# Quote Editor Edited
1 "I broke the tip" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-04-25T02:57:58Z
2 "It's broken on the inside" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-04-25T02:58:29Z
3 "It's time to let Chim Chim out of the cage" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-04-25T03:01:09Z
4 "Oh my nerd" -MicroDemon sucittarsucivron 2015-04-25T06:02:51Z
5 "Why do I know so many British nerds?" -Mircro & Seuss sucittarsucivron 2015-04-25T06:05:15Z
6 "You don't have to work a day in your life if you do what you love" -Seuss sucittarsucivron 2015-04-26T05:03:24Z
7 "Warnock, I like your ideas, your ideas are valuable" -Seuss sucittarsucivron 2015-04-26T05:04:23Z
8 "Some people like it less than an inch" -Nick Graves souldemise5 2015-04-26T18:40:18Z
9 "I put it in the wrong hole." -Kiryll bibliotaph 2015-04-26T18:42:21Z
10 "I like Moobot, he's like a cow!" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-04-26T18:54:17Z
11 "I don't think it's in far enough" -Seuss bibliotaph 2015-04-26T19:28:53Z
12 "He's not going to tear off your dick, Nick!" - Rebekah microdemon 2015-04-26T20:17:21Z
13 "stop adding quotes from me!" - Nick Graves microdemon 2015-04-26T20:24:25Z
14 "It's growing quickly!" - Nick Graves microdemon 2015-04-26T20:24:53Z
15 "I don't think it's in deep enough" - Seuss microdemon 2015-04-26T20:55:04Z
16 "It's stupid and big" - Micro microdemon 2015-04-26T21:01:19Z
17 "I'm really surprised at how well that pencil tasted" -Nick Graves sucittarsucivron 2015-04-26T22:30:44Z
18 "I want that in my mouth" -Seuss bibliotaph 2015-04-26T23:48:56Z
19 "Like a rainbow protruding from your stomach" - Nick Graves souldemise5 2015-04-27T01:57:47Z
20 "ohhh... yellow ocher, I just, want it in my mouth" -Seuss sucittarsucivron 2015-04-27T02:07:02Z
21 "Where there's a will, there's a Chim Chim" -Soul souldemise5 2015-04-27T02:10:01Z
22 "The naked body is beautiful" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-04-27T02:13:26Z
23 "there is no wrong hole, just a time that isnt right...yet" -Chim Chim souldemise5 2015-04-27T02:19:28Z
24 "i wish i had a little person in my head who was forced to be my friend" -Chim Chim souldemise5 2015-04-27T02:38:37Z
25 "I just gotta force it out" - Suess souldemise5 2015-04-27T02:40:49Z
26 "How do you fit all those in there?!" -Nick Graves bibliotaph 2015-04-28T01:09:13Z
27 "You can never have too much" -Micro microdemon 2015-04-28T01:59:47Z
28 "Dont get rug burn on ya dick" -Micro sucittarsucivron 2015-04-28T02:09:23Z
29 "Hina has the power to make girls go "Awww" -Seuss microdemon 2015-04-28T02:16:31Z
30 "I'm dissapointed. We need more quotes."-Soul microdemon 2015-04-28T02:44:07Z
31 "I've got fast fingers ;)" - Biblio jeffrothedude 2015-04-28T03:05:58Z
32 "It's dwarfed and stumpy" -Nick Graves microdemon 2015-04-28T03:38:05Z
33 "You got a lot of D there...."-Lily azufire 2015-04-28T04:17:00Z
34 "It flops around" -Nick Graves microdemon 2015-04-28T04:24:00Z
35 "Nisovin has more than an inch!" -Nick Graves microdemon 2015-04-28T04:34:27Z
36 " What a strange looking rocket ship" -Ellelee microdemon 2015-04-28T04:44:45Z
37 "Teddy is a mean buttface, quote me on that" - Seuss microdemon 2015-04-28T05:05:58Z
38 "This is the *** watering hole." -Seuss bibliotaph 2015-05-01T21:52:22Z
39 "It's not for fapping, it's for keeping their skin good! Not saying Rory faps." -Seuss bibliotaph 2015-05-01T21:54:10Z
40 "I lost my shirt" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-01T22:10:49Z
41 "I'm gana finish, then we'll go use all my money" - Seuss jeffrothedude 2015-05-08T04:01:09Z
42 "I just wanted to find my drugs" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-22T20:54:26Z
43 "I need more lube" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-22T21:47:01Z
44 "You are huge" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-22T21:53:01Z
45 "Your farts are powerful" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-22T21:53:10Z
46 "Yeah why not hit that" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-22T22:07:35Z
47 "So gross, like a naked baby" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-22T22:10:52Z
48 "They're gonna chop me to peaches!" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-23T00:31:44Z
49 "I'm getting fire shat at me!' -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-23T00:34:00Z
50 "Everyone knows it takes more than one to get something that is bigger" -Hina souldemise5 2015-05-23T00:36:16Z
51 "Get in the hole" -Seuss souldemise5 2015-05-23T00:40:52Z
52 "I will draw you so naked rory" - seuss roaring_rory 2015-08-18T17:21:48Z
53 "I love his tail! I just want to 3D print it and touch it" - Seuss microdemon 2015-09-03T18:22:05Z
54 "If I think something is brilliant I have to put it in my mouth." - Seuss microdemon 2015-09-03T18:42:21Z
55 "We had a history together" Seuss 2k16 teddybeartyler 2016-05-07T03:24:17Z
56 "He hada family and stuff, I was like 4 years old" Seuss also 2k16 teddybeartyler 2016-05-07T03:24:32Z
57 "That so pillar went so *** fast in and out." Seuss 2k16 teddybeartyler 2016-05-07T03:27:08Z
58 "Were doing harry stuff ... and drinking" Seuss 2k16 teddybeartyler 2016-05-07T03:37:54Z