# Quote Editor Edited
1 "Hi, my name is Sauce and my last name is not pants or days, I also cant read" - Sauce phantomwolf94 2015-11-17T08:54:27Z
2 "English is makes no sense and i love it" - Sauce phantomwolf94 2015-11-17T08:55:48Z
3 "EVERYONE FOLLOW THE SAUCE" - Diesel diesel454 2015-11-17T09:07:51Z
4 "Mega, I just want to say thank you before you leave, but kind of fuck you, but seriously thank you" - Sauce diesel454 2015-11-17T09:10:32Z
5 "Join the Sauce Side" - Diesel phantomwolf94 2015-11-18T05:57:23Z
6 "A Jedi's strength flows from the SAUCE" - Lawless phantomwolf94 2015-11-18T06:06:28Z
7 "That dick fell in a hole" - Sauce phantomwolf94 2015-11-18T07:05:58Z
8 "That guy needs to suck many dicks for what he just did to me" - Sauce diesel454 2015-11-18T07:06:44Z
9 "don't doubt the force young sauce walker" -LawlessProdigy sauce1322 2015-11-21T05:09:25Z
10 "It's not real but it has John Wayne in it" -Sauce morganhanson09 2015-11-21T07:34:07Z
11 "#homies4lyfe" -Diesel454 sauce1322 2015-11-24T01:48:06Z
12 "2sauced4me" -Diesel sauce1322 2015-11-24T01:54:25Z
13 "Rule #2: homies always party together" -Diesel sauce1322 2015-11-24T02:25:16Z
14 "baeta" -Diesel454 sauce1322 2015-11-28T07:34:40Z
15 "What kind of curves do you like?" - Sauce morganhanson09 2015-11-29T07:24:02Z
16 "Plus I'm really picky about curves too" -Diesel morganhanson09 2015-11-29T07:24:51Z
17 "LAYS FER DAYZ.... I love chips." - Diesel morganhanson09 2015-11-29T08:11:09Z
18 "beer before liquor... don't be a little bitch you'll be fine" - Sauce diesel454 2015-11-29T08:20:35Z
19 "It's actually wrecking my face right now." -Sauce morganhanson09 2015-11-29T08:54:12Z
20 "what is that, WHAT IS THAT!?" -Jeffinately sauce1322 2015-12-03T05:23:56Z
21 "Why are we talking about bra's" -LawlessProdigy morganhanson09 2015-12-05T03:13:19Z
22 "Win a game go to the bar... Lose a game go to the bar.." -Sauce game_k1ng100 2015-12-05T04:21:17Z
23 "Everyone's welcome, all races, sexual orientations, whatever is cool with me! Unless it's Hitler, then no" -Sauce morganhanson09 2015-12-05T04:56:02Z
24 "I have the oj but all my cranberry had vodka in it... So I drank it" -TReapzT sauce1322 2015-12-10T03:07:27Z
25 "#TeamSauced" -Diesel sauce1322 2015-12-12T07:44:30Z
26 "I'm pretty sure its [email protected]" -Diesel sauce1322 2015-12-13T06:05:29Z
27 "QUOTE RANDOM" -Everyone Always. sauce1322 2015-12-13T08:07:42Z
28 "Note to self. Don't use bombs upside down..." -Sauce game_k1ng100 2015-12-14T04:17:27Z
29 " you must hold the thing so that our y-wings can target the thing" -Sauce game_k1ng100 2015-12-22T02:48:38Z
30 "sauce.. whatever the fuck your name is..." -Sauce game_k1ng100 2015-12-23T21:47:45Z
31 "it's just like fucking Tom Hanks." -Diesel sauce1322 2015-12-26T05:47:49Z
32 "I'm a girl" - Sauce diesel454 2016-01-02T06:16:31Z
33 "I'd fuck Toews" -Diesel sauce1322 2016-01-10T06:04:22Z
34 "at least you got good nut shots" Lawless sauce1322 2016-01-10T07:35:17Z
35 "hey...Pool. You wanna play pool? -Diesel. C4!!" -Sauce sauce1322 2016-01-10T08:47:20Z
