_) recieved (_RANDOM_1_3_) hugs from (_USER_) awwwww 28 americanasheck 2022-02-13T11:31:48Z
!lurk All I appreciate the view! Hang out, come back in chat whenever you want to. 49 americanasheck 2021-12-01T02:55:50Z
!newcar All Let's help my big bro get a new car! Send in your dono, cheer with bits, or gift subs to help me raise money to help Ivan! 0 americanasheck 2022-04-30T21:30:33Z
!olereap All ReaperBeater is tits money! He not only helped me get to affiliate, but he dropped a bunch of support once i got there to make sure i knew it was legit! Show him some support if you feel so inclined: $HillbillyMadman 13 americanasheck 2021-11-14T08:52:45Z
!owl All @moonslittleowl is the greatest of the great! From technical help to moral support, you've got the complete package! Show her some love on CashApp $moonslittleowl 0 americanasheck 2022-02-13T18:58:07Z
!poke All (_USER_) poked (_P_1_) (_RANDOM_1_420_) times. You can stop now! 7 americanasheck 2022-02-13T11:25:03Z
!psn All My PSN name is AmericanAsHeck 1 americanasheck 2022-02-13T10:56:29Z
!punch All (_USER_) punched (_P_1_) (_RANDOM_1_69_) times! ouch! 4 americanasheck 2022-02-13T11:23:19Z
!sammich All the one and only Sammy eveyrone! She's one hell of a supporter and an even better friend! If you wanna show her some love and appreciation for her hard work on my channel, you can donate to her cashapp: $sammylynn23 33 americanasheck 2021-11-14T08:37:22Z
!snapchat Mods Add my snap and tell me you're from twitch! my snapchat is the same as my twitch name! 392 americanasheck 2022-03-03T17:58:40Z
!so Mods If you know what you're doing with your life, you'll go follow (_P_1_) now! Check them out at 10 americanasheck 2022-04-30T21:32:55Z
!steamct All @steamct is my main man! Always with the subs and the support! Drop him a follow at 0 americanasheck 2022-02-13T10:17:55Z
!violets All @jlviolets is not only a beautiful woman, but she's one hell of a supporter too! As an up-and-coming mod, she needs some love, so show her some damn love. cashapp $jlviolets #ALLHAIL 1 americanasheck 2022-02-13T10:47:44Z
!xbox All My gamertag for Xbox is also AmericanAsHeck! 0 americanasheck 2022-04-30T21:35:19Z