36 "so should i get rum and cock or apple ale" - Law diesel454 2016-02-20T06:31:13Z
37 "oh yeah fuck their faces" -Diesel sauce1322 2016-03-05T07:09:54Z
38 "I knew that little fucker was up to something" -Lawless sauce1322 2016-03-06T07:09:39Z
39 "There is one gift card I can give you... It's good for one free ban from Sauce's channel, Congratulations!" -Diesel sauce1322 2016-03-06T07:12:48Z
40 "Wait till you see my dick is like half the song" - Sauce diesel454 2016-03-06T07:45:16Z
41 "hey can you re-name your xbox to "hey you douche?"" -Dumog sauce1322 2016-03-26T04:31:13Z
42 "you know what? Don't use the internet without me here, because could be" -Dumog sauce1322 2016-03-26T04:35:18Z
43 "i bet you think this song is about you... don't you, don't you?" -Dumog sauce1322 2016-03-26T05:51:01Z
44 "I'm relevant!" -Sauce sauce1322 2016-03-26T06:36:25Z
45 "If I could teabag that asshole I would." -Sauce sauce1322 2016-03-26T06:42:59Z
46 "pop your face out you dumb bitch!" -Diesel sauce1322 2016-03-26T06:51:49Z
47 "He was invisible, and then he was right next to me... -Sauce "That's actually my new book title about Jesus." -Starff sauce1322 2016-03-30T05:43:58Z
49 "My Xbox just literally bent me over... while trying to help me." -Sauce sauce1322 2016-05-19T04:22:08Z
50 "Did you just give him the bags?" -Trigga sauce1322 2016-05-28T05:55:40Z
51 "Diesel doesn't like speaking in the third person." -Diesel sauce1322 2016-06-10T19:15:37Z
52 "I'm not a pro! (As Sauce scores 5 Rocket League Goals)" -Sauce sauce1322 2016-06-21T01:33:37Z
53 "How about I don't show them the power of the empire, how about instead I show them the power of MY DICK!" -Darrel sauce1322 2016-06-27T04:57:10Z
54 "You know that's what immigrants do, drive around listening to rap and shooting all the jobs" -Donald Trump easycollin 2016-06-27T05:08:26Z
55 "I'm not going to put it in, because it's more fun to... play with it." -Sauce sauce1322 2016-07-06T04:48:49Z
57 "there's an assload of guys and they're all really hard." -DrowsiestPanda3 sauce1322 2016-09-24T01:51:50Z
58 "How old is Clint Hammer NHL" -Siri sauce1322 2016-10-13T05:06:58Z
59 "I can't see numbers, all I see are bitches" - Sauce diesel454 2016-10-16T07:25:08Z
60 "I don't see numbers, I only see bitches" -Sauce sauce1322 2016-10-16T07:25:10Z
61 "I'm just saying wait till you see my dick then making a fart noise into the mic" - Sauce diesel454 2016-10-16T08:22:39Z
62 "Just don't pull it out like you're starting a lawnmower" - Diesel diesel454 2016-10-16T09:26:21Z
63 !letterkenny sauce1322 2016-10-24T06:07:56Z
64 "Alright, I'm going to sleep -Sauce "Not me! *Velociraptor sounds*"" -Lawless sauce1322 2016-10-26T06:23:36Z
65 "Law, I mean no disrespect to you or your niece, but she's a greedy bitch" -Sauce sauce1322 2016-10-26T06:27:28Z
66 "I'm running into walls." -Lawless sauce1322 2016-10-29T05:34:01Z
67 "There's only one stat you're good at and that's............ being dumb" -Diesel sauce1322 2016-11-02T03:40:49Z
68 "That's a bold move Cotton, let's see how it plays out for them" -Sauce/Diesel sauce1322 2016-11-03T03:39:14Z
69 "Eat a dick, wiener" -Sauce sauce1322 2016-11-05T06:12:26Z
70 "Happy, riding the bull? You're acting like a damn fool!" sauce1322 2016-11-09T05:13:24Z
71 "fun fact: Diesel once had a 9% defensive rating in NHL 17, as a defenseman." -Sauce sauce1322 2016-11-13T08:06:12Z
72 "nice execution. you're doing terrific." sauce1322 2016-11-19T09:24:33Z
73 "If we were better, we wouldn't suck." -Sauce sauce1322 2016-11-24T06:30:10Z
74 "It's 5:30 Law Fuck You!" -Diesel sauce1322 2016-12-03T10:35:28Z
75 "I love you Law but fuck you, Fuck you!" -Diesel sauce1322 2016-12-03T10:36:09Z
76 "I do like the clap" -Triggerzx sauce1322 2016-12-18T07:42:49Z
77 "yeah lick my asshole Ray Bourque you old fuck!" -Diesel diesel454 2016-12-20T06:34:19Z
78 "Please stop destroying my balls!" -Dumog diesel454 2016-12-23T05:21:01Z
79 "testocules, the Roman God of men." -Starff Korkbaum sauce1322 2016-12-23T05:29:32Z
80 "true story, once Diesel got a 1% defensive rating in NHL 17... as a defenseman." -Sauce sauce1322 2017-01-03T06:55:43Z
81 "Wilson you don't need $100 dollars in noodles, you need $100 dollars in bitches!" -Lawless sauce1322 2017-01-19T04:41:46Z
82 "Why are we fucking everyone?" -Diesel sauce1322 2017-01-28T07:28:14Z
83 "once, Gavin had a 7% defensive rating in NHL, as a defenseman... True story" -Sauce sauce1322 2017-02-05T06:20:36Z
84 "xbox unmute, dickhole. I didn't say xbox mute in the first place." -Sauce sauce1322 2017-02-07T04:45:27Z
85 "Good evening twitter I just beat the f**k out of my di*k so hard that my left leg has gone numb I cannot feel my left leg at all" -Gavin sauce1322 2017-02-07T05:39:21Z
86 "Instead of a bag of frozen peas or a frozen steak, EA throws Lance Armstrong's missing testicle over your eye when it swollen" -Sauce sauce1322 2017-02-09T06:45:58Z
87 " life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get kinda like this game diesel scores 2 goals omg" -Wilson sauce1322 2017-02-10T06:27:41Z
88 " yeah cause sauce i know you can diesel couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat" -Wilson sauce1322 2017-02-10T06:28:14Z
89 "fart on a match" Sauce sauce1322 2017-02-16T06:48:37Z
90 "I couldn't see him coming until it was too late" -Diesel sauce1322 2017-02-16T07:16:32Z
91 "that was supposed to go to you but okay game" -Sauce sauce1322 2017-02-16T07:56:31Z
92 " when diesel gets more then 50% d rating we have a 200%chance to win." -Wilson sauce1322 2017-02-22T05:02:48Z
93 "if you're going to do a penalty stay back and I'll do it" -Gavin sauce1322 2017-03-11T07:51:38Z
94 "I don't listen to music that's bullshit" -Diesel sauce1322 2017-03-18T05:59:08Z
95 "why is a puck called a puck? because puck rhymes with fuck and pucks fuck you all the time" -Sauce sauce1322 2017-03-29T04:26:22Z
96 " I had some of them on my team so I kept giving them the puck so they actually got puck touches... I remember being a little kid. But one time... Only one time. I said fuck it. Walked all those little bastards and went backhand bar down. I'm surprised kids didn't start crying." -Sauce sauce1322 2017-05-09T04:12:38Z
97 "all women do is lie to you" -Diesel sauce1322 2017-05-21T06:54:54Z
98 "Because you touch yourself at night." -Diesel sauce1322 2017-05-23T04:48:15Z
99 "JAG SOULTE" -Wilson sauce1322 2017-06-07T06:20:42Z
100 "When in Rome, make them eat all the dicks!" -Sauce 2017 diesel454 2017-07-26T03:35:51Z
101 "Gavin lost 4-1 in a best of 7 series vs Sauce" sauce1322 2017-07-30T09:43:50Z
102 "I wanna tell them to put it in" -Gavin sauce1322 2017-08-05T05:22:47Z
103 "what the fluck" -Reapz sauce1322 2017-10-21T07:24:50Z
104 "I love it when its earlier and longer" -Diesel sauce1322 2017-10-30T08:08:18Z
105 "the Karlsson Kannon, more lethalur than the Risto Rocket" -Diesel sauce1322 2017-12-18T07:05:24Z
106 "its so embarrassing, I'm not even drunk" -Diesel sauce1322 2017-12-18T07:06:48Z
107 "CUNTS" -Diesel 2017 sauce1322 2017-12-27T06:52:54Z
108 "It's okay, I'm still using the scoped AR" -Sauce sauce1322 2018-01-12T04:08:47Z
109 "You actually got a kill with a scoped AR?!? What the actual fuck?" -YaBoiDestin sauce1322 2018-01-12T04:29:27Z
110 "what's wrong with drunk?" -Nick sauce1322 2018-01-20T06:41:28Z
111 "We are not docking!" -Nels diesel454 2018-02-25T06:07:38Z
112 “I try every 5% of the time. Sometimes but not always” -Sauce sauce1322 2018-03-19T05:02:44Z
113 "eating dicks is my middle name" -Nels 2018 diesel454 2018-03-26T06:05:06Z
114 "What the Kurtz!?" -Diesel sauce1322 2018-05-03T04:11:56Z
115 "mods might be gay but I can still put my sword through your derelict brain - Diesel 2018 diesel454 2018-07-15T07:12:50Z
116 "panic at the ding-ding" -My band sauce1322 2018-07-21T06:16:03Z
117 "I'll give you a first round bust" -Diesel sauce1322 2018-08-21T04:56:36Z
119 "oh Friday? That's a great movie." -Diesel sauce1322 2018-09-20T00:38:30Z
120 "ohhhhhh its so big! That's what she said." -Sauce sauce1322 2018-10-08T23:47:38Z
121 "gimme that you slut" -Diesel "Is that how you woo the ladies?" -Sauce sauce1322 2018-11-03T04:54:27Z
122 "I have no balls" - Sauce 2019 diesel454 2019-01-21T05:10:29Z
123 "well at least when I shoot people they don't turn into 8 story buildings" -Sauce sauce1322 2019-04-25T01:31:17Z
124 "yeah I'll leave it in my mouth for 10 seconds" -Sauce sauce1322 2019-04-26T07:22:47Z
125 "I'm 18, let me get my fuck on!" - Gavin 2019 diesel454 2019-05-11T08:31:30Z
126 "I'm super not straight" -Sauce 2019 sauce1322 2019-05-14T07:24:26Z
127 "don't cum on me!" -Sauce 2019 sauce1322 2019-05-15T08:43:45Z
128 “god damn I damn near choked” -REAPZ 2019 sauce1322 2019-05-17T03:44:33Z
129 "fuck nuggets" -Gavin sauce1322 2019-07-11T05:22:58Z
130 "How do I get to the plane store?" - Sauce 2019 diesel454 2019-07-22T05:12:10Z
131 "I cum in my socks so I can kick it with my kids" - Gavin 2019 diesel454 2019-09-04T06:19:46Z
132 "How did you know that was my special move, the sloot cannon?" - Diesel 2019 diesel454 2019-09-06T05:36:28Z
133 “Boston you’re a failed adoption” -toxic dumbass in rocket league sauce1322 2019-09-07T08:09:51Z
134 “I probably haven’t discovered wind yet!” - Sauce 2019 diesel454 2019-10-03T06:55:46Z
135 “He wants 69 gold (NICE) plus 20 gold for 30 turns for 1 horse... I’m going to ask for Beijing” - Sauce 2019 diesel454 2019-10-03T06:58:21Z
136 "Pumkin pie... it's like cheesecake, but not shitty" - Diesel 2019 diesel454 2019-10-15T07:58:52Z
137 “He’s so big, his stick is so long “ - Sauce 2019 diesel454 2019-10-20T06:50:52Z
138 "What even is foreplay" - Sauce "It's just an Applebee's appetizer to a steak dinner" - Diesel 2019 diesel454 2019-10-23T05:47:58Z
139 "I catnip with another catbitch" - LazarBeam 2019 diesel454 2019-10-27T07:35:13Z
140 "different classes are uhhh... different" -Diesel 2019 sauce1322 2019-10-30T05:56:06Z
141 "I love the sound of pizza rolls" - Deanna 2019 diesel454 2019-11-13T06:14:34Z
142 "You see what happens? I fart, I score" - Sauce 2019 diesel454 2019-11-24T08:22:48Z
143 "oh my fuck" -Boston sauce1322 2019-12-17T06:09:44Z
144 "HEINZ" - Deanna 2019 diesel454 2019-12-29T06:20:45Z
145 "Cincinnati is where people go to die, it's like Florida, except for professional careers" - Sauce 2020 diesel454 2020-01-17T06:35:50Z
146 "I heard whiskey is good when you're sick, so I'll drink to that" Diesel 2020 diesel454 2020-01-18T06:02:14Z
147 "the only person that won't join is Diesel" -Boston 2020 sauce1322 2020-02-10T05:44:56Z
148 "It's been up my ass since 18" - Sauce 2020 diesel454 2020-02-19T05:45:35Z
149 "im THICC" - Luci 2020 diesel454 2020-02-23T08:17:03Z
150 "we're fairly poor and I'd like to kill something" - all of America, 2020 sauce1322 2020-03-31T04:09:23Z
151 "He just was huh, social in-siding" -Duckie sauce1322 2020-04-04T06:06:43Z
152 " I'm taking you with me ho" -Duckie 2020 sauce1322 2020-04-13T03:52:47Z
153 "it will make you cry like a bitch" -sauce hosedpenguin 2020-04-21T06:57:22Z
154 "we're all big girls that have work tomorrow" -Dan sauce1322 2020-04-27T03:49:54Z
155 "Alright I'm gonna go inject sanitizer inside myself" -Apocalypze sauce1322 2020-04-28T02:32:05Z
156 "get outta here hobag -Duckie "Diesel's there?"" -Deanna sauce1322 2020-05-01T04:07:04Z
157 “John Curtin demanded a deal? John Curtin can lick my ass!” - Diesel 2020 diesel454 2020-05-09T06:38:53Z
158 "I like it both ways" - Deanna 2020 diesel454 2020-05-15T05:02:40Z
159 "Look at all those rimjobs!" - Deanna 2020 diesel454 2020-05-15T05:51:19Z
160 "My birthday was in March and no one did shit for me!" - Dan 2020 diesel454 2020-05-15T06:58:51Z
161 "I don't want a used hole, I want a fresh new hole" - Deanna 2020 diesel454 2020-05-15T07:53:18Z
162 “It’s just a yard without us in it” xduckie_ 2020-05-24T05:59:39Z
163 "oh that's the wrong hole... nevermind its the right one (while playing golf with friends)" -Duckie 2020 sauce1322 2020-06-11T03:11:36Z
164 "blown out buttholes" -Deanna 2020 sauce1322 2020-08-02T04:53:59Z
165 "no, cause when I'm done I'm playing animal crossing so fuck you guys" -Deanna 2020 sauce1322 2020-08-07T04:28:32Z
166 "I am such a HC hoe" -Lions sauce1322 2020-08-10T06:25:41Z